Competency Cringe – Senator John Kennedy Exposes the Outcome of Equity and Diversity Amid Joe Biden Judicial Nominees

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 25, 2023 

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned a series of Joe Biden Federal District Court nominees today including: (1) Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren who is nominated to be United States District Judge for The Eastern District of Washington; (2) Matthew P. Brookman, to be United States District Judge for The Southern District of Indiana; (3) Michael Farbiarz, to be U.S. District Judge for the District Of New Jersey; (4) Robert Kirsch to be U.S. District Judge for The District of New Jersey, and (5) Eleta Merchant to be U.S. District Judge for The Eastern District Of New York.

Judge Bjelkengren couldn’t even explain what Article II or Article IV of the U.S. Constitution are about.   It gets worse from there.

Perhaps Senator John Kennedy did not mean to expose the outcome of affirmative action, diversity and social equity as a qualification for a federal court judge, but it happened anyway.  This is beyond cringeworthy, and, well, just wow.  WATCH: 


“President Biden and Senate Democrats have made it a priority to elevate judicial nominees from demographically and professionally diverse backgrounds, and during the 117th Congress, we have shattered records when it comes to diversity on the federal bench… [including] a record number of nominees with experience serving not only as prosecutors, but also as public defenders, voting rights experts, and civil rights attorneys… Every one of these jurists is highly qualified and ready to serve our nation and the American people.”  ~ Senator Dick Durbin, Chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee

‘Single woke females’ reshaping U.S. politics, op-ed claims

Ainsley Earhardt January 20, 2023 Fox News

And interesting discussion

Dear Friends Without Kids…

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Idaho Officials Release Criminal Affidavit Outlining Murder Charges Against Suspect Bryan Kohberger

Posted originally on the CTH on January 5, 2023 | Sundance

With the extradition process completed, law enforcement officials in Idaho have released the arrest warrant and criminal affidavit against murder suspect Bryan Kohberger.

[Criminal Complaint, 3-Pages Here] – [Affidavit Outlining Charges, 19-pages Here]

Within the probable cause affidavit outlining the evidence against Bryan Kohberger, the investigators release a lot of very specific new evidence against the suspect, including an eyewitness within the house.

The affidavit states a woman who lived at home told investigators she was woken up around 4 a.m. by what sounded like Kaylee Goncalves (21) playing with her dog in a bedroom on the third floor.

A short time later, the roommate said she thought she heard Goncalves say “something to the effect of ‘there’s someone here,’” according to court documents. Forensic information from victim Xana Kernodle’s phone shows the noise could’ve come from Kernodle’s cellphone as it indicated she was “likely awake and using the TikTok app” around 4:12 a.m.

The witness told investigators she looked out of her bedroom but didn’t see anything after hearing about something being in the house.

Documents say the woman opened her door again after hearing what she thought was crying from victim Xana Kernodle’s room. The woman told investigators she then heard a man say, “something to effect of ‘it’s OK, I’m going to help you,’” as outlined in the affidavit.

Around 4:17 am, the affidavit says a security camera at a home next to the residence on King Road “picked up distorted audio of what sounded like voices, or a whimper followed by a loud thud.” Documents say a dog can also be heard barking “numerous times” starting at 4:17 a.m. The camera is less than 50 feet from Kernodle’s bedroom wall.

The witness told police she opened the door a third time after hearing the crying and saw a masked man in black clothing who walked past her and toward a sliding glass door.

The woman, who wasn’t harmed in the attack, said the man walked past her as she stood in “frozen shock.” The woman then went back into her room and locked the door. The woman told police she didn’t recognize the man but described him as being around 5’10” tall, not very muscular but athletically built with bushy eyebrows, documents say.

While processing the crime scene, documents say investigators found a “latent shoe print” that had a diamond-shaped pattern outside a roommate’s second-floor bedroom, which matches what the woman told police about the suspect’s travel path in the home.

The affidavit written by Moscow, Idaho Police Cpl. Brett Payne, breaks down the scene police encountered, and why Kohberger is accused of murdering the four students in November.  The probable cause affidavit also details the vehicle of Kohberger in the area in front of the house on multiple occasions at the time of the murders.

Additionally, the documents also report that DNA matching Kohberger’s profile was found on the button snap of a tan knife sheath found on the bed next to Madison Mogen’s 21-year-old body after the murders.

[Criminal Complaint, 3-Pages Here] – [Affidavit Outlining Charges, 19-pages Here]

Video Report:

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Identified, in Part, by DNA Search of Public Genetic Genealogy Database

Posted originally on the CTH on December 31, 2022 | sundance

This is interesting.  The use of public genetic genealogy databases by law enforcement officials has been discussed for several years now.

According to information within a CNN article about the capture of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger, it appears this might be the most recent case solved -at least in part- through the use of those public DNA databases.

Previously the Golden State Killer was identified through the use of DNA using a public genealogy database.  According to the CNN article it appears a similar process was used in the identification of Kohberger:

(Via CNN) – […] Investigators homed in on Kohberger as the suspect through DNA evidence and by confirming his ownership of a white Hyundai Elantra seen near the crime scene, according to two law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation.

[…] An FBI surveillance team tracked him for four days before his arrest while law enforcement worked with prosecutors to develop enough probable cause to obtain a warrant, the two law enforcement sources said.

Genetic genealogy techniques were used to connect Kohberger to unidentified DNA evidence, another source with knowledge of the case tells CNN. The DNA was run through a public database to find potential family member matches, and subsequent investigative work by law enforcement led to him as the suspect, the source said. (read more)

Many who understand the scope of data and privacy exploitation have often wondered and warned if it was smart for people to be voluntarily giving their DNA to various genealogical tracing companies.  When Blackstone purchased Ancestry.Com the world’s largest public DNA database, there were several questions raised again about the possible misuse and privacy issues.   At the time, here’s how Ancestry responded:

…”Ancestry does not sell or share customer DNA data with insurers, employers or third-party marketers, nor do we share customer personal information with law enforcement unless compelled to by a valid legal process. Ancestry’s commitment to these robust consumer privacy and data protections remain unchanged under our new ownership”…

Obviously, the key phrase in that statement is “unless compelled by a valid legal process.”   An unknown DNA sample at such a horrific and nationally newsworthy crime scene, could certainly lead to law enforcement compelling that type of database search.

For the issue of catching the psychopathic criminal who killed the four college students, you won’t find too many people concerned about the methods the investigative units conducted.   However, in the bigger picture of having a national DNA registry available for cross-reference use in other non-criminal matters, there are still some privacy issues to consider.

The Rising Hatred of Trump is Spreading

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Dec 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: I can see what your model is predicting. It is just becoming in your face. I had a one time friend who is so consumed with his hatred of Donald Trump he is incapable to seeing anything else. The country is so divided we are no longer friends and I am middle-of-the-road and not a Trump worshiper.


REPLY: We must understand that those who are just consumed with hatred for Donal Trump are victims of physiological warfare the very same tactics employed by Hitler. It is very true that Hitler was an extremely gifted speaker. He would mesmerize and totally captivate many people with his beating of the lectern symbolizing how the German people were wronged. Hitler’s primary tactic was to tap into people’s emotions and this became his inspirational tactic to win over the people. Hitler would praise Christian heritage as well as the German Christian culture. He would tie himself to a belief in Jesus Christ.

Hit was a master at getting people to hate. Hitler used Christianity as a central motivation for his anti-Semitism and this was how he managed to get so many people to view Jews as the enemy. Hitler’s strategy was to create the conception that Jews were in fact the enemies of all civilization. His speeches were emotional and in so doing, he used Christianity to support his policies as if this were a Holy War. In Hitler’s public speeches, he influenced others using their emotions by recasting that Jesus was a fighter against the Jews.

He became exceptionally adept at telling people what they wanted to hear just as we see unfolding today with demonizing Trump and in the process, extending that to all Republicans dividing the country just as Hitler learned how to do. Hitler used the theme that this was a Jewish-Marxist plot to conquer the world. The Reichstag Fire he blamed on a communist which he linked with the Jews thanks to Karl Marx. He exclaimed that this was a betrayal of everything German culture stood for.

They have demonized Trump and as soon as Biden took office, he went out of his way to do whatever Trump had done, which had to be reversed despite the fact that it was reasonable for the country. They have opened the borders, but only to South America hoping to flood the country with immigrants who they are counting on will vote Democrat against those who actually produce. I met with the former head of Australia, Paul Keatings, and tried to negotiate on behalf of Hong Kong to buy land to allow them to migrate. He declined, When I asked WHY? Is this Racist? He said not. They were fleeing communism so they would vote conservative and Keating was a Labour Government fearing that an influx would change the demographics.

The Democrats are using that strategy. They believe all these people are coming for a free handout. If they had assets, they would not come. So they want the poorest of the poor to change the politics of the United States.

As long as they keep people blinded but their hatred of Trump, they get to do whatever they want. It is the Hitler strategy all over again.

One reader from Texas wrote:

QUESTION: What does Socrates say about immigration? I can’t believe the hordes of people coming into Texas, but no one in Washington cares. Our governor is seen as a terrible human being by the media because he sends busloads of immigrants to “blue” cities, but those people would freeze to death in El Paso where people are crammed into civic centers, schools, churches, and the airport. They have run out of blankets and clothing to give to them and their volunteers are exhausted. Smaller border towns have even greater problems because they have fewer resources. The immigrants only shot at survival is to leave El Paso. Why don’t people in other states see what is happening? Why do they think Texas has a place for all these people? And why do they think Texas has received money to take care of these people when it is charity organizations who picks up the tab?

For people who believe that immigrants add value—Texas has been educating immigrant children for years and we have very high school taxes. Immigrants appear at hospital ERs and expect treatment, which has resulted in the closing of many rural hospitals. They drive without insurance and often don’t follow traffic laws. Our insurance rates go up.

If Texans complain we are called racist, however, a plurality of Texans are Hispanic. The border counties are 90-95% Hispanic. People who live along the border are tired of the invasion and are increasingly voting “red.” It’s really hard to see what Washington is trying to accomplish unless they want to see Texas leave the union.


ANSWER: This will be a major factor on the separatist movement building in the United States. This is part of the destruction of society and we would expect that post-2024.

A National Security Nightmare Is Happening (Ep. 1917) – The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show Published originally on December 19, 2022 

A national security nightmare is about to unfold. In this episode, I address the dramatic situation, and the ramifications for our country moving forward. I also address the latest Twitter files drop and what it means for our broken FBI.

WOW. I’m glad I don’t live in Europe.

The Dive With Jackson Hinkle Published originally on Rumble on December 18, 2022

I would agree with Jackson that when this insanity is over Europe, or what left of it, will never be the same. How can you Build Back Better if it hasn’t been previously Destroyed?

Why the US will Collapse under Civil Unrest

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Dec 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I have been asked about our computer forecast regarding civil unrest that would turn upward from 2014, become critical in 2023, and escalate into 2032. There is the economic breakdown that is being deliberately created by those in the Biden Administration under the misguided vision of Climate Change and how they must end fossil fuels ASAP. The convenient announcement of suddenly the impossible, cold fusion, is highly dubious and even if true, it would be decades away. Nevertheless, it is already being touted as See! Let’s end fossil fuels now! We have an alternative.

But the other factor is the division of society into groups. The teaching of Critical Race Theory is being pushed because of White Supremacy and the solution is to demonize white children in schools. This is just as bad as judging someone inferior simply because they are not white.

This division has come into play hidden behind the headlines. Suddenly, Critical Race Theory surfaced in 2022 and this is the 8.6-year interval from 2014. The next really bad period will be 2032 and from 2023 into that period, we are looking at society coming unglued. We will see our nation divide as will be the case in Europe – the EU will crumble to dust. There will be a great financial upheaval going into 2028.

EU Is BUYING MORE From Russia, Despite Sanctions

The Dive With Jackson Hinkle Published originally on Rumble on December 17, 2022

Klaus Schwab wants NATO to take over Russia not buy anything thing from Russia.