Corrupt and Conflicted, Judge Who Authorized General Search Warrant and Raid on Trump Home Says Some Background Material May Be Needed to Protect Deep State from Tar and Feathers

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 18, 2022 | Sundance 

Comprehensively compromised U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart said Thursday he is leaning toward releasing some of the evidence presented by corrupt U.S. Justice Department officials to justify the general search warrant of President Donald Trump’s Florida home last week.

This is a case that pits We The People against the justice system, news organizations and corrupt federal prosecutors.  Unfortunately, we have no representation in the matter.

The justice system, including the DOJ, FBI regime police and federal judiciary, needs to protect itself from public scrutiny lest the people discover the true motives of the star chamber narrative called ‘national security.’  As a consequence, we should expect no sunlight that is not heavily managed to protect all state stakeholders.  In the background, China, Russia and Iran grin mightily as the illusion of democracy is exposed.

(Newsmax) – […] Judge Bruce Reinhart said he believes “there are portions of the affidavit that could be unsealed,” referring to the sworn statement laying out the evidence for why there was probable cause to search Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

He ordered the Justice Department to file a redacted version of the affidavit under seal by noon next Thursday, but said the Justice Department will be given the opportunity to appeal if prosecutors don’t agree with his proposed version.

Reinhart’s order seemed to mark a victory for news outlets, who appeared in federal court in West Palm Beach on Thursday to persuade the judge that the public interest in the affidavit outweighs the benefits of keeping it sealed.  The Justice Department opposes the release of the evidence.

Of course, the DOJ opposes the release of the affidavit.  Without the secrecy the strategic value of their ongoing leaks to the media would diminish.  Pretenses must be maintained; narratives must be sharpened; the illusion of a justice system is contingent upon strict rules against transparency.

Jay Bratt, the head of the department’s counterintelligence and export control section, told the judge on Thursday that releasing the affidavit is not in the public interest because it could harm the ongoing probe.

“There is another public interest at stake and that is the public interest that criminal investigations are able to go forward unimpeded,” he said.

The search was part of a federal investigation into whether Trump illegally removed documents when he left office in January 2021 after losing the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden.

The Justice Department is investigating violations of three laws, including a provision in the Espionage Act that prohibits the possession of national defense information and another statute that makes it a crime to knowingly destroy, conceal or falsify records with the intent to obstruct an investigation.

Attorneys for several media outlets including The New York Times, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, ABC News and NBC News told Reinhart on Thursday that the public’s right to know and the historic significance of the search outweigh any arguments to keep the records sealed.

“The public could not have a more compelling interest in ensuring maximum transparency over this event,” said Charles Tobin, one of the attorneys arguing for the media companies.

Trump in statements on social media has called on the court to unseal the unredacted version of the affidavit “in the interest of transparency.” (read more)

In the bigger picture there is no ‘trust’ left for the DOJ or FBI to lose.  Even the illusion of integrity from within the institutions of Main Justice has been destroyed over the past decade with epic mountains of evidence toward how the justice department and their state police, FBI, have weaponized their agencies for political motives.

Despite the pontifications of the great pretenders, the American people are under no illusion that a non-corrupt justice system actually exists.  At this moment the discussion in every village, hamlet and gathering is about how to deconstruct these agencies without violence, nothing more.

The time where pretending held some value, toward retaining the illusion of our constitutional republic, is in the rear view.  We are all dissidents now; members of a national insurgency relegated to codewords and careful scripts in order to avoid the watchers.

In a just world a lawyer would look Judge Reinhart in the eye and tell him directly that his court, and the entire federal system of courts of which he is a member, are now positioned as the enemy of the people they have targeted with this weaponized system.  General search warrants are unconstitutional, yet that is exactly what Main Justice requested and what Judge Reinhart approved.

Unfortunately, amid the great pretending class, the great pretenses remain.  However, for the victims of this bastardized and corrupt system, comfortable denial is no longer an option… Acceptance has settled in.

“I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

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