“The Evil that Men Do”

Founder and CEO Mr. Trogdon,

Your Publisher’s Notebook, “The Evil that Men Do” is a lazy attempt to encourage feel-good legislation that won’t move the needle on mass shootings. You question the “wisdom of letting just about anybody owning an assault weapon.” You go on to say you never felt the need to use a “machine gun.” Is this your definition of an assault weapon because if it is you should sleep well knowing that machine guns were banned in 1934. Or did you mean to say semi-automatic weapons? You fail to articulate what exactly your definition of an assault weapon is. Those on the left do the same thing, by design.

Did you know there have been many more mass shooters, (killed four or more,) who have used semi-automatic hand guns than semi-automatic rifles? If the left is successful at banning the long guns how long will it be before they come after the hand guns. I’ll tell you: immediately after the next mass shooting occurs.

And how about the proposed “red flag” laws? Who exactly determines who’s not fit to own a fire arm? Will due process be adhered to? We’ve seen the left try and push their way around due process during the Kavanaugh hearings. If the left had their way anyone attending a Trump rally or wearing a MAGA hat would be banned from owning a gun. I question Congress’ ability to craft legislation that will prevent mass shooting while maintaining the rights of freedom loving Americans.  There are too many dishonest brokers in Congress. Give them an inch and they’ll be back for a mile.

In my opinion, you left out two options on your reader poll, “what should be done to prevent mass shootings?”

  1. Eliminate gun free zones. These are areas that these sick animals know they can go where there will be the least resistance. They’re free to kill until law enforcement arrives.
  2. Craft policies that will help rebuild the family unit. This would also start the healing of a very divided nation.

The left will never be satisfied until there is a government confiscation of all guns. Any legislation has to be tight enough to ensure the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Anything less should be seen as unacceptable.

Jeff Longo
North Royalton


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