The Fattish Man of Paralyzing Stupidity Has Been Cancelled by CNN Fake News

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 18, 2022 | Sundance 

In the 1990’s U.S. journalists were introduced to the concept of Baghdad Bob by a controlling state regime in Iraq.  It was not coincidental that the introduction of Bob coincided with the rise of a state media enterprise in the United States called CNN.  As we fast forward through the evolution, CNN and CNNi are now recognized domestically and internationally as media for U.S. Dept of State propaganda.

However, as with all pretenses that eventually collapse under the sunlight of reality, there comes a time when Baghdad Bob loses value for the regime.  Once people start openly mocking the propaganda, the clownish efforts of the regime to maintain the ruse become, well, irrelevant.  People start to ignore the messaging en masse.  The value of a fattish man of insufferable stupidity diminishes. Time moves along….

(Via Daily Beast) – Brian Stelter will depart CNN, multiple sources confirmed to The Daily Beast, as the network will cancel his weekly media show Reliable Sources.

As a close ally and friend to former CNN boss Jeff Zucker, Stelter has occasionally appeared to be at odds with the new era of CNN. (link)

And tomorrow is Friday…

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