Steve Bannon Frames the GOP Motives for 2024 Remarkably Well

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 21, 2022 | Sundance

Steve Bannon does a good job in the first eight minutes of this War Room segment {Direct Rumble Link} framing the context of the corporate stakes in the 2024 election.  The reference to former Republican Governor Scott Walker, and who was backing him, is accurate and strong context {Go Deep}.

Bannon notes the nature of the republican donor-class dynamic as it relates to their multinational interests in controlling the RNC corporate outcome.  While Bannon doesn’t go into the details of the donor controlled 2024 ¹roadmap, the big picture of what he explains is right on the money.  WATCH (first 8 mins):

[¹CTH has that roadmap essentially pieced together, the only two things missing are, (1) firming the sequencing and (2) the rule changes from Jan/Feb 2023, so we can show how it all connects.  However, most of the GOPe candidates are already identified, funded and are in the preliminary stages of preparation.]

DeSantis will be the last to enter the 2024 race for two primary reasons: (1) the goal of the entrants between now and then is to weaken, ridicule and attack Trump; and (2) if DeSantis gets in too early, people will see that he planned to do this all along -and- the recognized trickery may sour people to the corporate club objective.

Red boxes = essentially confirmed 2024 participants in the GOP nomination process for DeSantis.

Note: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem will also likely be an entrant, and either Christie or Cruz could enter (leaning Cruz) but it will only be one of them, either/or.

The corporate donors behind the DNC Club want a Gavin Newsom ticket with a left-wing (likely black) female.

The corporate donors behind the RNC Club want a Ron DeSantis ticket with a right-wing female (bets on Noem).

Each participant in the ‘illusion of choice’ game is selected for a specific role and function.  But in the bigger picture they are all advancing for the same intent, which is the point Steve Bannon accurately makes.

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