The Real Hidden Agenda – It’s Time to take the Red Pill

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COMMENT: Martin,
I’m gay and I agree with you on this transgender drivel, especially letting male-born athletes compete in women’s sports. It is becoming scary for those of us who are just gay. We are being thrown in the same category as this transgender agenda. I too have been to Thailand. The Ladyboys in Thailand are numerous and are accepted in society. They are smart enough to not make a political issue of it as is taking place here in America.

As for your view of Trump as the only hope to save our politics, I profoundly disagree. I think he is arrogant and ignorant. He doesn’t care if what he says if it is true or not.


REPLY: With respect to Trump, you have to separate the individual from the politics. I understand people hate Trump. The media have spread this BECAUSE he is a threat to the Washington political establishment. Nonetheless, not even Trump can stop the decline and fall of Western Civilization.

People get offended by his crude statements at times. But at least you know what he really thinks. Is it better for a career politician to say everything you want to hear and then look at you as a stupid fool and do the opposite?

I have worked in Washington. There is ABSOLUTELY nobody who is a career politician in either party who will really stand up for the people. They are under pressure all the time to conform to the unelected party bosses.

I have met many heads of state in my 40 years. I have said the truth. Trump was the ONLY such person who ever impressed me as actually being human. His statement that he wanted to bring our boys home from Afghanistan because he was tired of writing letters to their parents to thank them for their son’s sacrifice of dying for his country. He actually said what are we doing there? They are fighting over borders for a 1,000 years. What difference will we make?

No head of state EVER spoke about the people. It was always about their policy. I have come to see that we are just the pawns – expendable pawns at that. There are always more of us to come. They look down upon the people as stupid scum. This whole digital currency thing is to track everything we do.

So you may find Trump’s statement and his arrogance at times as distasteful. We will never find someone perfect. But all of this is irrelevant. For there is NOBODY coming on some white horse to save the day. Trump’s quality was that he was NOT a career politician and what he was doing was for his personal legacy from ending wars to building a wall to protect our borders.

So all I can say is to those who hate Trump so much, you better look closely at the others for they have nothing but contempt for you.

Back in the ’70s, I hired a death mute – Danny. He taught me sign language and we could communicate and laugh together. I had a major surgeon as a client and he said that he probably could restore his hearing. I offered to pay for everything for him and he declined. He was afraid to hear sounds. He grew up that way and was in his late 20s and did not want to change. He taught me that what I thought would be a generous offer was really just me thinking that normal was the ability to hear. We cannot judge others by ourselves.

One of our staff who is black, was rather upset about the whole Black Lives Matter movement. She explained that it was being usurped by non-blacks. There was clearly a strange agenda behind the curtain. Soros and his defund the police agenda was to create civil unrest and cause the country to get prepared for this one-world government.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the first woman to make it to the Supreme Court. She was an advocate for women’s rights. But she came out and explained that the entire Abortion Movement was a fraud. They called it women’s rights and have indoctrinated many women who passionately take that position. They have been cleverly manipulated by the Gates crowd and the Rockefeller Foundation for their real goal was to reduce the population. Gate’s father started the whole Planned Parenthood and placed them in minority areas to reduce their population on a racist basis.  Like his father, Gates has targeted Africa to reduce population.

Now, the total number of people who identify as Transgender is 1.6 million out of a population of 331.9 million (2021). That is 0.0048%. Now, how has this become such a major issue? There is absolutely NO WAY this Transgender group had the money or the clout to turn this into such a huge issue. Diving deep behind the curtain and you will find, just like abortion, it is being funded for the purpose of reducing the population – and has NOTHING to do with Pride or gay rights. They are being exploited just as women were told it was their right to have an abortion – kill that baby and save the planet.

This Transgender nonsense is in fact destroying the right of the Gay Community because they are being thrown in with this Transgender nonsense advocating changing children’s sex without parental knowledge all before puberty. Let’s get real here. This agenda is to promote the reduction in the population and has NOTHING to do with the Gay Community or their rights to inclusion and equality.

This is always the same strategy – manipulating society to achieve its undeclared goal be it war, politics, or women/transgender rights. It is like LIFE Insurance which is really DEATH insurance. They sell fire, accident, theft, and hurricane insurance. But they could not sell DEATH insurance so they called it LIFE insurance and people brag how much they have.

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Remember the lockdowns? The whole COVID nonsense was a scam to end commuting and terminate offices bringing in virtual work from home all to reduce gas consumption. That was also a manipulation of society for climate change – not for health. There are people still to this day wearing masks driving alone in a car. They have been mentally damaged by these tactics.

NOTHING is ever what it seems. We are the fools and they are always using sophisticated tactics to manipulate society to achieve objectives that they will never reveal.

It’s just time to take the Red Pill and wake up if you EVER hope to survive as a viable human being or take the Blue Pill and live in your fantasy that government actually cares about you.

Feds Drop Almost All Charges Against Illegal Alien Driver of U-Haul Who Attempted to Ram White House Gate, Kill and Kidnap Biden

Posted originally on the CTH on May 26, 2023 | Sundance 

On Monday night Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri, attempted to crash a U-Haul truck through the security perimeter of the White House.  He was arrested while saying he was attempting to kill and kidnap Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Oddly, during the event the Capitol Police never called the bomb squad, never moved the crowd or media back away from the truck, and simply opened the vehicle and started placing the contents -including a swastika flag- on the ground for the media to photograph.  The entire event, including the way the authorities handled the truck, was seriously sketchy.

Kandula was then federally charged with threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict harm on a president, vice president or family member, assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, destruction of federal property, and trespassing, according to U.S. Park Police.  However, yesterday the DOJ dropped all the charges except depredation of federal property.

Considering that J6 attendees have been charged and locked up for simply parading around the Capitol Hill building, the contrast of the way the authorities are handling Sai Varshith Kandula is rather stark.

CNN — The man accused of crashing a U-Haul truck into a security barrier near the White House Monday night praised Adolf Hitler to investigators after his arrest and said that he aimed to “kill the President” if necessary to overthrow the government and install himself in power, according to court documents.

Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri, is in custody and has been charged in federal court with one count of depredation of property of the United States in excess of $1,000. US Park Police originally arrested Kandula on several charges, including threatening to kill or harm a president, vice president or family member. 

Kandula, in handcuffs and wearing a t-shirt and shorts, appeared in DC Superior Court Tuesday afternoon, US Park Police told CNN, and was held in custody without bail. He has not yet entered a formal plea in federal court – where his case is expected to continue with an initial appearance on the single charge Wednesday – and a lawyer for him in that case has not yet been named publicly.

The Secret Service said no agency or White House personnel were injured in the incident.

The truck, which carried a Nazi flag among other items, crashed into security barriers on the north side of Lafayette Square at 16th Street just before 10 p.m. ET, the US Secret Service said. A preliminary investigation revealed the driver may have intentionally struck the barrier, the agency later said.

Kandula made threatening comments regarding the White House at the scene, including that he wanted to kidnap and harm President Joe Biden, law enforcement sources told CNN. Authorities are considering the role mental health may have played in this incident, one source said. (read more)

Walk around the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, and you are a domestic violent extremist terrorist hunted by the FBI.

Drive a U-Haul into the White House security perimeter, waving a Nazi flag, while admitting you are trying to kidnap and murder the president and vice-president, and you are a bad driver.

Suspicious Eddie is, well, suspicious.

Rubio on the Collapse of American Society

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted May 11, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

BORDER invasion escalates as cities prepare for tent cities and tuberculosis outbreak | Redacted

Redacted News Posted originally on Rumble, Streamed on: May 8, 4:00 pm EDT Title 42 expires on May 11th and cities across America are preparing for an influx of illegal migrants. Michael Yon joins Redacted from the Darien Gap to show us what’s really happening south of the border and why the United States is funding this invasion.

The Hate & Great Divide – Tearing Apart Even Families

Armstrong Economics Blog/Great Divide Re-Posted May 6, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT #1: I see you are not a 100% diehard Republican or a Democrat. Not sure what that makes you. Perhaps you should run for president.


COMMENT #2: The more I have looked into everything, the more I see your point. The majority of people think linearly. Everything is just a straight line. It seems hopeless to ever get humanity to advance and see the world of cycles.


COMMENT #3: You are as biased as Tucker. Your day is coming too.


COMMENT #4: These are trying times. I and my son no longer talk. He voted for Biden and I for Trump. He refuses to relent and we no longer have respect for one another. Never thought this would come to that.


REPLY: First, I am sure you are being sarcastic. I think they would assassinate me before my hand ever got close to the book to swear in. I don’t have the passion to rule from the White House. I believe in cycles, not the authoritarian rule. The country is too deeply divided. I am middle of the road. I believe in individual freedom of speech, religion, and rights. Our company is like the UN. We have offices around the world with different races, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds. We all get along and we all respect each other. Our staff is there because they are qualified – not to fill some slot to pretend we are diversified.

One of my partners before he died out of the blue asked me to make sure that everything went to his second wife. He no longer was on speaking terms with his children. I have witnessed this many times. I remember growing up my father had a client who left everything to the woman who was his caretaker. When he dies, the kids ransacked the house punching holes in the wall and looking for hoards of cash they thought he had. The justice was, they had to pay for all the damage for he left them with nothing. Many have written in about how this Great Divide has divided their families.

It is not as uncommon as one might think. As some have said, you have a 50% chance they kids may be like your wife and if you split because you did not get along, then I suppose it makes sense. Another friend cannot speak with his children for they thought COVID was real and called their father a conspiracy nut. They refuse to admit they were wrong and just will no longer speak to their father.

When you try to tell people how to live and follow some rules arbitrarily created, you will infringe upon freedom. That is why there MUST be a separation of religion from state. Once any religion seeks to control the state, freedom ends. We have gone through so many upheavals in history outlawing drinking to outright religious wars that became gun battles on the streets in the United States. Even the Civil War was inspired by religion.

There were gun battles between Protestants and Catholics bringing the old hatred from England to America. Attacks on Muslims today is simply how history unfolds. Whoever the press demonizes, transforms into prejudice and then violence. The Muslims were demonized because of the Terrorists and we will see similar violence against Russians in the not-to-distant future. They locked up all the Japanese during WWII.

This is a video I would show at conferences over the decades. This illustrates the complexity of cyclical behavior.

There is such hidden complexity that it is impossible to regulate society and create whatever people dream of. To Marx, it was to eliminate the business cycle and he blamed the rich. Confiscating all the assets from people did not terminate the business cycle. Keynes followed Marx and tried to create a government to also eliminate the business cycle.

All I can hope is that we move toward a realistic form of government and STOP this leftist idea of authoritarian rule to create some utopia that is just impossible. The fools like Bill Gates who tries to reduce the entire world to CO2 illustrate for as smart as people think they are, they are still very primitive and have never tried to discover the true nature of the world in which they live.

I know a lot of people who hate me read this blog just to see what I have said now. Don’t worry, I have no interest in ruling the world. I am just waiting for Scotty to beam me up. The government tried to kill me once but I survived and woke from a coma. I’m sure they will try again when they no longer want to listen to the forecasts.

For you see, just as you hate me, I am not fond of the world you are trying to advocate. So go ahead – vote for Biden and let’s get WWIII over with ASAP. This is all part of the cycle and you are fulfilling your role in bringing this American experiment to an end. Somehow you lost the meaning of freedom. You just hate anyone who does not comply with your ideas.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Testifies It’s Better to Get Rid of Jobs in USA, Live in Poverty and Save the Planet – Even if Rest of The World Doesn’t Do It

Posted originally on the CTH on May 2, 2023 | Sundance 

Around 15 years ago CTH outlined the inclusive goal of the progressive movement, modern Democrats as they were evolving, was to deconstruct the U.S. economic system so that Americans would be forced to live in government-controlled poverty. Essentially reduced to circling a campfire, eating sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off our family members.

Most people understandably scoffed and said we were being hyperbolic.  However, what we were highlighting was the natural conclusion of a visible ideology and set of policies.  The modern democrat ideology is based on a worldview that feudalism is superior, and Democrats are elite in their global magnanimity (defined as their virtuous self image).

Fast forward a decade+ later, and there is Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, explaining why it is better for the health of the planet if Americans lose their jobs, lose their economic sustainability, starve in feudal poverty, as the virtuous government ships all the dirty jobs to China and retains their clean pro-climate agenda.   In Haaland’s defense, it should be noted that this has been the policy of Canada for quite a while.  WATCH: 


Insert vote, pull lever, get pellet… repeat!

Biden 2024 – “Let’s Finish the Job” of Ruining America

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Apr 26, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The worst president in American history is running for re-election under the premise of taking away our remaining freedoms. The media is already stating that the Democrats will not allow any serious challengers. Marianne Williamson, who lost to Biden in 2020, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. both announced that they plan to run, but their own party will likely not back them or allow them to debate Biden. The Washington Post already announced Biden is “not expected to face any serious opposition from elected Democrats for the nomination, despite concerns from some in the party about his age and dissatisfaction among some liberals who say he has not pushed their priorities hard enough.”

Biden is not permitted to speak without a handler and carefully written notes. Journalists toss him easy questions and he still fumbles. Most importantly, the people do not want him to lead. Our way of life has drastically changed for the worse since he first stepped foot in the White House. NBC conducted a poll that found 70% of Americans do not want Biden to run for re-electionThe Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that only 26% of Americans want Biden to remain in power.

Biden has a degenerative cognitive impairment that will only worsen. Already the oldest president in American history, Biden will be 86-years-old if he lives to the end of a second term. Biden was touted as the most popular president in US election history after receiving 81 million votes – let that number sink in as not many people today will openly say they voted for this man. At the time of this writing, Joe Biden’s YouTube channel has 700K subscribers and only 2.4K liked his re-election campaign announcement (they hid the dislike numbers after the Fauci debacle).

This will be one of the dirtiest elections in US history. Civil unrest will turn into division as the people are pitted against each other from every angle. No one will accept defeat, and the elites are fully backing Biden as their ideal puppet president. Gone are the days of fair elections. I must admit that no sitting president was ever ousted from office during a war, and our models indicate serious events unfolding right before the 2024 US Presidential Election. So buckle up because this next year is going to be a wild ride.

A Message from the Lost Generation

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Apr 15, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: I am a Millennial, a demographic that never had an opportunity to succeed in America. The existential trauma began in middle school when our teachers huddled us into a room to watch the Twin Towers burn down in real time. We do not remember life before the Patriot Act or school shooter drills. The war in the Middle East progressed over the years, and I attended the funerals of former classmates who died in Afghanistan and Iraq. The military seemed like a valid alternative considering the once-in-a-lifetime economic collapse.

The Great Recession hit when we were in college, but most of us did not fully grasp what was happening. Many families suffered immensely, and some in the middle class experienced poverty for the first time, which instilled a permanent sense of scarcity. We piled on student debt for a degree that was nothing more than an expensive piece of paper. There were no jobs available once we graduated. We accepted what we could for pennies on the dollar as they fired the more experienced employees, our parents’ peers.

This caused older generations to have misplaced anger toward Millennials. They called us lazy and shouted how we could have a better life if we stopped buying Starbucks or avocado toast. No one realized that we were experiencing a different economic reality.

The pandemic hit once we settled into our careers after clawing up the corporate ladder. Another once-in-a-lifetime financial crash. We stayed in our apartments while the government sent insulting stimulus checks and businesses closed. Uncertainty and economic volatility engulfed our collective experience. Those who missed their chance to buy a home when prices were digestible are stuck as perpetual renters, as most of our income goes toward rent. We cannot save for an increasingly uncertain future due to shelter costs and overall inflation.

There is no financial nest egg for those not born into wealth. We have never felt financially secure. Our parents were established by the time they reached our age but we are the first generation to experience a lower quality of life than the last. People question why my generation is not having children or starting families. We can hardly support ourselves even with decent jobs. We are accustomed to these once-in-a-lifetime tragedies happening every few years. The future looks bleak and we expect the rug to be pulled out from us again. As you say, it is a matter of time.

Thank you for speaking out against the people who contributed to these events and providing guidance for the future. I do not want the war in Ukraine to spark another economic tragedy, as we are barely hanging on. We were fed a lie that you could work hard and succeed but life is far different for us than what we were promised. I feel more prepared for the upcoming downturn after reading your work and seeing that everything has a cycle. There are no once-in-a-lifetime events.

REPLY: Thank you. If we all understand that government cannot create a perfect linear world with only booms, and never a bust, and that when it comes to government, there is no need to follow science – just follow the money. The founding Fathers intended no salaries for politicians and the terms were just 2 years. In that manner, it would be a government of We the People. When they began paying themselves salaries, they became permanent fixtures in Washington and then came the plague of lobbyists like locusts that eat the entire crop.

The Coming New York Exodus

Armstrong Economics Blog/USA Current Events Re-Posted Apr 14, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

A new study found that 27% of New Yorkers plan to relocate out of state within the next five years. New York once represented the symbol of American prosperity and growth. People dreamed of living life in the “Big Apple” and America’s international image was largely portrayed at the New York fairytale in films and books. Yet, New York no longer resembles what it once was.

The study said 70% of people are still happy to live there, but 30% wish they lived elsewhere. In addition to those who said they plan to leave within the next five years, 31% stated they plan to retire out of state. They did not poll respondents on taxes. Safety is one of the top concerns and the study shows that about half of respondents no longer feel safe in New York, with good cause. Two-thirds naturally said that the state is unaffordable.

“Democrats, those over 50, white residents and those 35-49 rate the state most highly while through the eyes of Republicans, independents, Blacks and those earning under $50K a year, the state receives the lowest grades,” a researcher said. It is hard to imagine someone earning under $50K could comfortably live in New York. The true problem is crime and the light on crime lawmakers who let violent criminals roam freely after repeated offenses.

Felonies in the city of NY rose 20.4% in 2022 compared to 2021. “Things in a large city aren’t supposed to grow that much or go down that much in one year,” said Former NYPD supervisor Chris Hermann, now an assistant professor at Manhattan’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “This is kind of like monumental kind of stuff,” he stated, “like once in a lifetime.” Rape cases increased by 17% in one year, grand theft rose by 25% (auto grand larceny by 32%), felony assaults increased by 15%, and burglary rose by 27%. NYC Mayor Eric Adams has failed at his job by emboldening criminals with relaxed laws.