The FBI Raided My Sister’s House….

There are two known FBI whistleblowers; both tangentially connected to the FBI handling of Clinton matters.  The first is William D Campbell, the whistleblower client of Victoria Toensing who has given testimony about Uranium-one (Clinton/Mueller) to the HPSCI and Senate Judiciry Committees. [More Here]

The second is the more recently known FBI whistleblower, Dennis Cain, who gave documents to DOJ/FBI Inspector General Michael Horowitz that were passed on to the HPSCI (House) and SSCI (Senate). [More Here]

In this video the sister-in-law of Dennis Cain, Gracie West, describes recent events.


Notably at the 2:23 point, Ms. West communicates her understanding that the FBI personnel who raided the home of Mr. Cain were unaware of his confirmed and protected whistleblower status.  If accurate, that’s very interesting.

If the FBI officials lack of knowledge is factually true (an assumption) the question(s) would be:

Who authorized the raid; and what was the precept for it?
Additionally, why wouldn’t they know of Mr. Cain’s whistleblower status?

We already know the Senate Intelligence Committee is at significant risk and entirely tied-up in the matrix of a weaponized intelligence apparatus.  As a result of the SSCI participating in all of the unlawful ‘spygate’ and ‘insurance policy’ events, the SSCI is compromised.  [Summary Reminder Here]  Did members within the SSCI share knowledge of Mr. Cain’s activity with their corrupt, and similarly at risk, allies in the DOJ and FBI?  Was that the predicate for the raid?

Along the same lines:

♦President Trump has made a point to note he did not, and does not, know Matthew Whitaker prior to the interim appointment as acting U.S. Attorney General.  Heck, he’s gone out of his way to seemingly overemphasize this point.

Who advised the President to appoint Whitaker?
Why did they advise the President to appoint Matt Whitaker?

♦It is also noted that John Solomon broadcast last evening that U.S. Attorney John Huber reached out to another whistleblower, perhaps a third, presumably within the Clinton Foundation late Friday. Name Unknown.  [Video Here]

Who would have told John Solomon that event took place?
Why would someone inform John Solomon that event took place?

Interestingly these data-points and questions can be viewed differently depending on the disposition of the reviewer.

From an optimistic perspective (ie. Rosenstein/Mueller honorable) these could be good events, and indicate action taken for good intents and purposes…..  Or, by reviewing the action from a disposition where each activity is being undertaken to protect the administrative state and corrupt officials (ie. Rosenstein/Mueller corrupt), this could all just as easily indicate bad intents and purposes.

You decide.

ps. [Take this part with a grain of salt] Almost two years ago CTH warned everyone to be cautious of the reporting from S. Carter and J. Solomon because the issues being reported were about intelligence matters.  There is a historic pattern of deep state officials using leaks to unwitting media people to advance their interests.  My concern on this issue has never faded; ex. when Adam Waldman (Deep State Lobbyist) contacted Solomon for an article about Oleg Deripaska I again repeated the warning: Why would Waldman contact Solomon? Who’s interests were being served?   My concern continues unchanged through today…. and is connected TO THIS.

Always be aware that when it comes to the administrative state -within the information- we might be getting played; even with the ‘unwitting’ participation of people we may consider as allies.  Their sources could have ulterior motives. 

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