Hope Hicks Returns to White House as Senior Advisor…

Good News.  Hope Hicks is returning to the White House as counselor to the president and senior adviser.  Ms. Hicks was one of the original members of the Trump campaign in 2015 and carried the role of communications director during the first year of the administration through March 2018.

(Via Politico) […] White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham confirmed, calling Hicks “one of the most talented and savvy individuals I have come across.” Hicks departed the White House in March 2018 after working as communications director for Trump. She then moved to Los Angeles to work in a senior communications role at Fox Corporation.

[…] Hicks’ return to the White House gives Trump an ally who’s adept at translating his wishes to the broader staff.

Hicks was always well-liked among the communications and press staff, getting along well with the competing factions from the 2016 campaign and the Republican National Committee. (more)

Additionally, it is being reported that Johnny McEntee is being promoted to run the White House personnel office responsible for filling hundreds of top political jobs throughout various federal agencies.  Mr. McEntee will replace Sean Doocey, who is moving over to the State Department.

The personnel office has been a key point of contention for the administration as several political appointments later became weak points with people not in alignment with the policies and objectives of President Trump.  Hopefully McEntee can assist in finding and vetting the right person, with the right skillset, for the right job.

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