President Trump and DAG Rod Rosenstein – “No Collusion”, No Immediate Worries…

Unless something consequential happens as a result of congressional oversight,… if there’s one official who will be in place through the mid-term elections it’s DAG Rod Rosenstein.  Through the declassification agreement between President Trump and Rosenstein, POTUS carries tremendous leverage and he’s in no hurry to fire him.

As The Worm Squirms

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President Trump and President Trump’s supporters have two slightly different sets of priorities when it comes to the DOJ and FBI. From President Trump’s perspective the thorn in his administration has been Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The agreement between Rosenstein and Trump negates any concern about Mueller.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein created the special counsel under fraudulent pretense.  That origination material (Ohr 302’s, FISA pages, origination EC, and Page/Strzok messages) is now a risk to the Deputy AG.

DAG Rosenstein does not want his involvement in the fraud to be exposed; hence his request to block/stall/delay the declassification directive. However, at any time President Trump can declassify all the documents and outline the fraudulent basis that originated the special counsel. This is essentially President Trump’s leverage.

The Robert Mueller investigation is the priority for removal for President Trump in order to continue the MAGA agenda.  For well over a year Mueller has been the cloud over the administration and has been the primary focus of most media antagonism therein.

For the Office of the President, the Mueller probe is the immediate thorn.  Ergo leverage over the DAG toward the removal of that thorn is a priority.  Exposing the previous and current DOJ and FBI corruption is of less importance to President Trump.

However, from the perspective of President Trump supporters, especially those who have done deep research into the former and ongoing abuse, the aggregate DOJ and FBI corruption is the priority; and exposing the soft-coup is the ultimate goal.

See the difference?

The ongoing efforts of the FBI and DOJ to hide their malfeasance, does not interrupt or impede Trump’s MAGA agenda; the special counsel does.  Having leverage over the special counsel is more valuable than exposing the soft-coup plotters.

If the corrupt current and previous FBI and DOJ officials are laid naked to their enemies, great; but from President Trump’s unique perspective it’s not actually a priority.

Exposing the FBI/DOJ dirty deeds is a major priority for a contingent within congress and a multitude of Trump supporters – but for the office of the President, in the immediate future, not-so-much.  Our Cold Anger is a beneficial weapon in the 2018 mid-terms. ‘We The People’ are the people we’ve been waiting for to restore the nation.

Frustrating to us, President Trump’s declassification agreement with Rosenstein, which created the leverage over Mueller, has the downstream consequence of allowing currently corrupt DOJ and FBI officials to continue trying to cover-up the prior schemes.  However, again, that doesn’t impact President Trump or the MAGA agenda – that is an institutional issue and the President is okay with a slow-drip reveal through congressional review.

If President Trump needs to fire people down the road, likely after the mid-terms, he will; until then – we wait and watch the slow reveals.  Meanwhile, the current corrupt officials within the FBI and DOJ will do everything they can to delay the sunlight on their endeavors.  Currently the institutional leadership is hoping for a change in party in control of the House to aid their avoidance.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and James Baker were part of the corrupt DOJ/FBI inside network conspiring to take-down the President. Hence the: “what do you want me to do Andy, wear a wire?” conversation from Rosenstein.

Because Rosenstein either: (a) participated; or (b) was a useful idiot, he put himself into a massive position of compromise. His stewardship over the DAG position (which is more powerful due to AG recusal), has failed massively.

And now there’s the stuff behind the declassification directive (temporarily on hold) which makes DAG Rosenstein look even worse.

Either: (a) Rosenstein is more corrupt; or (b) Rosenstein is more stupid.

So prior reports all had Rod Rosenstein wanting to get out before it got worse. According to the New York Times (Team McCabe) the Deputy AG tried to politely resign five times recently. Once to Don McGahn, twice to John Kelly, and twice to President Trump.

However, the response from the White House echoed president Trump’s priority perspective.  The White House effectively saying…. ‘not so fast knucklehead, you willfully made this mess – now clean it the hell up’!!

Forget the media spin on Rod Rosenstein. This is his actual position. President Trump has him cornered.  Eighteen months worth of headaches as a result of his: (a) intentional efforts; or (b) ineptitude; because for all things that mattered AG Sessions was recused, and the DAG was in charge.

When you have this much leverage on someone, you don’t want them to quit. You want to use their damaged and tenuous position to your advantage. President Trump is in no hurry to fire Rosenstein (not yet); because the DAG is so weak and President Trump holds all the leverage in the relationship.

Rod Rosenstein knows what he did wrong; and President Trump knows what Rosenstein did wrong.  Though it could change based on new discoveries of how far the DAG went along within the soft-coup process, President Trump isn’t likely to let Rosenstein go until everyone else knows what Rosenstein did wrong.

I can imagine the conversation:

“Okay Rod, *YOU* want to quit right? Well, then *YOU* get rid of the Special Counsel *YOU* started, and then *YOU* can quit. Until then, you can feel the stress and endure your reputation being shredded – death by a thousand congressional paper cuts….

….As long as I’ve got to deal with this nonsense, you ain’t going anywhere. You can deal with it right along with me….  And if congress wants to haul your butt up to Capitol Hill and have you explain why you said you’d “wear a wire”etc., then you need to go explain and deal with it…

Oh, and how’s that IG report on FISA abuses coming along?”

Deputy AG Rosenstein is scheduled to testify to congress on October 11th.

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