Update From WordPress/Automattic on Treehouse Deplatforming…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on November 16, 2020 by sundance

Many people are now becoming aware of a shift in the political effort to shut down speech.  The Conservative Treehouse has been notified our “content” is not permissible, and after ten years we are kicked-out of WordPress/Automatic hosting services.  Some people asked if we would inquire about the specific ‘terms of service‘ that we violated, so I did.

Here is the direct response from WordPress/Automattic (rec’d 6:48pm ET this evening):

No specific violation is noted.  Below is the “Prohibited Content under section 5


I have no idea how “violation against prohibition on calls to violence” pertains to our content.   You can read CTH for yourself and see if you can identify anywhere where we have promoted a “call to violence”, it doesn’t exist.

For the sake of fairness, that’s their entire reasoning as provided.   That’s their reasoning; you can make up your own mind if it makes sense.

We are working on relocation now.  However, many people are rightly alarmed by this move by WordPress/Automattic because over the course of ten years there has never been any previous contact about any violation of any terms.  Nor is any specific violation noted in the reply.

Tomorrow we will find a new host.

Be of good cheer and live your best life.


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