Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses Economy and The False Narratives Behind COVID Lockdowns

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 7, 2021 by Sundance

Florida’s MAGA Governor Ron DeSantis appears on Fox News to discuss how his state is dealing with the COVID-19 issues and keeping the economy open.  Visitors to Florida are shocked at how open the state is…. outside of the hospitality industry there are few signs that COVID is having any impact.

Florida home prices and real estate are/is skyrocketing in value as millions of people leave states that are heavily influenced by totalitarian government. The building industry in Florida is higher than ever before to meet continued and increasing demand.

Additionally, DeSantis discusses his recent confrontation with Big Tech censorship and manipulation.  The Florida legislature are finalizing laws that will allow residents to sue social media platforms for unfounded, unethical and ideological targeting.


DeSantis, closest to MAGA

Noem, MAGA-lite with a twist of Koch

Haley, pure-breed Decepticon establishment

Cruz, controlled and opportunistic opposition.

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