SDNY Releases Cohen Sentencing Memo – Apparently Media Reports of Cohen Cooperation Were Greatly Exaggerated…

Within a sentencing memo filed today (full pdf below) the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York recommends “a substantial term of imprisonment” for Michael Cohen, who has pleaded guilty to fraud and tax charges and campaign finance crimes, as well as lying to Congress.

Reading through the memo – the content of cooperation, and the details that surface as a result therein, are entirely different from all previous media claims:

Additionally, special counsel Robert Mueller filed a second memorandum, recommending no additional prison time for Cohen’s guilty plea for lying to Congress, saying it would be “appropriate” for Cohen to serve any sentence in that case concurrently with the sentence in the SDNY case.


Notice anything missing here?:

Cohen cheated on his taxes and lied to a bank about same; he didn’t fill out a campaign distribution report that almost everyone argues was not a campaign expense; and he misled congress about the timing of his business contacts.

Where’s the Russia collusion?

Where’s the Russia conspiracy?

Now it’s clear why Mueller and SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner needed to work together to get the “lying to congress charge”…. the other three accusations are almost nothing.

The entire narrative around this has been a bigly manufactured bucket of nothingness.

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