Robert Murdoch and his Son Lachlan have Destroyed The Fox Organization by Showing their True Colors when they Fired Tucker Carson — Their Number One Money Generator:

Fox now has a history of getting rid of or disciplining their money makes some of them are listed next:

Glen Beck in 2011 Removed

Roger Ailes in 2016 Removed

Bill O’Reilly in 2017 terminated

Jeanine Pirro disciplined in December 2020 with time off

Dan Bongino ion April 21, 2023 Removed

Tucker Carlson on April 24, 2023 removed

All of these people were generation money for Murdoch but Tucker was the Star Murdoch has taken a dangerous step with terminating Tuck that he and his company may not survive. If the published number are correct I would guess the financial hit will be well over a Billion dollars in second quarter will reduced add money and reduced viewers the present value of the next will ad another billion to the companies income. The question then is can the company survive what they did by getting ride of Tucker?

There is also a secondary effect here as it takes Fox News away from supporting Trump and that means Trump has been isolated from the Main US media channels. An alternative needs to be developed and quickly.

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