Bill Barr Does what Bill Barr Does, The Institutions Must Be Preserved at all Costs – Evidence of DOJ and FBI Misconduct Must Not Be Permitted to Surface

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 2, 2022 | sundance

Several people have sent requests for opinion on Bill Barr taking a pro-DOJ position against President Trump during media appearances today.  {Direct Rumble Link} One of the key aspects to note within the motive of the former AG is his prior position against the release of any information that would have been derogatory to the interests of the justice department.

As noted several years ago, Bill Barr was the bondo application for the covering up of a rusted, corroded and politically weaponized DOJ apparatus.  His appointment of John Durham, an investigative stall tactic to create another open investigation and block the release of information averse to the interests of the DOJ, was the spray paint application.

In May of 2019, at the conclusion of the Mueller investigation – a roadblock to document release that was removed, Bill Barr asked President Trump not to declassify and release the evidence of DOJ and FBI misconduct in the Trump-Russia scheme, and instead allow him to have control over the classified documents to include the timing of their release.  President Trump placed his trust in the AG, but Bill Barr never released anything because Bill Barr never intended to release anything.

For Bill Barr to speak on the documentary evidence that Trump declassified and then took copies to Mar-a-Lago, is essentially for Bill Barr to reflect anger at the possibility those documents would eventually come out, thereby besmirching his beloved institutions and creating damage.  Of course, Bill Barr is going to oppose President Trump, the potential release of those documents, and align himself with the DOJ interests, because that was the entire purpose of Bill Barr during the Trump administration.  WATCH:


Bill Barr is aligned in ideology with the professional political apparatus.   Barr’s statements come from a place of personal interest and fit into the larger narrative currently deployed by the UniParty apparatus of the DC state.   Donald Trump is not an “acceptable republican” because he is not a controllable republican. This is the narrative construct both wings of the UniParty are drumbeating into the media feeds.

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