Snorkel Extensions…

Apologies.  I’m so far into the deep swamp of significantly consequential research I needed to purchase snorkel extensions.  Unfortunately, right now it is impossible to share; and I’m more likely to hand it off to a more, well, prominent voice – who is extremely interested, completely up-to-speed, and perfectly positioned to reach out and confirm.  What I can  share is that it seems likely, after more than a year of trying to understand/follow a never discussed background information network adverse to the administrative state, I’ve finally found the source; the source of more than a years worth of breadcrumbs…

He was hired as Sessions chief of staff in October 2017

If I am correct, and believe me my cynicism is off-the-charts when it comes to motives and intents, we are close to forcing sunlight upon much bigger aspects of the last three years of FBI and DOJ institutional corruption that crosses over BOTH President Obama and President Trump’s administrations.

There has been a silent, almost invisible, battle.  On one side you have an unified force of executive branch and legislative branch officials (across both political parties), intent on preserving federal institutions; and willing to go beyond legal and constitutional limits to protect those institutions by intentionally hiding systemic and institutional corruption.  And on the other side there is a sub-level of patriots who have been engaged in countermeasures for each corrupt activity; and it is all about to become very public.

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