Obama Wants to Stop Tomahawk Missiles in 2016. But the Navy Is Firing Them at ISIS.

Production needs to be stepped up to meet the new demand — unless Obama is doing this to deplete our ability to defend our self’s!.

Second Court Strikes Down Obamacare Subsidies In Federal Exchanges

More good news and we need it!

Ebola Virus Symptoms and Prevention Tips

Good stuff to know!

It’s HERE ! First U.S. Case of Ebola Confirmed In Dallas Texas…

Now that its here this will not be the last one and based on Africa it double every 21 days.

POLL: Americans reject “sugarcoating” of the threat from Islamic extremism

We need to keep bring up the problem with Islam which is its inherent call from Mohammad to conquer the entire world.


If they came to England (USA) knowing what England (USA) was and what England (USA) was offended them then why to they come? The only possible answer was that they wanted to change England (USA) to their way of life and beliefs. No other possible answer works so we can either throw them out or convert to Islam either one is civil war at some point.

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Muslims, not just any Muslim but those involved in terrorist activity would be concerned with bomb sniffing dogs.   Why would you give in to a demand against your own security, the security of your nation?  I guess we will see if the demand is placed on the U.S.   Will I would have one simple response.   Go to HELL!   This type of political correctness is ridiculous.  The citizens of the U.K. should be outraged!

Muslim terrorists can claim anything to be unclean.   Why would we even listen to them.  Why is the U.K.?   It isn’t just about Muslims!

Muslims, peaceful Muslims, if there is such a being, aren’t helping themselves.   Religious, if it really is a religion (not sure anymore) prejudice, hate grows not just from misunderstanding but from what is seen.

Political correctness must end, it will only destroy.


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They had better come up with a protocol for the entire process from infection to burial and very soon!

Michael Savage Goes Off on Silence Over African Muslim Beheading White Woman

Savage tells it like it is!

Obama Was Warned Repeatedly About Consequences of Withdrawal from Iraq

He obviously doesn’t care!