Democrats Starting Realize The Dangers of Their Moonbat AOC…

Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) is the representative from Long Island City where Amazon was going to put their headquarters.  Along with many other Democrats Ms. Maloney is stunned at how the moonbat wing of the party has taken over.

AOC and her followers think a ‘tax abatement’ is an actual bucket of pre-existing cash they can now spend to improve New York schools and infrastructure.  No, seriously, they actually believe this… It’s far beyond economic dissonance, it’s Moonbattery.


70% tax rates. Free college and medicare for everyone. Cars and airplanes made illegal. A ban on cows and meat. Social justice mobs who cheer destroying jobs… Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and her millions of followers is the gift that keeps on giving.



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