Retired FBI Agent/DOJ Lawyer Ms. Monica McLean Attended Kavanaugh Hearing With Blasey-Ford…

Earlier today we did a deep dive into the background of Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford’s life-long friend, Monica Lee McLean.  We outlined how Ms. Ford and Ms. McLean grew up together; went to high school together; moved to California together; went to college together and were roommates together in California. [FULL BACKSTORY]

After college Ms. McLean then took the bar exam in California and joined the DOJ as a lawyer for the FBI.  Througout their lives Ms. Ford and Ms. McLean remained close friends and vacationed together etc.  Ms. McLean worked with the FBI for 24 years retiring in 2016.  Ms. Ford and Ms. McLean were together in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware when Ms. Ford wrote the accusatory letter toward Brett Kavanaugh which was sent to Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Well, look who shows up in the hearing video walking in with Ms. Blasey-Ford when she delivered her testimony: [Video at 18:04]

Yes, that’s Ms. Monica McLean arriving with Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford.


Ms. Blasey-Ford and Ms. McLean being together for the writing of the letter on July 30th, and for the testimony that was an outcome of that letter on September 27th, presents an interesting question against the backdrop of the actual testimony.

When asked about how Ms. Ford went about getting legal representation, Ms. Ford essentially responded she didn’t know what to do and had never been in a situation where complex political legal issues were part of her thinking. However, her life-long BFF was not only a lawyer – she was a career lawyer within the Department of Justice and as legal counsel for the FBI had specific insight into exactly these issues.

You could say, Ms. Monica McLean was/is a subject matter expert on exactly the issue that Ms. Ford was facing.

So why did Ms Ford give such a disingenuous response to the question?


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