Apple VP Fired for a Joke

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Posted Oct 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Apple’s VP of procurement, Tony Blevins, was fired for the video above. If anyone is familiar with Daniel Mac, his specialty is going up to people in expensive vehicles to inquire what they do for a living. He has a large following as people are always interested to see how others afford luxurious lifestyles.

Blevins’ quote is from an older movie called “Arthur.” It was a joke. He lost his job as a result of this video. Some may find it crude or in poor taste. The woman in his car was clearly laughing. This is just another example of woke culture going too far, as everyone must be politically correct at all times, on or off the clock.


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Teen Killed Over Conservative Views – Killer Released on Bail

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In Biden’s America, you can walk free after killing people who oppose your liberal political views. A 41-year-old man by the name of Shannon Joseph Brandt of North Dakota murdered an innocent 18-year-old boy over “a political argument.” The murderer recently posted $50,000 bail and was released. As a reminder, those who simply protested on January 6 remain in jail. There is a chance that Brandt will walk free after the trial, depending on the judge and jury.

The circumstances around this case are atrocious. Brandt was driving a 2003 Ford Explorer SUV while intoxicated. He exchanged words with the teenage boy before running him over with his truck and fleeing the scene. He did not even check on the boy and left him to die in an alleyway. He later called the police to explain that he had to kill the boy. Brandt claimed the teenager was part of a Republican extremist group and felt threatened because he placed a call for reinforcements. In reality, the teenage boy called his mom because he was afraid of the drunken man chasing him in his truck. That was the last phone call he ever made.

Biden himself has made countless speeches about how MAGA Republican conservatives are the ultimate threat to America and democracy in general. Trump was blamed for every politically motivated protest or arrest under his presidency. I have yet to read one article blaming Biden for instigating violence against his political opponents. Civil unrest is on the rise. The leader of the “free world” is encouraging violence, and the legal system is turning a blind eye to the sharp rise in crime across the country. Politically motivated crimes will become more commonplace as we enter the mid-term elections as Biden has clearly defined and demonized the enemy — you.


The Charlie Kirk Show Published originally on Rumble on September 21, 2022

A very good discussion with a good idea!

Interview WORLD FIRST: The Plot to Seize Russia, War Propaganda, and More

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Listen to my latest interview with Maria from Zeee Media.

Description from Maria:

World renowned economist Martin Armstrong joins us to break the story of the several-decade long plan to seize Russia, detailing how he has obtained declassified documents from the Clinton Administration, and how he was previously targeted for possessing this knowledge – which he is finally able to release.

Martin takes us through his encounter with an alleged terrorist from 9/11 while he served in prison, who was actually a Pakistani Christian that was framed by the US Government. We also discuss world events, war propaganda, and Martin’s insight into where we are heading.

The Mar-a-Lago Event, Part Four

The attached paper is a continuing and reasonable analysis of the events from September 3, 2022 to September 18, 2022 which is an event that will change the Republic forever. In this mad rush to save the planet from total destruction from green house gas emissions from carbon base fuels the worlds politicians are dismantling Western Civilization. Former President Trump is a major obstacle to Klaus Schwab, and his fellow radicals in the World Economic Form (WEF) e.g. George Soros, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have decided to take him out any way they can since he is the only one that can stop them.


The Dive With Jackson Hinkle Published originally on Rumple on September 6, 2022 

The Deep State now controls Congress, the White House and who every controls Brandon.

Tucker Carlson Outlines the Totalitarian Outlook of Joe Biden

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance 

During the second segment of his opening monologue tonight Tucker Carlson accurately outlined the connective tissue behind the Democrat/Biden authoritarian agenda.  Carlson omitted the ideological connections to the totalitarian covid-19 mandates, which present excellent examples of the outlook; nonetheless, Carlson accurately outlined the continuum that Biden and his handlers are traveling.

According to the fiats of the power-centric focus, all opposition to the Biden agenda is bigoted racism and domestic extremism.  Not accidentally, the White House deployment of targeting orders toward their social media allies, mirrors the actions by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in silencing his political opposition, barring media from criticizing him and making political opposition illegal.  Both Biden and Zelenskyy are totalitarian figures hiding behind the false ruse of democracy.  WATCH:


Charlie Kirk: Biden’s Speech Was a ‘Declaration of War’ Against Half of the Country

The Charlie Kirk Show Published originally on Rumble on September 2, 2022 

Speaking as Centinel2012 what Biden did in that speech exceeds anything done by Hitler, Stalin or Mao and they caused the deaths of over 200 million people during the social turmoil between Hitler taking power in Germany in 1933 and Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China which ended in 1976 with his death. Lets hope and pray that what Gates and Schwab and now Biden have started doesn’t go that far.

Joe Biden Delivers the DC Attack Speech Against MAGA Republicans that Mitch McConnell Cannot

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 2, 2022 | sundance 

Everything you need to know about the background construct of Biden’s speech against “MAGA republicans,” can be found in the silence of the approved republican who is intended to benefit from it.

It is worth noting and emphasizing the specific target of this effort, lest the motive slips by while many are distracted by the outrage.

Joe Biden, together with and in direct coordination with, the two wings of the DC UniParty system, is not focused on ‘republicans’ as political opposition and domestic enemies. Joe Biden and his various conscripts are focused on a very specific type of republican, the “MAGA Republican.”   The same enemy identified by Mitch McConnell and the GOPe donor class.   This is not accidental.

While the institutions target Donald Trump himself, the political apparatus that supports the institutions is targeting Donald Trump supporters.   Please pay close attention to this, and please pay even closer attention to the voices you do not hear.  Silence can be deafening, but only if you are paying attention to it.

Last night’s speech in Philadelphia was a full-frontal assault on MAGA republicans, Donald Trump voters and supporters.  There is no parsing or backtracking that can obfuscate the words used and the specific intention of them.   Joe Biden would not read the script from the teleprompter if his handlers thought there was no benefit to it.  He is saying what he says with purpose, specific intent and motive.

It is in the background of those words, where we should be paying very close attention right now to who remains silent.   If you pay attention, you will notice the professional political class, the RNC club and the people who make the decisions about the club agenda, are conspicuously silent.   As an example, go look for Ron DeSantis’ response to the Philadelphia remarks, you will notice a curious silence, which, hopefully, people will connect to the other moment of curious silence in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid.

How long does it take to respond?

How long did it take you to formulate an opinion of those disparagements you heard?

It can be uncomfortable to see, and even more uncomfortable to accept, the nature of what exists in silence…. agreement.

Other than a single rather timid tweet from the personal account of the acceptable republican, there was nothing in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid.  Evaluations were being conducted.  Those evaluations are seemingly again being conducted by the management team of the acceptable republican right now.  Silence in the face of tyranny is agreement.

Those who have traveled these pages through the years know what it is like to accept discomfort.   However, it is in the bigger picture that we can formulate plans to overcome the opposition.  You are not the crew who would drag the Trojan Horse into the fortress.  You are the crew who would build the kindling underneath it far away from Troy and then watch what happens when lit.  You are the people who can see the false constructs.

That said, all is not bad news… In fact, the red speech from Joe Biden is actually awesome news.  What this entire effort tells us is that they cannot find a way to get rid of the MAGA uprising, they are getting more desperate.  In the background we can be assured the republican brand managers and image consultants are feverously working their polling and focus groups, and discovering they are not making a dent in the effort.

The Republicans are aligned with Left-wing Democrats throwing everything, including the kitchen sink and indictments against Donald Trump, yet his influence over outcomes within the party is unaffected.  All of the effort in the world, against the MAGA coalition, is not having the desired effect.  This must be making the managers of the approved candidate very frustrated.

That’s me, smiling.