The Next Solar Cycle Begins in 2020 & May be a Panic Decline in Solar Activity


Our computer correlates everything from economics to nature. We have been warning that the next 8.6-year wave in the Economic Confidence Model appears to be one of inflation. This should be a cost-push version, meaning not DEMAND but shortages. One of the serious correlations we see is that the next solar cycle of 11 years may be the lowest in at least 200 years on our model, which calls for the low in a wave of 224 years to be precise.

Our forecast for this next solar cycle of activity, which rises and falls in an 11-year cycle, is indeed in a bearish trend but it correlates with the ECM – which is rare. If our computer is correct, then the next solar cycle should be at least one-third less solar activity and it could rise to a panic type of declineof 50% as measured in terms of sunspots. This analysis warns that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach its maximum in 2025. This further warns not of global warming, but highly volatile weather and crop failures as we hit both extremes.

The next two solar cycles will be the risk of violent weather and global cooling.

Climate Change is about Overthrowing Capitalism

The Extinction Rebellion, formed in 2018, appears to be an extreme anarchist group that is using climate as an excuse to overthrow governments. Climate change has become a movement that advocates a hostile takeover of the world economy to end capitalism. This movement of climate protestors in Britain known as the Extinction Rebellion has a very subversive agenda. Their agenda is in line with the Green New Deal in the USA, which is deeply rooted in political extremism or what we might call today eco-socialism which is very anti-capitalism. It is clear that some on the fringes of the movement might at some point break with organizational discipline and engage in violence/terrorism as a justification for public protest to bring about change.

What is very interesting is the fact that there is obviously a movement using climate change as the excuse to impose socialism and overthrow capitalism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) Green New Deal, and how the world will come to an end in just 12 years, has been using climate change to overthrow capitalism. Even if this were a real threat, there is no possible way to end all automobiles and air traffic in 12 years to save the planet. Tucker Carlson took on Robert Hockett, who advised Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Green New Deal. He managed to get him to admit that the world will not end in 12 years. He admitted that they are using climate change to overthrow the entire economy.


Europe Bans Natural Gas in New Homes

COMMENT: Regarding: California Economy Declining Significantly
In the Netherlands (Europe) the same. Gas not allowed for new homes. Now new homes are more than €50000 more expensive (not the same climate as California). Existing homes will also be forced from gas to alternatives by 2030 which the government will try to enforce with sneaky planned laws ( which the common people not have noticed yet )


REPLY: Natural gas is the cleanest fuel and it is cheap. It is really amazing how these environmentalists want to force people into electricity, and then come up with a way to block that somehow. This is all about stopping population growth. What’s next? Are they going to support wars to create genocide to save the planet

California Economy Declining Significantly

California is the center of the far left which takes the position that even undocumented aliens can hold a position in government, they support sanctuary cities, and of course, they are the major movement in the New Green Deal initiative. Berkeley, California banned natural gas which is a clean fuel requiring homes to be powered by solar and electricity, that is normally twice the cost of natural gas. Then they hired a guy to enforce it and gave him a salary of  $273,341 annually to start – plus pensions.

The state is mandating that beginning next year, every new home must be fitted with solar panels, raising the cost of a new home by at least $10,000. Higher home prices, higher electric bills, fewer choices are hoped to reduce population growth. The claimed logic behind the Berkeley ban maintains that they can help the planet and reduce carbon emissions by eliminating natural gas and switching to electric heating and cooking. This is erroneous since the electric grid is powered predominantly by fossil fuels. The state prides itself on having very little coal use, but it imports electricity from neighboring states like Utah and Arizona where it is generated by coal. The scam is to buy electricity from other states displacing the emissions from California and pretending they are a “Green” state, provided you do not look too close.

The environmentalists are now pushing 50 other cities to follow the lead of Berkley.  It’s no wonder families are fleeing the state, and that California is led only by New York in out-of-state-migration. The worst of all is who can migrate. During the Panic of 1893, President Grover Cleveland made a critical observation. Raising taxes hurts the average person for the “rich” can leave and export their wealth. The average wage-earner cannot export their labor. All the studies show that people who earn more than $1 million a year are much more likely to migrate than any other class. Even the Governor of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made the same observation and warned that raising taxes on the rich only results in their migration from the state.

California’s economy looks like that of France or Germany whereby the peak in economic growth was 2000. We can also see that the last peak was 2015 perfectly in line with the Economic Confidence Model. The long-term projections for California are actually lining up with the European Union and this seems to imply that the adoption of such socialistic policies that ignore economics is detrimental long-term. Even CALPERS, California pension system for state employees, was directed to invest in “green” projects for political reasons and lost. They have been trying to cover-up their politically correct investment decisions.


The Worst Heatwave was the 1930s

QUESTION: Marty, wasn’t the Dust Bowl the worst heatwave in history?


ANSWER: Yes, you are correct. Despite the hype this weekend, the heatwave is nowhere near historical records. The peak was the 1930s which created the Dust Bowl. The agenda is clear and these people will use every heatwave to end civilization as we know it. We even have AOC claiming we will all die in 12 years unless we surrender all cars and airplanes and stay home and just read books because even the TV and internet require power generation.

These people have put out a warning using this weekend’s heatwave.

We must act decisively to cut
heat-trapping emissions to defend
ourselves against a gravely hot future.

Their Report: killer-heat-analysis-full-report.pdf

It’s the Volatility – not the Temperature!

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, in relating your comments on weather and how the winters will spike to record cold and then the summers will spike to record highs, is this the same as a panic cycle in markets?


ANSWER: Yes. Our computer looks at the weather the same as it does with the price in a market. Patterns emerge and you can understand the causes ONLY by correlating the trends with everything else. This is indeed a Panic Cycle where we exceed the previous high and penetrate the previous low. This coming weekend will see temperatures break 100 in the Northeast. I have lived in New Jersey and there were plenty of summers where we have days at 103. This is NOT abnormal. What is abnormal is the volatility how we can go from a winter where it was colder in Chicago than it was in Antarctica and then we break the record highs in July. It is the VOLATILITY – not the empirical level of temperature we should be paying attention to

France Slaps Eco-Tax on Departing Air Passengers, because…Climate Change

Published on Jul 12, 2019

TS Barry – Possible Hurricane Barry – Louisiana and Mississippi Prepare for Extreme Flooding…

The latest storm advisory from the National Hurricane Center still shows Louisiana as the most likely impacted region of the northern gulf coast. Tropical Storm Barry will likely become Hurricane Barry shortly before landfall.  Severe flooding is the largest concern.

National Hurricane Center – At 4:00pm CDT (2100 UTC), the center of Tropical Storm Barry was located near latitude 27.8 North, longitude 89.3 West. Barry is moving toward the west near 5 mph (7 km/h) and this motion is expected to continue tonight. A turn toward the northwest is expected on Friday, followed by a turn toward the north on Saturday.

On the forecast track, the center of Barry will be near or over the central or southeastern coast of Louisiana Friday night or Saturday, and then move inland into the lower Mississippi Valley on Sunday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 40 mph (65 km/h) with higher gusts. Strengthening is expected during the next day or two, and Barry could become a hurricane late Friday or early Saturday when the center is near the Louisiana coast. Weakening is expected after Barry moves inland. (more)



Barry? Head’s Up Louisiana and Northern Gulf Region…

A storm is gaining strength in the northern Gulf of Mexico and the National Hurricane Center is now predicting organization to hurricane strength late Friday. If you live in a gulf coast community pay attention to storm updates.

At 1000 PM CDT (0300 UTC), the disturbance was centered near latitude 27.7 North, longitude 88.0 West. The system is moving toward the west-southwest near 9 mph (15 km/h). A motion toward the west is expected on Thursday, followed by a west-northwest motion on Friday and a northwestward motion by early Saturday. On the forecast track, the system is expected to approach the Louisiana coast this weekend.

Maximum sustained winds remain near 30 mph (45 km/h) with higher gusts. Strengthening is forecast during the next couple of days, and the disturbance is forecast to become a tropical depression early Thursday, a tropical storm by late Thursday, and a hurricane by late Friday. (LINK)

Ryan Kruger


We’re keeping an eye on the tropics on 

Developing tropical system forecast to make landfall this weekend

The National Hurricane Center forecasts this system to become a category one hurricane when it makes landfall in Texas or Louisiana

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Why is Weather Analysis so Corrupt?


QUESTION: Your correlations about the weather have been very interesting. What I understand is that as the climate has shifted into solar minimum, the weather gets more volatile with colder winters and spike heat waves in summer that decline in duration. Then for some reason, this is also the same period when volcanoes become more common. Do you have any idea why there seems to be such stubbornness in viewing history and correlating the data for what it simply is?


ANSWER: I believe the problem stems from this idea of linear thinking which so many use in these fields to the exclusion of just looking at the data. As I have explained before, Chaos Theory emerged from studying weather. The Father of Chaos Theory is Edward Norton Lorenz (1917–2008) who was an American mathematician and meteorologist. Lorenz was certainly THE pioneer in Chaos Theory. A professor at MIT, Lorenz was the first to recognize what is now called chaotic behavior in the mathematical modeling of weather systems.

During the 1950s, Lorenz observed that there was a cyclical non-linear nature to weather, yet the field relied upon linear statistical models in meteorology for weather forecasting. It was like trying to measure the circumference of a circle with a straight-edge ruler. His work on the topic culminated in the publication of his 1963 paper Deterministic Non-periodic Flow in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, and with it, the foundation of Chaos Theory. During the early 1960s, Lorenz had access to early computers. He was running what he thought would be random numbers and began to observe a duality of a hidden repetitive nature. He graphed the numbers that were derived from his study of convection rolls in the atmosphere. What emerged has been perhaps one of the most important discoveries in modern time.


This illustration of the Lorenz Strange Attractor is incredibly important and was first reported in 1963. Lorenz’s discovery of a strange attractor was made during an attempt to create a model of weather patterns. The actual experiment was an attempt to model the atmospheric dynamics of the planet. It involved a truncated model of the Navier-Stokes equations. It is a visual example of a nonlinear dynamic system corresponding to the long-term behavior in a cyclical manner. It reveals a hidden order we cannot otherwise observe.

Those who support global warming ignore all evidence of nonlinear activity in the weather. The Lorenz Attractor is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a hidden order to weather. They are ignorant of how to do research and have been manipulating the data to pretend that they are correct to the detriment of society. Government hands them billions for fake research so they can justify raising taxes. Just follow the money.