The Most Dangerous Type of Eruptions – Flood Volcanism explained

Published on May 29, 2019

Flood Basalt eruptions are the largest lava eruptions in the history of this planet. In this video you will find out just enormous these eruptions were exactly and what impact they had on Earth and its inhabitants.

Is Germany’s Active Volcano Awakening?

Most people have never heard of a volcano in Germany. Well, the caldera of Laacher See was formed after the Laacher volcano that erupted between 12,900 and 11,200 years ago. Everything collapsed into the empty magma chamber below only two or three days after the eruption, forming what is now a lake. The estimated Volcanic Explosivity Index value was that of 6, which means that this eruption was 250 times larger than the eruption of Mount St. Helens back in 1980. Remains of this eruption can be found all over Europe and is often used for dating sediments. A number of unique minerals, like Hauyn, can be found in the region, and quarries to mine the stone as a building material.

The Laacher is still considered very much an active volcano. There has been recent seismic activities and heavy thermal anomalies under the lake. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from magma still bubbles up at the southeastern shore and scientists believe that a new eruption can happen at any time, which today would be a disaster beyond all description. The region known as the Eifel is an idyllic low mountain range in West Germany bordering the Rhine to the East and the Moselle River to the South. Its highest elevation a mere 747m at the Hohe Acht. German geologists have been concerned that there may be a volcanic threat. This possibility is beginning to gather strong support in expert circles, particularly after four recent earthquakes and the realization that magma is filling into the chamber below. The situation could turn from quiet to catastrophic in a matter of months. The volcanoes of the Rhineland are not subjected to close surveillance, for they have not been active is a long time. That seems to be changing.

Magma is once again filling into the chamber beneath the lake. This again is something that would contribute to global cooling if it were to erupt. There have been four recent earthquakes: April 28, 2019; May 2, 2019; May 6, 2019; and May 7, 2019. When the Fukushima Japanese disaster took place back on March 11, 2011, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was a chemical physicist by profession, took the decision to stop eight nuclear plants in Germany and initiated a gradual, full exit of Germany from nuclear energy by 2022

Comets as Omens & Star of Bethlehem

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The ancients seem to have attributed the appearance of a comet to important events like the death of Julius Caesar and the birth of Christ. Did the Romans record comets on their coinage and omens of the future? Was either the famous Haley’s Comet? Some say the Start of Bethlehem was Haley’s Comet.

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ANSWER: Yes. The appearance of a comet at the time of Caesar’s death promoted his divinity for political purposes. His nephew Octavian, later to be given the name Augustus by the Senate (27BC-14AD), issued coins with the comet that appeared at the time of Caesar’s death with the legend: DIVVS IVLIVS (Divine Julius). This was self-serving and used as justification of his rule as the first Emperor of Rome beginning the Imperial Era.

Halley’s Comey has been recorded as early as 467BC by the Greeks. The Chinese chroniclers also mention a comet during this year. However, the Chinese astronomer Shiji also recorded its appearance in 240BC. The Babylonians recorded its appearance in of 164BC in two clay tablets in the British Museum. Again, the Babylonians recorded its appearance once more in 87BC. It was this appearance that lasted for about one month was celebrated on the coinage of Tigranes the Great, an Armenian king who is depicted on coins with a crown and a curved tail. It was portrayed as ushering in a New Era of the brilliant King of Kings. Tigranes II the Great issued the earliest coin depicting Haley’s Comet which is represented by the star in his crown.

Haley’s Comet appeared around 12 BC and it was recorded in the Book of Han by Chinese astronomers of the Han Dynasty. They tracked it from August through October during 12BC. According to the Roman historian Cassius Dio, a comet appeared almost suspended over Rome for several days at the time of the death of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa who was Augustus’ close friend. He issued a coin depicting Agrippa with a comet about his head.

There has been considerable debate about whether Halley’s Comet was also the Star of Bethlehem. The appearance in 12 BC, is not that distant from the conventionally assigned date of the birth of Jesus Christ which has a range of 6AD to 4AD. This is based mostly on the biblical story of Herod the Great. Not long before Herod’s death, which is generally attributed to have occurred in 4BC but even that is in dispute.

Referencing the Haley Comet connection, some theologians and astronomers have also to suggested that this might explain the biblical story of the Star of Bethlehem and provide a more documented confirmation of his birth coinciding with the time of the death of Agrippa. However, there are also records of other comets that appeared closer to the date of Jesus’ birth.  In a 1991 article in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, astronomer Colin Humphreys proposed that the fabled star was actually a slow-moving comet, which Chinese observers recorded in 5 BC.

Then there is a third theory put forth in 2008 by the astronomer Dave Reneke who argued that Jesus was born in the summer. The Star of Bethlehem, Reneke argued that the Star of Bethlehem may actually have been not a comet at all by Venus and Jupiter coming together to form a bright light in the sky. He used computer models to determine that this extremely rare event occurred on June 17, in the year 2 BC and would have appeared as a bright star for that one moment. Others have argued that a very similar conjunction took place between Saturn and Jupiter during October of 7 BC. Then we have others who disagree and say that Jesus must have been born during the spring, based on the biblical narrative that shepherds were watching over their flocks in the fields. That, they argue, takes place during the Spring and not winter.

The Jewish historian Josephus tells us:

“So Herod, having survived the slaughter of his son [Antipater] five days, died, having reigned thirty-four years, since he had caused Antigonus to be slain, and obtained his kingdom; but thirty-seven years since he had been made king by the Romans.” [War of the Jews, 1:33:8 (665); cf. Antiquities of the Jews 17:8:1 (191)]

Therefore, Josephus is providing key target dates for Herod’s death correlating three events:

Five days after the execution of his son Antipater.
Thirty-four years after he “obtained his kingdom” referring to his conquest of Jerusalem
Thirty-seven years after “he had been made king by the Romans.”

Now, for more than 100 years, the question of when Herod the Great died has been dominated by a proposal by the German academic Emil Schurer. It was Schurer who argued that Herod died in 4 BC, and this view has remained the accepted date in scholarly circles. Therefore, if we look at Josephus, it would make more sense that Herod died in 1 BC based on the amount of time he served after being appointed king by the Romans. There was also a lunar eclipse that occurred before Passover in 1BC. We can even focus in more specifically, for Herod the Great would have died between January 10, 1 B.C. (the date of the lunar eclipse) and April 11, 1 B.C. (the date of Passover). If we take Josephus’ clue of the conquest of Jerusalem, then we would arrive at either 2BC or 1 BC based on the amount of time he served after his conquest.  I would not assume it likely that Haley’s Comet appeared for the birth of Christ.

As I have stated, December 25th was the fest of Sol which was transformed into Christmas. What we do know is that the oldest existing record of a Christmas celebration is found in a Roman almanac that tells of a Christ’s Nativity festival led by the church of Rome dating back in 336 AD.

Child of Krakatau kills Hundreds in Indonesia

Anak Krakatau volcano (Child of Krakatau) erupted on Saturday causing a landslide which set off a tsunami that left at least 222 people dead. The search continues. Not much can withstand a tsunami. The activity in this region is what changed the climate and caused the year without a summer in 1816. Once again, volcanic activity increases with solar minimum on a simple correlation grid. The way you do research is to follow the breadcrumbs. You never start with a theory and they try to prove that is correct. You will never discover the answer in that fashion.

Naples & the Supervolcano

There are a number of Supervolcanoes around the world and perhaps the most recent one to erupt was in Italy. The term Supervolcano has been popularized by the BBC and the Discovery Channel story on Yellowstone back in 2005. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a supervolcano is any volcanic center that has explosively erupted at least 1,000 cubic kilometers (240 cubic miles) of fresh volcanic material in a sudden, violent manner – in a so-called supereruption – often producing a huge depression crater named a caldera. Currently, Italy’s Campi Flegrei volcano has been showing signs for the first time in nearly 400 years that it is still alive and well and capable of making a lot of people experience a very bad day.

Aside from Yellowstone, the largest volcanic eruption in the Northern hemisphere in the past 100,000 years, has been attributed to a Supervolcano which erupted some 39,400 years ago in what is known as the Phlegraean Fields by Naples, Italy. This has been documented from several sources. The ashes from this eruption were distributed over the entire eastern Mediterranean and up to central Russia. This was a huge event that clearly also produced a Volcanic Winter, and that is what is the worst thing for the rest of the world who resides at a safe distance from the actual Supervolcano.

We are beginning to witness a rise in volcanic activity as we enter solar minimum. Hopefully, we are not facing a catastrophic volcanic winter period. But it also does raise some concern about a pole shift can be far more rapid than previously anticipated. I believe that people prefer to assume uniformity rather than a catastrophe. A stalagmite-based paleomagnetic record of the post-Blake excursion reveals details of repeated polarity drifts have occurred during periods of low geomagnetic field intensity at 100 thousand years before present around the time of this Naples eruption. One surprisingly abrupt centennial reversal transition occurred in 144,000 provides unprecedented evidence that raises fundamental questions about the speed of geomagnetic field shifts. Such rapid polarity changes could severely affect satellites and human society in the future if the current geomagnetic field intensity continues to decrease.

We have a pole shift, climate change, and volcanic eruptions seem to be interlinked on a correlated basis. Our correlation models have warned that this is something that needs to be investigated. For the first time, laying out this record produces what appears to be a single geological archive creating a precise chronological order. These types of events can take place in the space of even just a single decade.

The recent events at the Campi Flegrei volcano have, for the first time in nearly 400 years, provided a warning sign. The ground at the center of the caldera has bulged up by 4 meters warning that lava is collecting once again. This uplifting curiously began in 1985 with this ECM wave. Keep in mind that the eruptions at the Supervolcanic level took place around 315,000, 205,000, 157,000 and 18,000 years ago. A minor event is still at the level of Vesuvius. So while we no doubt face a major Supervolcanic event, that level may still be off several thousands years into the future. What is emerging now is more likely to be an important event, but not at the Supervolcanic level.


Butte County Updates: Death Toll Climbs to 83 – Missing Persons 563…

Latest updates on the situation in Paradise, CA, from Butte County Sheriff and Cal Fire. Few in media are adequately quantifying the scale and scope of this horrific and ongoing event.  County officials are still trying to count the number of homes lost.  That number jumped by almost a thousand homes yesterday alone (now 13,631).  Each of these houses is added to the list to be checked for human remains.

  • Yesterday two more bodies were located bringing the death toll to 83.
  • There are still 563 people confirmed missing (mostly elderly).
  • Six bodies were identified yesterday and next-of-kin notified: •Teresa Ammans (82); •Richard Brown (74); •Marie Wehe (78); •Kimber Wehr (53); •Joseph Rabetoy (39); and •Ms. Joan Tracy (80).   Please pray for comfort over these families.
  • Of the 83 fatalities, 58 people have been identified.
  • There are currently 563 people missing.
  • As search teams get further into the community the number of homes destroyed jumped yesterday by almost 1,000.
  • The current estimate is 13,631 single family residential homes are completely lost. [472 homes are damaged]
  • Additionally 275 multi-family residences destroyed and 514 commercial buildings.

Butte County Sheriff

Butte County Wildfire Update: Death Toll 81, Missing Persons 870, Lost Homes 12,637…

The latest updates from Paradise, California, according to Butte County Sheriff and Cal Fire:

  • Two more bodies located Friday.  Death toll now: 81
  • Number of Missing Persons rises again to: 870  [list here]
  • Number of homes lost is now: 12,637
  • Number of commercial buildings lost is now: 483

Important video information below:

Greece & Food

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; When you were here in Athens you mentioned that we should use the new technology to grow food indoors. It has been the food argument why we should remain in the EU because we must import food. Do you still hold that position?

GD Athens

ANSWER: Yes. This is by no means something new. The Greek Dark Age was created after the fall of Mycenaean because that is when the energy output of the sun declined and the inability to grow enough food back then turned the Greeks into the Sea Peoples. This has always been a problem. Greece should begin to develop indoor farms. The technology is there – use it. Then the argument that Greece must remain captive by the EU is absurd.

California Governor Jerry Brown Quietly Admits Donald Trump is Right – Proposed Easing Logging Regulations…

A guilt ridden departing governor Jerry Brown concedes that President Donald Trump is absolutely correct in the California mismanagement of the forestry.  With the death of untold numbers of people –yet to be discovered– Jerry Brown knew immediate changes were needed to logging regulations to thin the California forests.  Trump was right!

CALIFORNIA August 2018 – Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing broad new changes to California’s logging rules that would allow landowners to cut larger trees and build temporary roads without obtaining a permit as a way to thin more forests across the state.

The proposal — which has the support of the timber industry but is being opposed by more than a dozen environmental groups — would represent one of the largest changes to the state’s timber harvesting rules in the past 45 years.

The legislative session ends for the year next Friday. On Thursday, the details were still being negotiated by legislative leaders and the governor’s office behind the scenes and had not yet been formally introduced in a bill or put up for a vote.

“They are trying to get to some kind of a deal,” said Rich Gordon, the president of the California Forestry Association, a timber industry group. “They are looking at what can get done politically.”

Under Brown’s proposal, private landowners would be able to cut trees up to 36 inches in diameter — up from the current 26 inches — on property 300 acres or less without getting a timber harvest permit from the state, as long as their purpose was to thin forests to reduce fire risk. They also would be able to build roads of up to 600 feet long without getting a permit, as long as they repaired and replanted them.

Timber industry officials say the changes are needed to cut red tape and increase incentives for landowners, particularly in the Sierra Nevada, to thin pine and fir forests that have become dangerously overgrown after 100 years of fire fighting. (Read more)

Qualifying the REAL situation here: there is little doubt in my mind we simply have no idea just how many people have been killed in/around Paradise, California.  U.S. media are willfully blind to follow-up on the severity of the devastation in Butte County alone.  There are 989 people still missing [SEE LIST HERE] and the current death toll lingers around 80.

It is unspoken, but having participated in large-scale exercises for natural disasters, I would suggest part of the reasoning for keeping residents outside of the impact zone is to allow for search crews to locate the bodies first.  If officials allowed residents to evaluate their neighborhoods there would likely be a flood of bodies discovered.  That outcome is not in the best interests of officials (some good motives, some not good).   All information is being filtered.

Notice how after ten days these officials realize they’re going to have to deploy more search crews to locate the remains.  This is foreboding.  This is trying to retain control of a situation that is unfathomable in scale and horror.

Read this carefully:

November 18th – Multiple California Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Task Forces and US&R Human Remains Detection Canine Search Teams have been deployed to assist Butte Sheriff with the search for, and recovery of, victims missing in the areas devastated by the CampFire

Butte County, CA


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CAL FIRE Butte Unit/Butte County Fire Department


Multiple California Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Task Forces and US&R Human Remains Detection Canine Search Teams have been deployed to assist @ButteSheriff with the search for, and recovery of, victims missing in the areas devastated by the . @Cal_OES @CAL_FIRE

President Trump Surveys The Horror in Paradise, CA: “I Think People Have Seen The Light”…

President Trump is in Paradise, California, with Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-elect Gavin Newsom to review the absolute horror as the death toll from the worst wildfire in California history continues to climb.  Up to a thousand people are still missing.

President Trump carefully couches his anger and delivers remarks at 01:15