OWS Using Sound to Drum America Into Revolution

Meanwhile, the air being rent with piercing screams from the street mobs, the throbbing of OWS activist drums over the next 48 days serve as a reminder that the globalists want to keep a locked down humanity in their manufactured Twilight Zone

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OWS Using Sound to Drum America Into Revolution

While their Comrades in Arms within Black Lives Matter and Antifa keep Americans aghast with cold-blooded cop-killing, rioting and looting in Democrat-controlled cities, and with fires still ravaging much of California and Oregon, noisy OWS (Occupation Wall Street) activists are counting on sound to blast the Republic into Election Day Revolution.

Organized by Canadian AdBusters.org, OWS will take over Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C, tomorrow and vow to remain there in occupation right up to Election Day:

Their warning about how they intend to celebrate their 9th anniversary is downright hippy-dippy, proof that they’ve never grown up or matured in any other way since their “yoga days” at Zuccotti Park in New York City:

“Tactical Briefing #4 (AdBusters.org)

“Hey all you activists, artists, musicians out there,

“Picture this: On street corners across America, a few musicians gather here, a few there . . . a brassy riff starts drifting, lilting above city thoroughfares and suburban byways . . . a swell of drums tumbling, trumpets crooning, basses thumping, saxophones wailing. As the thrum reaches a melancholy crescendo, the air itself becomes steeped in a deep blue revolutionary hue.

“The sound implores you to give in to its evolving, swirling pull . . . to respond, to step out, trust your instincts — and act.

“It’s the sound of jazz:

“bold, soulful, joyous, collaborative, improvisational.

“And, with a bit of luck, it’s going to swallow up the whole country for 50 days, starting this Thursday, September 17th — and remind it of the revolutionary mettle that it’s made of.

“Bring courage and wits — and your musical chops — to a street corner near you . . . and to pop-up sieges in front of federal buildings across the nation . . . and as the election approaches, to the White House in Washington, D.C.

“America doesn’t know what it’s about to hear.

“See (and hear) you starting September 17th.”

“Wisdomkeepers” and “global transformationalists”

Only far left, radical activists could think that their tailor-made Sound and Fury could “swallow up the whole country for 50 days”.

These activists even fail at simple Math. As of tomorrow, there are 13 days left in September, 31 days in October and 3 days in November, making swallowing up the whole country for 47 not 50 days.

As for the cacophony of noise, haven’t any of them heard of ear plugs?

If the promised “swell of drums tumbling” sounds familiar, it should.

It’s happened before twice, courtesy of the One World Order-seeking, American tax dollar-supported United Nations, the first time when Hanne Strong, beat her drums for three weeks straight.

“Hanne Strong,  used constant drumbeats to hold the “energy pattern” when her aging UN Poster Boy husband Maurice Strong led the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Earth Conference. (Canada Free Press Nov.13, 2009)

“Not one media jumped in to ask: “Constant drumbeats to hold the energy pattern?”

“Interesting that even back then the group Mrs. Maurice Strong led in a three-week vigil with “Wisdomkeepers”, were called “global transformationalists”. The round-the-clock sacred fire, drumbeat and meditation was what the transformationalists told the world was holding the “energy pattern” paving the way for the success of her husband-led Earth Summit.”

Mumbo jumbo magic and the birth of Agenda 21

“This mumbo jumbo ‘magic’ was the setting for the birth of Agenda 21, the plan now forcing the United States of America and the rest of the Free World into Communist One World Government. “

The second time U.N poohbahs called on sound to gainsay One World Order Revolution was with church bells.

“Church bells around the world,  which call Christians worldwide into church on Sundays, will join the din of drums and gongs to sound a UN ordered message 350 times on December 13 during the Copenhagen climate change summit.  The church bells are a call to action on global warming. (CFP Nov.13, 2009)

“The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic “chain of chimes and prayers” stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific.” (Breitbart, Nov. 12, 2009).

“By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for C02 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists.”

And you thought only Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat presidential seeker Joe Biden were the only crazies.

No mumbo jumbo from Maurice and Hanne Strong, BLM, Antifa and OWS will save the world from the human misery about to be inflicted by the evil plan which robs nations of their sovereignty and makes serfs of the entire human population.

“While Hanne was out there beating her drums, hubby Maurice Strong said in his opening address to thousands of Rio delegates: “It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light.”  If these words sound chillingly familiar it’s because they are the same ones uttered by Satanists Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky before her, both of whom in their writings state that the “force of darkness” are those who adhere to the “out-dated” Judeo-Christian faith.  Those who continue along their “separative” paths of the one true God.  The “Force of Light” (Lucifer) in their view, is the inclusive new age doctrine of a pagan pantheistic New World Religion. (CFP)

And if Christian congregations aren’t having any of this evil served up from the pulpit, many of their religious leaders have already bought into it.

Today fear of Covid-19 has shut down all churches.

“The ringing of the bells, drums and gongs from churches is being used to boost the UN summit in Copenhagen Dec. 7 to 18,  which seeks to promote a new global treaty to broaden cuts in emission of greenhouse gases blamed for Al Gore-touted climate change. (CFP, —, —)

Meanwhile, the air being rent with piercing screams from the street mobs, the throbbing of OWS activist drums over the next 48 days serve as a reminder that the globalists want to keep a locked down humanity in their manufactured Twilight Zone.

But their own desperation is driving them towards another Big Fail.

Why Cops Sometimes Shoot “Unarmed” Citizens

Abroad, the military is our country’s sheepdog; here at home, the law enforcement community is. God bless them all

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 15, 2020

Why Cops Sometimes Shot Unarmed Citizens

On August 23, a combative black suspect named Jason Blake was shot by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer who thought Blake might be reaching into his SUV to retrieve a deadly weapon. In a shameful rush to judgment by a national media that salivates when unarmed black people are shot by white police, the incident was portrayed as an outrage where another unarmed black man was shot just for the hell of it by a rogue white cop in this “systemically racist” nation of ours. Was the shooting of Blake justifiable? The legal system has yet to answer that question. But as shown in the video below, determining the answer is not as easy as you might think.

What cops face every time they put on the uniform

Self-produced by a man obviously familiar with defensive firearms training, the homemade video explains why police officers sometimes shoot suspects who turn out to have been unarmed. This eye-opening presentation refers to the “OODA Loop.” OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is an information processing tool used to train law enforcement officers to make faster and better decisions that not only help reduce the number of unwarranted police shootings of unarmed suspects, but also reduce an officer’s chance of getting killed due to a delayed response to a potentially lethal threat.

Because the video is homemade, watching it requires a bit more concentration than if it had been professionally produced. It may be helpful to watch it twice, but understanding its message will forever change your thinking about police shootings of unarmed suspects.

How do Police make shooting decisions?

Policing is one of the most difficult jobs in America. And thanks to race-baiting politics, it is also one of the most thankless. Every day and every night, law enforcement officers have to make life and death decisions in the blink of an eye, decisions that can determine whether their family ever sees them again.

“Random Stop” is an award-winning reenactment of the 1998 execution shooting of a Laurens County, Georgia sheriff’s deputy who hesitated when threatened by a mentally deranged man he’d pulled over for reckless driving. The recreation is based on actual dash cam footage that documented the initial part of the encounter in real time. Since the murder occurred at the rear of the officer’s patrol car and therefore was not recorded on dash cam, a recreation was made to convey the unimaginable terror the rookie officer experienced as he was executed in cold blood after begging in vain for mercy. Click here to view this intensely realistic depiction of the last moments of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller’s life, and then click here to see another chilling example of the kind of danger cops face every time they put on the uniform.

Cops: Our society’s domestic sheepdogs

In the movie “American Sniper,” Bradley Cooper told the story of the sheep, the wolves and the sheepdogs:

There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. These are the sheep. Then you’ve got predators who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. And then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression, an overpowering need to protect the flock. These are the rare breed who live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdogs.

Abroad, the military is our country’s sheepdog; here at home, the law enforcement community is. God bless them all.

Fans Do Not Like Political Statements in Games

There are a lot of people who object to politicizing sports games or Broadway plays. Here, this call for national equality when both teams locked arms invoked a lot of booing. I for one found it offensive when they stopped the Broadway play “Hamilton” to criticize Vice President Pence who was there in the audience. When people pay for such entertainment, they should not be subjected to the political ideas of those being paid for entertainment.

Early Look of the “Woke” NFL Game Plan

The NFL took a major hit in their ratings for opening week. Rating were down 16% with many fans tuning out the social justice lectures from virtue signaling millionaire players.

We have not watched a minute of the NFL and don’t plan on watching these over paid ingrates raising their fists in the air and kneeling during the anthem.

Look like it is true that the left wants to ruin everything, including pro-sports.

Turn the NFL off!


#SaveOurGirls From The Obamas

The hypocrisy of the Obamas in ‘Saving Our Girls’ is stunning

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 12, 2020

#SaveOurGirls From The Obamas

The legacy of convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and the late Jeff Epstein live on over at Netflix—where the Tween Twerking drama Cutie is the latest A Star Is Born release in nauseating, streamed living color.

The film, generating controversy for its dance sequence showing underage girls gyrating provocatively and touching themselves sexually, is proof that filth is more contagious than any virus.

“The scene prompted the hashtag #CancelNetflix to reach the No. 1 trending item on Twitter Thursday. An online petition calling for customers to cancel their Netflix subscriptions has reached more than 600,000 signatures. (Breitbart, Sept. 11, 2020)

Before landing their multi-million dollar production deal at Netflix, Barack and Michelle Obama learned the ropes about movie making from their daughter, Malia, who worked for Weinstein in New York in 2017.

How do we know that the Obamas go along with the Netflix git-along-release of Cutie?

“Barack and Michelle Obama, who have a production deal with Netflix, have so far remained silent about the Cuties controversy, as has former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice, who sits on Netflix’s board of directors.” (Breitbart, Sept. 11, 2020)

Epically ironic that while her husband was in the Oval Office, Michell Obama took credit for the initiative, ‘Let Girls Learn’ that promoted education for girls.

“She’s said in the past that she put the Let Girls Learn initiative together in part because she was disturbed by the story of kidnapped schoolgirls”  (BBC, April 14, 2016)

“In her speech, though, she mentioned them only briefly.”

“Members of a militant organisation, Boko Haram, kidnapped 276 girls from a school in Chibok, Nigeria, on 14 April 2014.

“Afterwards Michelle Obama posted an image of herself on social media, posing with a white sheet of paper that said: “#BringBackOurGirls”.

“The hashtag campaign, designed to bring attention to the kidnappings, had already reached 1 million tweets by the time Obama joined, but her statement still made a splash. She gave a public address several days later, talking about the kidnappings.

“She said her husband was directing the US government do everything possible to help Nigerians bring the girls back.

…”On Wednesday, nearly two years after the abductions, Obama spoke about the girls during an event about education at the World Bank in Washington.

“Before Obama appeared at the podium, the World Bank’s president, Jim Yong Kim, announced that the bank group was investing $2.5b (£1.76b) in girls’ education projects around the world.

“Then Obama spoke about her initiative, Let Girls Learn, that promotes education for girls.

“She’s said in the past that she put the Let Girls Learn initiative together in part because she was disturbed by the story of the kidnapped schoolgirls.

“In her speech, though, she mentioned them only briefly.

“Why, two years ago, would terrorists be so threatened by the prospect of girls going to school that they would break into a dormitory in the middle of the night?” she said, describing the crime.

“Beyond that she didn’t say much about the girls – and didn’t talk about their fate, either.

“Fifty-seven of the girls escaped from Boko Haram. The rest are still missing, with little hope of returning to their previous lives.

“Obama once described it as an “unconscionable act”. Like people around the world, she was outraged.

“Yet the US effort – and impact – was minimal. Obama said Americans would help the Nigerians.

“With that goal in mind, the US sent several dozen Air Force personnel to the region to use drones to help find the girls, reported the New York Times.

“In addition a couple dozen Americans gave advice to Nigerian officials who were trying to save them.

“At one point authorities found them. But as Andrew Pocock, who served as British high commissioner to Nigeria, explained in the Sunday Times, they didn’t rescue them.
People could have been killed – possibly even the girls themselves.

“She said: “These girls are our girls – every last one of them.” She described children around the world as “our responsibility”.

“She stood in a foyer with a glass ceiling thirteen stories above her showcasing a turquoise-blue sky. Natural light flooded the building, reflecting off floor tiles.Economists, development experts, and gender-violence researchers cheered as she spoke. They were part of a global do-gooder scene that seemed unusual in button-down Washington.”

“Despite initial outrage and a humanitarian spirit, the first lady’s campaign to tell the world about the kidnapped schoolgirls – in the hope they’d be saved – ultimately failed.
In retrospect, the public-awareness campaign seemed a little dreamy.”

The hypocrisy of the Obamas in ‘Saving Our Girls’ is stunning.

The hashtag #BringBackOurGirls” should be changed to #SaveOurGirls” From The Likes Of The Obamas.

Fight ELITIST SUPPRESSION—Make CFP Your Go-To Home Page!

Everything (Very) Old Is New Again

This is not mere political warfare. It is spiritual warfare. Everything (Very) Old Is New Again. Godspeed, President Trump

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 12, 2020

Everything (Very) Old Is New Again

There was a time long ago when America came first. A time when our founders, many whose names you would not recognize, risked everything to birth this nation. A nation where natural rights were granted by God and recognized by our Constitution. A time when our first president could easily have continued his administration beyond two terms, but didn’t, lest he appear to be a king rather than a president. There was a time when members of congress served their country and its people for a relatively short time and then reentered private life to submit to what they had created, so as not to appear to be part of a cabal. That was the very old.

A cabal did eventually form, a criminal organization that does not know God and is determined to lord over men and women as was done before our country came to be. This cabal has now turned into a swamp, filled with monsters of self-interest, and agents of tyranny. That is now the old.

President Trump made fools of them all. It took a non-political businessman who owes no favors to accomplish what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do

For the last 120 years, except for brief respites during the Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan administrations, the swamp took hold, selling us down the river for their personal gain. They made bad trade deals and pushed us into useless wars so the nation’s military industrial complex and their congressional patrons could benefit at the expense of dead and wounded American soldiers.

Presidents told us we were moving toward a service economy, changes no voter wanted or anticipated. They told us that the cheap products we would buy from China would be good for our nation. They forgot to tell us that the loss of our manufacturing prowess would cost millions of jobs, devastate industrial cities and towns, be a major threat to our national security, benefit the corporations looking for cheap labor and raw materials, and be the dominant contributor toward building the largest communist behemoth in the world.

Amazingly, we are now witnessing a new paradigm born not of the old, but of the very old…America First. It is an adage forgotten by too many past presidents. If America is healthy, so is the free world. For the last four years it has proven itself to be not only compelling, but effective.

It remains not merely a slogan, but a powerful movement. A movement not to be trifled with.

Of course, it doesn’t end there with a lesson learned. The swamp, the cabal was not going to allow their rice bowl to be disturbed. They went to war against a president who had the fortitude and chutzpah to show the experts, the swamp creatures, what their priorities should be.

President Trump made fools of them all. It took a non-political businessman who owes no favors to accomplish what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do. And now, they feel, he must pay.

They tried and continue to try with every political trick in their quiver. First it was a Russia collusion tale, then a Ukrainian quid pro quo narrative. Then, it was an attempt at impeachment. When that failed, the Chinese communists dived in immediately with their manufactured bio-weapon, COVID-19. Still no luck. Now the Democrats are insisting on mail-in voting because of the COVID lockdowns that they have determined to keep alive. Ballots will be sent to almost everyone living in the United States, registered voters, non-registered, citizens, non-citizens, everyone.

Mail-in voter fraud will be the most dangerous of the political tactics

Mail-in voter fraud will be the most dangerous of the political tactics. It has the potential of pushing us over the edge toward civil war. The Democrats have hinted that they will not concede or accept a second Trump term. They have even recruited some retired swamp generals and circulated stories that the military will have to get involved in a Trump departure. The counting could take months. In the meantime they will have an army of lawyers with Nancy Pelosi standing by to assume the presidency.

Much of our country has been turned over to domestic enemies, a disloyal opposition. Committed Communists now dominate many blue cities, vilify police, drive out good citizens and investment. Almost 1,000 people per day are moving into states like Florida. While others are leaving blue states for red states like Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Montana. But, be assured, Trump supporters will not stand by and watch the President be railroaded.

What is so beyond the imagination, so loathsome in its reality, is the acceptance and apparent approval by the Democrats of the damage this minor pandemic and the policies of those past swamp administrations have done to our country and their outright callousness toward the people that make this country work, the middle class.

It should be obvious to everyone that President Trump has disturbed an old paradigm, a level of corruption and exploitation made normal for at least the last 100 years. We now have a welcome shift in objectives, and aspirations that has taken place in Washington. The interests of the everyday American is now at the center of the current administration’s attention. Special interests are no longer at the helm, steering our government in their direction. No more useless wars that make military suppliers and politicians rich while soldiers die and others live with grave physical and mental wounds. No more massive move by manufacturers leaving our shores to look for cheap labor. No more communist indoctrination of our young. No more selling of America.

This is not mere political warfare. It is spiritual warfare. Everything (Very) Old Is New Again. Godspeed, President Trump.

California Hot Foot Dance

California is burning. Even San Francisco is filled with smoke.

If the widespread fires were intentionally set, then one is forced to wonder why. Knowing that many ‘conspiracy theories’ are in fact real conspiracies, I can think of three reasons.

1. The UN Agendas which mandate concentrating people into big cities and out of the countryside continue to be carried out. Last year we saw the town of Paradise completely and quickly burned and there were many indications that it was not natural. Was a special beam used to start the fires?

2. The far left loonies in charge of California (such as Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi) want the the federal government to send their state billions of dollars. Despite over-taxing its citizens, California is broke. Their politicians defied the law by allowing sanctuary cities, but they want the federal government to cover their costs. In other words, California’s Democrats are lawbreakers and treasonous, but they still want the dough. They can easily inflate the cost of the fire damage. Damage they may have caused themselves.

3. The fires were arranged to enhance an atmosphere of crisis, which in turn will be used to damage Trump’s reelection chances. Look for Gavin Newsom to blame it all on the president.

Or it could be the extreme environmentalism in California. Trees were not allowed to be logged and thinned. The buildup of ground detritus was not allowed to be cleared. That’s not a conspiracy theory, but it certainly can lead to rampant conflagration.

Regardless, Smokey Bear is not a happy camper in California and he will become more unhappy when they raise his taxes.


Old Man Reads Bird Cage Liner- Shouts at Clouds

Joe Biden, when he can find his place on the teleprompter, is using the debunked Atlantic magazine story to attack Trump and his supporters.

The Fake News Goldberg story claims Trump hates our Veterans and called them losers and suckers. Goldberg (a known propagandist) cites his “anonymous sources” which usually means fake news.  There have been 21 people that came forward to debunk the lies about the President and not one of the sources for the so called story has come forward with evidence that is is true.

When and why did this story drop?

“The Atlantic” article dropped shortly after Biden received no bump from his convention while Trump did get a bump in the polls after his. Biden immediately amplified the Trump smear in the magazine, which was nothing but pure fabrication. Anytime a shift in the polls goes against the Democrats, they tend to drop huge bombshell lies such as saying Trump insulted veterans. John Bolton hates Trump but even he said the president would never say such a thing. Trump always expresses support and admiration for the troops. Anytime the lying mass media quotes ‘anonymous sources,’ it can be assured it’s a lie. The mainstream legacy media are part of the Democrat Party now. Cant’ be trusted. The lies told by Biden will become numerous and vocal as the election nears and the Democrats become more fearful and desperate. Biden is a shell of a man being used by the Deep State as a trojan horse in order to usher in their globalist policies and remove Trump from office.

We can’t let them win in November! This is all out war to save our nation! Vote in person!



A Democrat Coup That Depends on John Podesta Being Joe Biden

Election 2020 is, in surrealistic Democrat reality, Election 2016 Re-scheduled

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 9, 2020

A Democrat Coup That Depends on John Podesta Being Joe Biden

To millions of still-trying-to-hang-in from- Covid-19-locked-down-Americans, November 3, 2020 is a bona fide general election.  To devious, power-crazed Democrats, it’s an out and out coup geared to defiantly deny the coming landslide re-election of President Donald Trump before going on to fundamentally transform America into a thorough Socialist State.

To pull it all off, the Democrats will need Hillary Clinton voodoo and a lot of the Mumbo Jumbo artifice they’re already putting into play.

While the Democrats and a compliant media work to kill off, not just America but the entire Western World, the people of the many lands they’re trying to cancel count on Providence and the Power of Prayer.

Scare mongering is where the Democrats excel

Scare mongering is where the Democrats excel, their latest scare tactic being people shouldn’t venture out from lock downs to vote in person because of the politicized pandemic, but should rely on the Michelle Obama-designed Mail-In Vote instead.

Smug and arrogant, the Democrat Elite are convinced they’ve finally got this one in the bag.

You won’t easily find what the Dems of the day are up to on Google—whose main stories claim it is Donald Trump staging the Election Coup— but you can on Duck Duck Go, just as Canada Free Press (CFP) found out this morning.

“If you think the Resistance to 2016 was unhinged, you haven’t seen anything yet. (Capstone Report, Aug. 2, 2020)

“Get ready for crazy if the Woke Mob doesn’t get its way. The New York Times provided a hint into how Leftists could respond to a Donald Trump victory this November. Buried at the end of a column on the media’s coverage of the election was a shocking tidbit floating a constitutional crisis.”

This is one scare mongering tactic that should be dismissed out of hand as pure bunk—resting as it does on a Parlor/War Game where former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta plays the role of ‘President’ Joe Biden.

During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden sometimes doesn’t seem to know who he is.  John Podesta knows who he is—he’s Joe Biden!

Enter The Atlantic Magazine: Trump Hates The Troops

“According to Ben Smith in the New York Times: (NY Times, Aug. 2, 2020)

“A group of former top government officials called the Transition Integrity Project actually gamed four possible scenarios, including one that doesn’t look that different from 2016: a big popular win for Mr. Biden, and a narrow electoral defeat, presumably reached after weeks of counting the votes in Pennsylvania. For their war game, they cast John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in the role of Mr. Biden. They expected him, when the votes came in, to concede, just as Mrs. Clinton had.“

“But Mr. Podesta, playing Mr. Biden, shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn’t let him concede. Alleging voter suppression, he persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College.

“In that scenario, California, Oregon, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned. The House named Mr. Biden president; the Senate and White House stuck with Mr. Trump. At that point in the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.”

Enter The Atlantic Magazine, which quoting anonymous sources, reported last week that troop-loving Trump called dead soldiers “suckers” and “losers”.

Guess they didn’t want Podesta carrying the ball on his own.

Back to Capstone Report:


“However, hardly unexpected. Leftists spent the last four years crying about 2016. They’ve done everything possible to overturn that election verdict. If things don’t go their way in 2020, well, it won’t be pretty.

“Violence in the streets we expect. That’s how Democrats handle things as the riots showcased over the last few months.

Mainstream press hopelessly controlled by Leftists pushing the Democratic talking points

“…The mainstream press is getting you ready for abnormally long delays in vote counting.

“The long lecture about election delay is prepping the environment. They are prepping the environment for delays–delays that will be convenient for them.

“While the mainstream press will be hopelessly controlled by Leftists pushing the Democratic talking points, there is always social media. Right?


“Don’t think you’ll be able to share the truth on social media. They’ve already got a plan for how to handle troublemakers, err, I mean conservatives.

“According to the NY Times column, “Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, told me in a brief interview on Saturday that he’s planning to brace his audience for the postelection period. He said the site planned a round of education aimed at ‘getting people ready for the fact that there’s a high likelihood that it takes days or weeks to count this — and there’s nothing wrong or illegitimate about that.’”


“Sounds totally trustworthy.

“In earlier eras, election results typically were known on election night. Which forces any of us to ask: What are Elites trying to do this time?

You can count on Democrats trying to steal the election

“Oh, and we better ask that question now because as the Times’ Ben Smith explains, social media companies will control the flow of news about the election.

“And he said that Facebook is considering new rules regarding premature claims of victory or other statements about the results. He added that the company’s election center will rely on wire services for definitive results.”

“New rules mean new ways to suppress conservatives.

“That’s what it always means in Silicon Valley.

“The New York Times is giving you a sneak peak into November. If the election is close, you can count on Democrats trying to steal the election. That’s what we face in America 2020.”

Fight ELITIST SUPPRESSION—Make CFP Your Go-To Home Page!

Election 2020 is, in surrealistic Democrat reality, Election 2016 Re-scheduled

Resistance Leader Barack Obama Coup d'etat

“More than anything else, Election 2020 is the final coup d’etat in ‘The defamed and dramatized Russians-Stole-the-Election Series’;  the still alive and kicking Big Lie of the Democrats and the Media. (CFP, Aug. 6, 2020)

“When November 3 comes to pass,  it will be plain to see that there was no such thing as Election 2020—because Election 2020 is, in surrealistic Democrat reality, Election 2016 Re-scheduled.”

The reality is that John Podesta, no matter how hard he wishes it, is not Joe Biden, but is the failed campaign manager of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat in 2016.

Even if Biden were to somehow win the 2020 presidency,  someone in his cognitive-challenged state can’t be counted on to mouth the words foisted upon him by the Democrat Elites.

Meanwhile, all the Dems really have for their Election Coup is their Mumbo Jumbo, while the little people getting ready to Vote In Person have the ever more powerful Power of Prayer.


To genuine black leaders: what works and what doesn’t work

Do you really think Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA have a clue, or care, about black economic prosperity?

Jon Rappoport image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 9, 2020

To genuine black leaders: what works and what doesn't work

There are some hard facts.

Your greatest victory would be ridding your inner city neighborhoods of major gangs.

They are holding back your communities from any hope of gaining a secure economic foothold in society.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed)

To accomplish this awesome task, you need help.  Think about how the New York mafia stranglehold was broken.  It took the passage of a federal RICO law; and then the use of that law to prosecute and convict significant numbers of mafia members and leaders, for running “continuing criminal enterprises.”

If you want to stage meaningful efforts, there you have it.  You want RICO applied to major gangs in American cities.  And you want it now.

Of course, you’ll have to give up the strategy of blaming the police as an overall strategy for explaining your troubles.

Every ethnic and religious group in the history of the world has two common denominators.  A story about oppression, and a desire to gain a firm economic foothold in society.

Every oppression story contains truth, and it’s also embellished, in the sense that it’s sold long after its most violent period is past.  The story can be useful at times, but it doesn’t carry the necessary freight to accomplish economic goals. Far from it.  It can have negative blowback.  It can turn into widespread “blame the oppressor”1 as a device to force economic progress.  Which, at the root, is counter-productive.  It doesn’t work.

You have more pressing problems.  Gangs.  Drugs.  Black-on-black crime.  Absent fathers.  Too many people living on welfare—-which was designed as a palliative to pacify and hold down the population.  It has worked far too well.

Forget about tapping government money as a main source for boot-strapping your communities into long-term economic prosperity.  Ditto for charity doled out by the rich.  These sources don’t make a black economy succeed, long-term.  In the end, they drain money and resources away from that struggling economy.

Here’s a recent report you should be interested in.  During the COVID lockdowns, 440,000 black-owned American businesses have shut their doors, and most of them won’t come back.  That’s a missile attack aimed at the heart of progress.  Consider the blood, sweat, and tears the business owners have poured into keeping their enterprises alive for years and years.  And it’s all going up in smoke now.

On a related note, those black groups who are dead set on promoting socialism (or outright anarchy) as an economic solution are not your friends.  Find out where their funding is coming from.  Take a deep dive into the background and activity and agenda of George Soros.

Do you really think Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA have a clue, or care, about black economic prosperity?  They’re running your future into the ground.

If you don’t want widespread black economic prosperity—-via free enterprise—-you’re going against the history of how every ethnic and religious group has achieved stability.

Once an ethnic group gains a strong and permanent economic foothold, other benefits follow.  For example, relations with police automatically improve.  And where they don’t, you could exert the kind of effective pressure that deals from a position of strength.

Teaching the young to “stand up for their values” turns into an empty suit in about five minutes, unless there is a pathway to some kind of economic prosperity.  It becomes “blame the oppressor,” which is ultimately a dead end.

Where pro athletes are going with their protests will not be productive.  They kept their mouths shut when NBA relations with China suddenly wobbled.  They protected their shoe contracts, and turned a blind eye to what are euphemistically called “human rights abuses” in the People’s Republic.  And now, they want…what?  They know they collectively have the power to destroy their leagues, but is that an advantage?

If these athletes re-routed the money they give to “black community improvement,” and instead, with competent advice, and with major discipline, invested in black-business start-ups, and existing black businesses that have a chance of success, the whole framework of progress would be shifted.

Face it, the athletes are getting incompetent advice.  And, in the pomp and circumstance of “social justice,” they’re being enabled by white liberals, who don’t really care about authentic black progress at all.  Malcom X figured this out 60 years ago.  The forgetting that then set in was no accident.  The so-called liberal establishment is morally bankrupt.  The men behind the curtain who control the establishment are intent on using the black community to sow chaos and destruction across the landscape, and lead the nation into a new normal that no one in his right mind wants.  That is its own story for another time.

I will say this.  The current defamation campaign and assault against capitalism and free enterprise will have no greater negative impact anywhere than in the black community.  It will undermine every effort launched toward finding a better life.  So why are black groups leading that campaign?  Obviously, somebody wants destruction.

Meanwhile, if you have an open channel to LeBron James, ask him when he’s going to demand immediate RICO prosecution of inner-city gangs…

Once he recovers from the shock of the question, tell him a winning RICO case would earn him the championship ring of a lifetime.

  1. Instead of “blame the oppressor,” first engage in “find the most serious oppressions.”  Then find the oppressors, expose them, and demand change.  I’m talking, for starters, about environmental toxicity in black (and Latino) communities.  See, for example: Center for American Progress, “5 Things to Know About Communities of Color and Environmental Justice,” April 25, 2016.

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