2022, Perhaps the Apex Year for an Era of Pretending

Posted originally on the CTH December 31, 2022 | sundance 

If 2022 was not the apex year for the era of great pretending, then we remain sitting in a handbasket – destination, full speed ahead.

When asked for the topic of a ‘big picture‘ podcast this 2022-year ending, the obvious answer from me was We Need to Quit Pretending.

For the past two years I can only encapsulate the entire social, political and socioeconomic dynamic that surrounds us by saying we are living in an era of great pretending.  Why?  Because nothing else adequately explains it.

A recession is no longer two negative quarters of economic growth.  Elections are no longer defined by votes cast, but by ballots counted.  Meanwhile, women are claimed to have penises and people will argue -strenuously and with commitment- that men can give birth to babies.

Simultaneously, vaccines are no longer about medicines to avoid viruses, and Americans have some moral obligation to fund the administrative salaries, pensions and expense accounts for a nation of European politicians, in a country that few taxpayers could find on a map.

We must pretend the occupant of the oval office is not a dementia patient, at the same time we must pretend the Dept of Homeland Security and FBI is not telling online speech platforms that identifying the dementia patient, as a dementia patient, means you are a domestic violent extremist.  The absurdity of the pretenses are off-the-charts.

However, on the upside, we now see even blissfully ignorant people starting to realize something is wrong when their electricity and heating bills quadruple, while the same system of governmental caretakers are telling us to embrace a new earth friendly normal of $12 dollar eggs.  We been knew, but more are now knowing – thank God.

History provides reference points, and prolonged pretending never ends up in a good place.  So, there is room for optimism on a couple of points.

First, there is more support than ever for the ‘burn it all down‘ approach.  Whereby we keep the basic U.S. Constitution in place and shred every other institution created that has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

This includes both the DNC and RNC wings of the UniParty apparatus.  I mean, really, at the core of it, what do we have to lose?  Why not just get rid of the dysfunctional systems that abuse us.

Second, in a weird way, we are in a rare space where we can feel the history around us.  Normally we would have to look in retrospect at the events as they unfolded to recognize the inflection point historians would use – not now.  We can look around us right now and have full confidence the most influential voice in the next two decades will be the man, woman or entity that starts openly and publicly calling out this ridiculous pretending.

How messed up does society have to be, and how low to the ground does the actual bar have to rest, in order to realize the most important and influential person in our lifetime will simply be the one who stops pretending?  Ultimately, this is the source of my optimism for the future.

When it becomes so easy to deconstruct the madness simply by pointing out the reality, eventually anyone can do it.  In an era of great pretending, when you speak factual and pain truth, people thirsting will come for the sanity.  Yes, there’s only so much hypocritical nuttery that can possibly fit into the social fabric of a nation, and we’re full.

I see that dynamic starting to play out now.  Mainstream media are openly mocked everywhere for being the Baghdad Bob’s they are.  The MSM credibility and influence essentially destroyed by the Potemkin villages and Eco-chambers they built around themselves.

The congressional J6 committee is yet another example of a proclaimed thermonuclear ICBM missile that ended up delivering a contrasting reality. The fading whistle & pop akin to a dysfunctional bottle rocket.

There’s no help on this pretending issue coming from the political side of the American spectrum; sneeze that thought into a tissue and flush it.

The big movement that will end this era will come from ordinary people laughing, mocking and belittling the pretenders.

I do genuinely believe this phase is well underway, albeit we are in the beginning phases of the great mocking.

Whenever possible, we should do all we can to fuel both mocking and shame when discussing the great pretenders.  There’s only so much ridicule they can take before they must change course.  Ridiculing is another way to throw sand in the machinery.  Again, I think we are beginning to see that pendulum shift taking place right now.

Evidence for my optimism can be found in the most obscure places, including this paragraph from a recent NPR article:

…[…] “Only 15% of people eligible for the Covid booster shot that targets the omicron variant have gotten it — a rate that is even lower than the perennially disappointing rates for flu vaccine uptake. Vaccine fatigue seems to have spread to other shots, too — including those to prevent measles and polio — according to a recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

Think about it.  “Eligible for the Covid booster” means that 85% of those who took the COVID-19 “vaccine” are not taking the booster.  Eighty-five percent of the people who took the shot have stopped pretending the covid shot had anything to do with public health.   That’s 85 out of 100 people who took the shot, not taking the booster. That’s a lot of simultaneous pretense quitting.

Yes, 2022 was another year in this great pretending era, but along with it comes a new enlightenment for a whole bunch of people.  From where we sit at the end of this year, it looks like the pretending has apexed.

Eyes are wide open; people are starting to be intellectually honest and more curious.

Yes comrade rebels, slowly, albeit painfully slowly, there is hope emerging.

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