Managing Money v Teaching You How to Survive

QUESTION: Marty, they have always called you the Legend. You have proved that you are probably the greatest trader that ever existed. You not only have choreographed when the correction would start, but you have held our hand through this entire decline. Again you said the market would decline into the 23 of March and that should be the temporary low. Nobody forecasts markets like you do and that is why everyone tries to ignore you while others hate you out of jealousy. Won’t you return to funds management? Please! We could really use you in these troubling times.


ANSWER: I greatly appreciate the fact that many people have been writing in to say thank you. I prefer working on Socrates. Only on the private blog do we provide forecasts to the day. We do not provide that on the open blog. If I just managed money, I would not have the time to write or program. I believe in the old saying, if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

My goal is to prove that markets are orderly and it is total nonsense that there is some random walk. That is an excuse for someone who is not a student of the markets and cannot see the order because they take no responsibility for their own losses. It is easier to always blame someone else.

Yes, they have called me the legend. I suppose that is better than the oracle given that strategy is just to buy and hold so you look like a hero in bull markets and take massive losses in every decline. Markets rise and markets fall. You NEVER marry the trade! That is the sure-fire way for a fool to be separated from his money.

The object here is to understand how markets function for if we grasp that revelation, then we can manage our economy and live WITH the cycle instead of always fighting against it. Academics try to reduce the market to theories yet they fail to understand human emotion. They will advocate lowering interest rates as if someone will borrow when they see no future. The absurdity of Keynesian Economics is beyond belief yet they have attempted to manage the world economy based upon a theory that has never worked even once. Even Pail Volcker admitted that in his book on Rediscovery of the Business Cycle.

I have stated many times that Karl Marx killed more people than any religious war and in fact, all wars put together. He was responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths. Yet the left keeps trying to force his theories upon society creating havoc, hatred, and class warfare. They violate even the very Ten Commandments which aside from religion, appears to have been a pearl of respected ancient wisdom we refuse to listen to. Why does the left keep trying to push Marxism upon society? They simply covet what other people have and want to punish others for being more successful.

We have shut down the entire world economy for less than 20,000 deaths worldwide? This is a joke. Either John Hopkins University has deliberately been part of a plot to further Marxism or they are outright ignorant of what they are doing. They have supported the destruction of human rights and liberty advocating you kill the patient to cure the disease. More people die in car crashes annually than this death toll no less the annual flu which kills hundreds of thousands of people. We do not surrender our rights and close the economy for such events. So why this virus?

The red dots of John Hopkins University are outright propaganda. They are not current. They do not disappear with the virus subsiding. Look at China. They are deliberately misleading and make it appear as if whole countries are infected supporting stay at home and marshal law. This is propaganda they have been promoting and we have governments declaring emergency powers to end democratic processes thanks to this misleading graphic which is historical rather than current and the dots may represent just one case, not the entire state.

We are fools for what is taking place. There are dark forces whipping this up into a panic for the sole purpose of creating authoritarian powers because they do understand my models and they are scared of losing power. We have Democrats holding parties calling this the Trump Virus. They are cheering the destruction of the economy just to get rid of Trump. Their hatred of him is deeply concerning for the veneer of civilization has been removed and we stand on the precipice of civil unrest and bloodshed all in the name of Marx. I recently asked a Democrat why do they hate Trump so much. They could not articulate a single act he has done. They simply said presidents shouldn’t Tweet.

Governments can see the Monetary Crisis Cycle coming to destroy their systems. This is the best way for them to fight back. I have warned my concern was what comes AFTER Trump. My deepest fear is the loss of all civil liberties and fools are cheering this on without understanding what they are wishing for.

I am concerned about the future for my posterity. They will NEVER know the world in which I grew up in.

There is a government now who wants to openly use our models to trade. They have one of the top 5 wealth funds in the world. I believe they will open it up to manage money using our models. But I have ZERO interest in returning to funds management. Other countries in Asia have openly admitted they are using “Capital Flow Analysis” which is our model at the central bank level.

Again, I greatly appreciate the trust and confidence. But I prefer to teach you how to fish for a lifetime rather than to feed you for just one day. This is a picture of my backyard. It is my sanctuary from the craziness of the world. I will feed the birds. They know where to get a free meal. That will last only when I am here – not forever. What we face is more serious. We have to learn that the world is not a toy for us to manipulate as they are doing right now to retain power. They will fail for the system they seek is just not sustainable. So I prefer to teach you how to see the world so you can survive rather than manage money like feeding the birds for a day.

Germany to Suspend Democracy for One Year as State of Emergency?


The Bundestag will declare the epidemic case on Wednesday, according to Green Party leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt. Germany is moving to declare a state of emergency for ONE YEAR on Wednesday, 3/25/2020. We are witnessing the collapse of democracy and the rise of authoritarian governments. They realize that they were on the edge of collapse. The socialist agenda was collapsing along with pensions. Their only solution was to create a pretend pandemic and use that to seize control of everything.

There are those who still think cryptocurrencies will be the alternative to fiat money. I strongly urge that you get a new pair of glasses. They will NOT ALLOW any competition. This is about seizing full control. They will not allow any alternative form of cash and that includes gold. This may be the time people begin to switch to silver soon.

The Visible Enemy!

The Enemy of the People, the corrupt Fake News Media 

There is a dangerous enemy attacking and destroying our nation from within.

No, I am not talking about the coronavirus, I am talking about the corrupt, China loving propagandists of the Fake News Media.

They say a crisis will show a person’s true character. The mask has slipped off the Fake News media’s hateful face. No, let me rephrase that, Fake News doesn’t even try to hide their hate for President Trump and his supporters anymore.

The disgusting Washington Post (Jeff Bezo’s personal blog) published a call for the end of the highly informative live broadcasts of  Trump’s Coronavirus briefings because four new polls showed approval ratings for Trump’s handling of the crisis climbing.

We can’t have Trump approval ratings climbing can we?

If you can’t beat Trump censor him..that’s the radical Democrat’s plan for Trump and his supporters which diminishes the MAGA message on social media and the mainstream media.

The so called “journalists” are more concerned with political correctness and Trump calling covid-19, the Chinese virus, than actual facts and information about the pandemic.

Reporters are making a spectacle of themselves with their unhinged, unprofessional behavior. They want to be the story, the reporter that “got” Trump.

Instead, the fifth column Chi-com propagandists have revealed themselves as the enemy of the American people and of our nation.

The day of reckoning is ahead.

To all our friends, stay safe, be well and know your President has your back!


Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Celebrates Violence and Suffering Toward Political Opposition During Coronavirus Pandemic…

Christine Pelosi is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.   In this tweet below Ms. Pelosi celebrates the coronavirus diagnosis for Senator Rand Paul, by commending political violence carried out by a neighbor against the senator last year.  Do not look away:


Apples don’t fall far from trees.  There is a reason why the far-left celebrates and embraces political violence; and cheers when their political opposition has any form of suffering. It’s a mindset our founders warned about, and carried into all political oaths of office; you might be familiar with the phrase: ..”against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

The Pelosi family publicly exhibit a psychology adverse to the interests of peace and tranquility.  They are, quite simply, the manifestation and embodiment of the warning within the oath of office.  These are the “domestic enemies” within our nation.

David Plouffe was the campaign manager for President Obama.

“His kind”?

Think about the words being used by both Plouffe and Pelosi very carefully.


Are They Planning ID2020 as Mandatory Implants for All as the Solution to the Crisis?

There is a very concerning proposal running around in Washington. The technology already exists for pets which is an electronic microchip or transponder. A subcutaneous electronic microchip allows you to identify your pet. It is no larger than a grain of rice and only takes a few minutes for your vet to insert. A transponder does not emit any electric waves once inserted.

The proposal is a digital certificate that verifies if you have been vaccinated and was developed by MIT and Microsoft. They are looking at merging this with Bill Gates’ ID2020It is entirely possible that this scare has been a deliberate plot to get people to accept these digital implants. Refuse, and you will be prohibited from social gatherings. Like 9/11 conditioned us to be x-rayed before entering a plane, now the next stage is to embed digital markers that they have been using in dogs and cats.

Bill Gates has sought to impose mandatory ID chips in you. He argues that his idea is not an infringement on privacy.

Price Waterhouse is all for ID2020 to forcibly install digital chips into all of us.



The United Nations’ WHO is part of this ID2020. Scaring the world and making people feel unsafe unless they are certified not to have this coronavirus just may be part of the plot behind the curtain. I hate conspiracy theories, but this is in the open. The health industry is destroying the world economy and making people feel unsafe. Unemployment is skyrocketing as people lose their jobs and will be then conditioned that if they have been certified, then and only then will they be safe to return to the workforce.


The Fear Parade

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste….It’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” — Rahm Emanuel

Whether or not the US had anything to do with the creation and release of the COVID 19 virus, it is sadly predictable that our government will use the situation to further increase its power by lessening our freedom. US government operatives helped commit the 9-11 disaster and as a result we got the foul “Patriot Act” forced upon us, which has nearly obliterated our 4th Amendment.

When government gets more power, it never relinquishes it. The CIA-influenced mass media has drummed up hysteria about this latest virus, and some even imply Trump is to blame. One thing for sure, everything else they drummed up to try and remove our lawfully elected president has failed. Now they will blame Trump for COVID 19 and the collapsing stock market.

During the Boston Marathon bombing, government managed to lock down an entire city. Now the government is seeing if they can lock down an entire country. If they succeed, then it will become routine. “Lock down!—Everyone must be at home so we can administer mandatory vaccines! Or, “Lock Down! Everyone must be at home so we can confiscate your firearms!” And so forth. Our freedom of speech will be restricted. Only government will have the official word along with the CDC and World Health Organization. By the way, Bill Gates helped fund the WHO and I also heard he was part ‘owner’ of the virus patent. Last week he suddenly resigned from Microsoft’s board. Perhaps he knows he’s partially responsible in some manner and is heading to a private location to avoid a hemp necktie.

I’ve read all the conspiracy theories regarding the reason for the release of the virus. One of the most believable contentions is the virus is a distraction from 5G, which is dangerous to humans. Ironically, Wuhan is big on 5G. 4G is fast enough, but 5G is necessary for the globalist power freaks (such as Bill Gates) who desire ‘smart cities’ that monitor everything citizens might do.

The coronavirus mostly affects the infirm and the elderly. Most Americans can and will endure it. We will also most likely be forced to endure an even more tyrannical and oppressive government.

—Ben Garrison

Remember 9/11 and the “Patriot” act- Panic is worthless and can only lead to tyranny!


German Comment on Nationalizing Industry due to Coronavirus is Insane!

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, I have been following you for a few years and what strikes me most is that I read years ago that China would have collapsed in 2020 but that Asia will recover and will be the driving continent from 2036 …

My question is this what do you think of Germany’s decision to print 550 billion euros through the KFW bank in support of businesses and the statements of the German economy minister who says that strategic companies should be nationalized … isn’t that contradicting the so much stressed globalization principle and the “so scandalous” principle of sovereignty?

They claim to use the flexibility that is allowed in the Stability and Growth Pact, but I’m feeling teased while in Italy there is a risk of having to resort to the MES  with a further risk of worsening the economic condition.

Thank you for your attention


ANSWER: PeterAltmaier, the Federal Minister of Economic Affairs, was joined by the left-wing Schultz in a joint statement that effectively said that since they cannot bail out companies, perhaps they would just NATIONIZE them. Austerity has been imposed on Europe by Germany and the refusal to consolidate the debts was all because Kohl wanted a single currency to increase German sales throughout Europe, but he did not want to accept a true federalization of debt – having your cake and eat it simultaneously.

This has been the disastrous structural flaw of the Euro. It has not worked and what we see is the Coronavirus is being used to reverse that posture and even justify the entire confiscation of private assets by nationalizing companies. This will be the final nail in the coffin of Europe. Why would any investor be interested in European stocks if the government can act like Iran and just confiscate all private assets?

The economic structure is crumbling. This is why China will rise, not so much that it will be so fantastic, but that the West is gradually committing economic suicide. We have so many people repeating the Coronavirus beating it into such a major scare tactic that people are then willing to surrender all their rights when they are being told it is for their own good. I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. They told the people it was not to keep them in but to keep others out because Communism was so fantastic. Obviously, Bernie Sanders believed that one.


I Am Not A Communist, Bernie Sanders


“Obviously I am not a communist,” Sanders likes to proclaim. We beg to differ.

Recently, Bernie has proclaimed his love for communists such as Castro.

He spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. He expressed admiration for the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua. He spouts communists clichés such as ‘our struggle,’ uniting workers, and talks about revolution. He wants to transform the Democrat Party into the Socialist Party. Some would say that has already happened.

Sanders wants to install the final communist planks in America. Some are already here, such as a graduated income tax and the centralization of credit via central banking, but Bernie wants state-run, ‘free’ health care, free college education, and control over industries, which will be shut down in the name of his ridiculous ‘climate change.’ Count on Bernie to keep flying on private jets and enjoying his three homes.

Combining free stuff with open borders will mean even higher taxes. Bernie wants to steal the fruit of our labor and redistribute it as he sees fit.

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Bernie will greatly bloat and centralize a government that will be filled with communist bureaucrats who will be ready to micromanage our lives. He guarantees jobs for all and higher wages while he wages war on capitalism and Christianity. He will eventually abolish private property, which will be the final communist nail in our national coffin.

Bernie needs to be kept far, far away from the levers of power.

—Ben Garriso



During a speech delivered on the steps of the Supreme Court, Senator Chuck Schumer threatened conservative Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Both were appointed by President Trump. He warned them not to attack a woman’s ‘right to choose.’ In other words abortion. Here is his quote:

“You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You will not know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Trump asked that Schumer be impeached for making such a blatantly violent threat. Chief Justice Roberts also denounced Schumer. I doubt anything will happen to him. Democrats such as Schumer are above the law, but even CNN condemned his threat. Of course, they immediately said Trump has said similar things. The president hasn’t—otherwise CNN would have stated them.

Abortion is at the center of such violent emotionalism on the part of the Senator. Any talk of lessening abortion prompts instant anger from the Democrats, Hollywood, and the mass media. They have been extolling abortion as ‘health care.’ To them, it’s a virtue. Something to be celebrated. Some celebrities have proudly bragged about getting abortions. Elizabeth Warren compared an abortion with having one’s tonsils removed. Hillary Clinton said a child isn’t a human being until the second it is born. A few seconds before birth? Well, the baby is not legally human, according to her. Now some are even saying infanticide, or ‘post birth abortion’ should be legal.

What they’re really saying is an unborn baby is nothing more than a mass of cells. Mere matter. An unborn baby has no self-awareness, therefore it is not human. Just a blob of matter. That’s what some in the pro-abortion camp say, but some adult humans aren’t self-aware, either. Dementia patients, those in comas, and the mentally ill may not be self aware, either. Does that mean they’re no longer human as well? It’s dangerous thinking and it plays into the hands of the eugenicists.

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The Democrats and pro-abortion cheerleaders shouldn’t get to decide these things, but I also realize a woman will get an abortion no matter what if she’s determined. No law will stop her. We don’t need new laws, but many need to stop celebrating the death of millions of humans that didn’t get a chance to reach their potential. Abortion should be seen as a tragic thing regardless of the circumstances.

—Ben Garrison

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices – Chief Justice Roberts Responds…

Earlier today Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened supreme court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch today during a rally in support of abortion.

“I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.” “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

The leading democrat Senator Schumer accused the supreme court justices of taking away peoples’ “fundamental rights” to kill babies, as the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case about a Louisiana law that regulates abortion providers.

Alarmed by the radical threats against the court, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts released the following statement: