White House Publicly States Biden Position, Donald Trump Voters “Are an Extreme Threat to Our Democracy”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 31, 2022 | Sundance 

Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden are in agreement on the main midterm election issue.  Their synergy leads to the current state of our political dynamic in the United States, as expressed moments ago in the official position of the Biden administration from the White House.  Also, please note Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre read the sentences she just stated for the public record. WATCH:

…”The way that he sees it, the MAGA republicans are the most energized part of the republican party. Uh, that extreme, this is an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.  They just don’t respect the rule of law. You heard that from the President. They are pursuing an agenda that takes away people’s rights“…

The worst aspect of this is the inability of people who are voting republican, so see that statement from the White House as in total alignment with Mitch McConnell and the professional republican political system.   It’s not just the opinion of Joe Biden, the mental trap people fall into is not recognizing this anti-MAGA perspective, is the opinion held within the RNC and Republican political apparatus.

Both wings of the UniParty view President Trump’s economic nationalism and America-First agenda, as a threat to their affluence, influence and power. Both wings of the Uniparty see Trump supporters as the “extreme threat.”   One wing is openly stating it, the other wing is working diligently -and deceptively- on the same agenda.

Once you accept the republican apparatus is intent on removing that threat, then you begin to see who they are constructing in the background to remove it.  However, it is in the accepting of that baseline where most voters get so uncomfortable, they will deny it at all costs in order to retain their stability.  And I do mean, deny it at all costs.

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