Take a Stand

For Trump Republicans, who are paying attention, this is shaping up to be one of the most important weeks in a very long time for the Republican Party. It can also be said that this is a very important week for Donald Trump and his chances of being a two term president. Senate Majority Whip John Thune just stated, on national TV, that “the President and Republican leadership advanced a proposal that would use the $1.6 billion that’s already been approved by the Senate appropriations committee and that another billion or so that would go toward border security, NOT TO INCLUDE A WALL. Thune went on to say “if the Democrats even meet him half way [him meaning Donald Trump] there’s a deal there on the table. This comes just days after the president was clear that he would accept nothing less than $5 billion to partially fund the wall and he was willing to shut down the government to get it.

Earlier this year the president signed a huge Omnibus Bill and his political instincts told him it was a mistake. The decision to sign that bill was a disappointment to his base. With conviction he stated he would not sign anything like this again. Many in his base felt that was the time to fight for the issue that arguably got him elected.

In 2016 most Republicans were elected in large part to push the Trump agenda. In too many instances they have stalled it. With few exceptions the Republican leadership does not want the wall. They are becoming one of the most useless political parties in history. The president needs to be clear…..without this partial funding, $5 billion, nothing else gets passed. If they cave on this the swamp wins and Mr. Trump will be a one term president. I will be calling the White House and letting them know that I’ve got the presidents back and I urge him to fight now and fight hard.

Jeff Longo


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