Paradise Lost – California Butte County “Camp Fire” Update: 8 More Bodies Recovered, Death Toll 71 – More than 1,000 Missing…

The horrific updates from the Butte County, CA, wildfire known as the “Camp Fire” are just brutal.  8 more bodies located yesterday; death toll now 71; number of missing residents around 1,000.  Missing Persons List HERE

President Trump is en route to the devastated area right now.  Outgoing governor Jerry Brown and incoming governor Gavin Newsome are welcoming the visit.  One of the more likely reasons for the embrace by Brown and Newsome is the strong likelihood of a massive death toll, and a direct correlation to their state policies.

More than a thousand residents are missing, and when you look at the intensity of the fire, and the likelihood of many bodies being turned to ash, it becomes more understandable why it is difficult to locate their remains.

The lack of media accurately framing the scale and scope of this devastating tragedy appears to be a purposeful act of willful blindness.  The possibility of several hundred dead California residents, specifically as an outcome of democrat political state policy, should be a major cause for alarm and immediate reaction.  [Thus the media downplay.]

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