Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte Wants Comey and Lynch On Record Prior to Exit…

Congressional oversight in the matters of the DOJ and FBI political weaponization has been negligent by design.  While Special Counsel Robert Mueller creates the “ongoing investigation shield” for all who would be questioned, the republican-led congress has been weak in delivering any actionable results through oversight.

All prior witness transcripts remain concealed as the GOP turns over power to the allies of the witnesses.  Many who have followed the details are frustrated, and with little to no progress within the DOJ/FBI investigation(s) there is an understandable sentiment we have once-again been played. [Fast-n-Furious; IRS; Benghazi; Clinton Emails and now the abuses by the DOJ and FBI.  All of it covered-up by the same can-kicking process]

To rub the proverbial salt in the wound, today Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte announces his request to subpoena former FBI Director, James Comey (November 29), and former DOJ Attorney General, Loretta Lynch (Dec. 5th), in the lame-duck session prior to turning over committee power to the Democrats.

James Comey refused the previous committee invitation in October under the auspices of demanding a public hearing.  The motive for demanding a public hearing is transparent: he cannot be questioned about classified activity, information or conduct; or about the  counterintelligence operation mounted against candidate Trump in 2016; in an open setting. Comey thinks we are stupid.

James Comey

Flak and Countermeasures

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