Sunday Talks, Peter Navarro Talks About Bill Barr DOJ Working to Advance Interests of Joe Biden

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 7, 2021 by Sundance

In this important interview former Senior White House Economic and Trade Advisor, Peter Navarro, discusses how the Bill Barr DOJ prepared advanced review for an incoming Joe Biden administration and supported the creation of a blitz of executive orders.

However, stand back a few more feet from the picture that Navarro describes and you start to see something CTH has discussed for several years (people didn’t want to admit).  It is the DOJ as an institution that is working against the interests of the United States.  The institution is filled with Lawfare allies and aligned ideological interests.  First, WATCH:


Take away the bigger big-picture.  The people inside the Department of Justice, most of them installed during the Obama-Holder-Lynch administration, are entrenched ideologues.  It did not matter who the Attorney General was.  The gears inside the machine were disconnected from the person who held the controls.

Why is this acceptance important in historic reference and moving forward?

First, the Mueller investigation was created within this system, by these exact operators.  This reconciled perspective helps people to understand just what the purpose of the Mueller/Weissmann probe was all about.  The institution of the DOJ was protecting itself from any element that would remove the corrupt intent.  Mueller was an extension of the attack against President Trump that came from two years prior.

Second, all of the appointed leadership within that corrupt DOJ system, including the FBI, are only in place to maintain defenses against the American people.  This is why we see the two-tiers of justice.  This is why targets, any targets of the DOJ and FBI, are all identified on one side of the political spectrum.  The U.S. Department of Justice is weaponized to defend corruption, and attack any entity that is a risk to the state controls.

Ultimately we saw this in the July 12, 2018, DOJ memo to the FISA court.  Despite the known lies, fabrications and flat-out false information within the FISA application used against Carter Page, the DOJ was telling the FISA court the June 29, 2017, third renewal still retained valid predication.  Everything about that memo was a lie.  The institution of the DOJ was covering for Robert Mueller’s need.

The United States Dept of Justice and the U.S. FBI are political entities with the expressed and open intent to target their political opposition.  When we as a people start to accept that reality, only then can we begin to decide what to do about it.

Because this reality has actual empirical evidence to support it, the same FBI and DOJ are working overtime to take down targets quickly.  Thus the need for the fabrications and false narratives around the January 6, 2021, DC protest.

Yes, we are in a “police state.”

…. conduct yourselves accordingly.

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