Sunday Talks, House Leader McCarthy Expands on Intel Briefing Around Eric Swalwell’s Control by China

Posted originally on The Conservative tree House on December 20, 2020 by Sundance

House Leader Kevin McCarthy appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the issues surrounding democrat House Intel Committee member Eric Swalwell.  As noted within the timeline Swalwell was groomed and influenced by Chinese spies to rise from local San Francisco politics into an eventual presidential bid for the White House.

McCarthy puts some of the issues into a larger context, specifically with Nancy Pelosi and HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff who come from the exact same CA region, and asks if this Beijing influence is why democrats have positioned themselves as China-apologists.

The simple answer is, yes.  The interests of China and the interests of democrats to destroy America-First independence are aligned in common purpose.  America is being “belt-&-roaded” from within… Democrats are taking pay-offs to facilitate.

If Nancy Pelosi was briefed in 2015 (following 2014 mid-term) as a Go8 member, she would have been briefed along with Speaker Paul Ryan and HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes…. Or there was a carve out briefing (not G08 but only Pelosi and Ryan) because it involved the HPSCI committee…. and that’s why Nunes was unaware.  All sketchy.

[Yesterday] If we overlay what we have witnessed and discussed for the past several years as the Trump administration has tackled the China issues head-on, we can see how our nation has approached an inflection point toward Beijing.

Indeed the larger global community is now aware of a vast network of CCP officials that have infiltrated all systems, processes and institutions of western interests.  The panda mask of China has dropped, now we see the true extent of the dragon tentacles.

Recent reporting on the scale of this influence was ignored by U.S. media, in part due to their financial alignment.  Additionally, the aspects of Hunter and Joe Biden engaging for personal affluence with the Chinese government stands as a remarkable example of the cunning nature of Beijing’s strategy.

Senator Dianne Feinstein with a CCP spy in her office for almost three decades.  House Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell having a long-term relationship with another Chinese spy amid recent headlines.  Various academic institutions compromised by Chinese operatives and the theft of intellectual property.  The scale of what China was executing is still unknown as more comes forth each day.

Into this mix we now have a more substantive understanding over how China was influencing U.S. politics; and, as we see in the Houston consulate example, how Beijing was fomenting strife in advance of the November 2020 election as part of a larger plan to install and support U.S. politicians aligned with their interests.

America-First is antithetical to the long-term goals and objectives of the communist Chinese regime.  This was always evident in the way Beijing responded to the trade and economic policies of President Donald Trump.

Ultimately the global battle between the Red Dragon (CCP, Beijing) and President Trump is at the root of the concerted effort to remove/defeat him from office.  CTH has discussed this confrontation at length since the first shots were fired.

U.S. President Trump, representing economic nationalism, stood against China and was winning in the economic war despite the interference from Wall Street and U.S. media.

This is why Beijing was so desperate to remove President Trump from office; there are trillions at stake. As a consequence the goals of China and the Democrat party merged into this single and ultimately most important objective.

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