Arizona Enters Day Three Still Counting Ballots

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 4, 2022 | sundance 

According to election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, they will provide further updates on their ballot counting efforts on Thursday after 7pm.  The election was Tuesday.   Apparently, in Arizona it takes several days to count election ballots or something, and we are not supposed to think this is odd. [LINK]

As of the latest update from Arizona in the Republican primary for Governor: Kari Lake has 303,860 votes (46.25%), and Karrin Taylor-Robson has 291,843 votes (44.42%).

[LINK] Kari Lake is leading by 12,017 votes.

[Source Link]

According to Maricopa County election officials they have counted 715,941 ballots

According to the Arizona Secretary of State office, they are reporting 698,981 votes for governor were cast in Maricopa County [402,023(R), 296,958(D)]

There are 16,968 more ballots reported from Maricopa County than votes cast for governor as reported by the Secretary of State.

Did 16,968 voters in Maricopa County cast ballots without voting for governor?

It all seems odd.

[Data Source]

402,023(R) + 296,958(D) = Total: 698,981 votes

Three days, or more, to count ballots.

Suspicous Cat remains, well, you know….

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