Tucker Carlson Broadcasts an 8:00pm Message, “True Things Prevail”

Posted originally on the CTH on April 26, 2023 | Sundance 

Using his Twitter platform account, at 8:00pm tonight, Tucker Carlson sends a brief message, his first direct broadcast since the removal of his voice from Fox News.

Within the message you will note some common themes to our discussion of these events.  (1) Both parties in Washington DC are participating in the fraud and pretending, the UniParty is very real.  (2) The people in control of the communication apparatus “are afraid; they’ve given up persuasion, they are resorting to force.” And perhaps the most important message of all (3) “When honest people say what’s true … they become powerful. At the same time the liars that have been trying to silence them, shrink, they become weaker.  That’s the iron-law of the universe true things prevail.”   WATCH:

. [Tweet Source]

None of these things will come as a surprise to readers here.  Indeed, we have talked about them frequently.  There is no reason to give the manipulators any power over your peace of mind.  Stay connected to the truth in things and accept things as they are, not as we would wish them to be.

There is great freedom in speaking the truth of the thing.  The natural laws cannot be defeated by the schemes of men…. The Truth Has No Agenda and is very easy to notice. Thus, the final and larger point, trust your instincts.  You know the truth of the thing when you see, hear and feel it.  At this moment, 13.6 million people have watched this brief Tucker Carlson video on Twitter.  😁

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