The Most Corrupt Election in History

The Democrats have taken control of Virginia and already we see this pervasive move to corrupt the election process in the United States by NOT requiring any photo ID to vote. I have stated before that I had the mandate from Hong Kong to try to negotiate with the Australian government to buy land before the handover back to China. I met with the former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Every proposal I offered was rejected which made no sense. I finally bluntly asked what was the problem, “Is this a racist issue?” He responded, “No,” explaining that they were fleeing communism and as such if he allowed them to enter it would change the demographics and they would vote conservative when he was a Labour government.

This is the same clever tactics behind the Democrats moving to allow anyone to vote by mail and no photo ID required. They do not care how they win and the more illegal aliens they allow in and protect, the more they will vote for them to retain power over real Americans. Socrates has forecast that this is going to be the most corrupt election in American history and with each passing day, there is another step toward making this forecast come to pass.

Beginning October 1st, 2020, every air traveler 18 years of age and older will need a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or another acceptable form of ID like a passport to fly within the United States. REAL ID-compliant cards are generally marked with a star located in the upper portion of the card. This is to ensure that you produced real identification to obtain the ID.

The REAL ID Act is a federal law passed by Congress after 9/11 that establishes new security requirements for state-issued driver’s licenses and identity cards when they are used for certain federal purposes, like entering a federal building or boarding a domestic flight. The law was passed in 2005, but the Department of Homeland Security has given states time to adapt to the new technology by next year. Most states already issue the updated IDs (generally indicated by a gold star).

What is really amazing is that you cannot travel without proving who you are. Many places want your REAL-ID with your credit card to prove it is not stolen. And you cannot even enter some government buildings without a REAL-ID. But the Democrats, desperate to win, say no REAL-ID is necessary to vote.

Some states may ask you to sign a form affirming your identity. Other states will let you cast a provisional ballot. States use provisional ballots when there is a question about a voter’s eligibility. States keep provisional ballots separate until they decide whether they should count. To do so, they will investigate a voter’s eligibility. They may also compel you to show an acceptable form of ID within a few days. If you don’t, your provisional ballot won’t count. But these rules vary greatly between states. There is certainly the possibility that this entire election ends up back in the Supreme Court.

More Domestic Terrorism – Armed Black Lives Matter Terrorists Shoot SUV Driver in Provo Utah…

The level of cultural Marxism within the media reports is even more significant than ever before.  U.S. media are trying to protect the domestic terrorists. It is quite unnerving.

In Provo, Utah, a group of armed Black Lives Matter terrorists surrounded a vehicle at an intersection.  The driver would not exit the vehicle to be beaten by the mob.  One of the BLM activists pulled a gun and demanded the driver come out, when the driver refused the terrorist opened fire shooting the driver.   The driver hits the gas and tries to escape, the terrorist fires through the rear window as another armed terrorist joins the fray from the opposite side of the street.   WATCH:


According to local media, police are determining whether to charge the driver of the vehicle for not complying with the mob’s demand for the beating; thereby putting the other terrorists at risk.   “It’s unclear if the driver of the SUV who was shot is facing any possible charge for driving through the protesters after being shot.”

Here’s an enhanced video of the incident:


UTAH – “Several protesters began crowding around the vehicle,” said John Geyerman, Provo Police deputy chief. “The male protester ran toward the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at the driver, and shot one round through the window. The driver who was struck by the bullet accelerated, trying to leave the situation. The same protester ran after the vehicle and fired a second shot that went through the rear passenger window.”

Officials said the same man who allegedly fired the shots into the SUV also approached another vehicle and broke the window with a handgun.

The driver was taken to Utah Valley Hospital.

Police are looking for the alleged shooter and are asking for anyone with videos or pictures of the incident, or any other information, to contact PPD at 801-852-6210. (link)

Domestic Terrorism – Missouri Couple Defends Their Home From Rampaging Mob Who Broke Through Perimeter Gate on Private Property…

Coming soon to a home near you.  A Missouri mob of looters/protestors was very lucky not to be legally shot as a well-armed couple defend their home from the mob that broke through their perimeter gate.   Video shows the armed couple facing down the mob.

The important aspect is here the mob was not on a public street; the mob represented a clear threat; and Missouri has strong Castle Doctrine laws that do not require a duty of the homeowner to retreat from the threat.  This mob was very fortunate the couple were well disciplined in their use of firearms.


Once the mob broke through the gate, they were effectively in the justifiable kill zone.

Missouri’s law is more extensive than those of other states because it allows you to use deadly force to attack an intruder to protect any private property that you own, in addition to yourself or another individual. This means that if someone illegally enters your front porch or backyard, you can use deadly force against them without retreating first. (link)

Video uploaded to Twitter shows the St. Louis mob unlawfully entering the private property of the homeowners.   Both the gate and the driveway are clearly identified as private property.   This is not public property.

This is also a powder-keg issue and if local and state officials do not take action it is only a matter of time before these types of events lead to shooting.  This is also why the DOJ needs to step-in quickly and begin making arrests of the anarchists and provocateurs who are violating laws and threatening ordinary citizens.

The Democrats are perfectly comfortable stoking the national anxiety and putting a few of their easily led sheep into the kill zone to accomplish their political objectives.

The Left Is Not Whistling Dixie

American Cultural Revolution that has shaken our culture, our economy will destroy our political system as well. Upcoming election is not only important, it means everything

Jeff Crouere image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 28, 2020

The Left Is Not Whistling Dixie

In the span of just over one month, a plethora of changes have occurred in the United States and throughout the world, all to appease the politically correct guardians who now monitor every aspect of our society. After the brutal killing of African American George Floyd by a vicious white Minneapolis police officer, the entire world has changed. Even though the main officer involved was immediately fired, then charged with crimes and imprisoned, calls have arisen that police departments are racist.

Mobs of criminals have destroyed statues, monuments dedicated to Christopher Columbus, Founding Fathers, Union and Confederate Generals, Former Presidents, Religious leaders

Nationally, in 2019, according to a Washington Post analysis, police killed 40 unarmed people, 15 of them were black and 25 were white. While this statistic is a higher percentage than the 13% of the national population that African Americans comprise, it does not reflect a war on African American citizens.

Compared to the number killed by police, many more African Americans are killed by individuals of their own race. According to Barry Latzer of the National Review, “In 2018, where the homicide victim was black, the suspected killer also was 88 percent of the time. And this is not an exceptional situation. From 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of black victims were killed by other African Americans.”

Despite the true statistics, the narrative is being promoted by activists, politicians, corporate leaders, and the media that black Americans are being targeted and killed by police officers in great numbers throughout the country. In fact, it is being stated that African Americans should be fearful of police, even though in many urban areas, a significant majority of police officers are black.

The truth does not matter to the radical left. While there have been some peaceful protests, there have been way too many criminals who have used the occasion to engage in rioting and looting. Across the nation, numerous businesses, many owned by African Americans, have been targeted by these destructive hooligans.

Mobs of criminals have also destroyed statues and monuments dedicated to Christopher Columbus, our Founding Fathers, both Union and Confederate generals, former Presidents, and religious leaders.

American cultural revolution

Even churches have not escaped the wrath of the mob. Shaun King, one of the leaders of Black Lives Matters, declared that statues of “white Jesus” must be destroyed. He tweeted, “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been.”

It should surprise no one during this American cultural revolution that old movies such as Gone with the Wind would be targeted for removal, popular shows praising police officers would be canceled, and even the Splash Mountain ride at Disney World would undergo changes demanded by outraged activists.

The music world has also been impacted. The country group Lady Antebellum has changed their name to Lady A. Now, the Dixie Chicks have changed their name to just the Chicks.

In this new era, the world “Dixie” is no longer allowed. On Friday, New Orleans Saints and Dixie Beer owner Gayle Benson announced that her product would undergo a name change. Dixie Beer was established in 1907 and returned to New Orleans with much fanfare in 2017, but the celebration lasted only three years.

According to Benson, “Our nation and community are currently engaged in critical conversations about racism and systemic social issues that have caused immeasurable pain and oppression of our black and brown communities…We look forward to listening, learning and making sure that our brewery fulfills its promise of uniting, inspiring and leading all in our community.”

Benson will choose a new name based on community input, even though many outraged Dixie Beer drinkers are now vowing to never buy her product again. Yet, it is not only Dixie Beer that is changing. There are many other products that are undergoing mob enforced transformations as well.

We can say goodbye to Eskimo Pies, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, and Mrs. Butterworth. The packaging and imaging for products such as Land O’ Lakes butter and Cream of Wheat

Thus, we can say goodbye to Eskimo Pies, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, and Mrs. Butterworth. The packaging and imaging for products such as Land O’ Lakes butter and Cream of Wheat will also undergo massive changes.

All of this is being done to improve sensitivity considering the George Floyd incident. The reality is that these actions are nothing but preposterous window dressing to make liberals look like they care. This virtue signaling is part of the new corporate America that will support Black Lives Matter, even though their leaders admit to “Marxist training,” and demand that if they don’t get what they want they “will burn down this system and replace it.”

Obviously, they want to replace our constitutional republic with Marxism, a system that has killed tens of millions of people around the globe. In fact, the leader of an anti-monument group in New Orleans is an avowed Marxist who has targeted dozens of street names and monuments for destruction throughout the city.

Sadly, our country is in the process of giving these radicals complete control of our corporations, our culture and soon our political and economic systems. If Joe Biden is elected President, we can expect him to allow the extreme left to control his administration and move toward the absolute devastation of our capitalist economy.

This November, the American way of life is at stake, including our economic survival. If Americans allow it, the revolution that has shaken our culture and our economy will destroy our political system as well. Thus, this upcoming election is not only important, it means everything.

Be The Storm To Save America

Fate whispered to the warrior “You cannot withstand the storm, the warrior whispered to fate, I AM THE STORM”

Tony Mangan image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 27, 2020

Be The Storm To Save America

Dear citizens of the United States of America, there are a few facts about how things are going and YOU have to make a decision. There used to be a question from our past that asked “would you rather live on your feet, or die on your knees?” Look at the animals that have been unleashed on you and your families, people who burn, loot, destroy anything that has nobility.

These are cheats, liars and destroyers of good

If it is a beautiful piece of art or statuary, or even an anthem that speaks of your ancestors and benefactors that gave you a place where you could have a world of your own within a country created and dedicated in consecration to GOD.  With all of that said, do you for one moment believe these are the kind of people who care for a better world, a more fair and honest system, a fallen friend, a country that nurtured them perhaps that taught them how to stand on their hind legs?

Of course you don’t.  These cretins, who in the name of fighting against racism, have already gone into the streets and destroyed the lives of thousands of people who worked for decades to gain the benefits of a caring,  opportunity-laden society and these anarchists destroyed it in a week or two.

They used the death of a man they didn’t know nor obviously care about by creating havoc in the lives of thousands and did so in the name of that man.

These are cheats, liars and destroyers of good.  Do any among us who are not a part of the planned anarchy designed to turn over the country of your forefathers, loved ones and relatives who died to make it great, believe for one moment that these people would hesitate for an instant to kill, loot and destroy the lives of the victims (you) before turning them and the country over to the Socialists from foreign countries and the Main Democrat party here for their domination and their dream of a One World Government?

I recently read a Warrior’s response to fates challenge.  I am sharing it with you so that if it strikes you as it did me you will read it over and over and see yourself in it, and start striking back in every legal way (if legal actually exists any longer) defending the police, the integrity of those who work to maintain the wellness of your cities and the country, veterans and the fallen who paid the ultimate price, and the children that will inherit what we leave behind. No I didn’t forget the piece I said I would share.

Fate whispered to the warrior “You cannot withstand the storm, the warrior whispered to fate, I AM THE STORM1.” Please be the storm where you can be it best.

  1. Author Unknown

You Can’t Miss What You Don’t Have in the First Place

But it sure feels much worse when you do have something and that something is taken away permanently

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 22, 2020

You Can't Miss What You Don't Have in the First Place

Growing up in the proletariat class of communism, we never had much time to ponder over our perennial hunger or our miserable state in life, we were too busy trying to find something to eat, most of the time standing in lines daily to fight over the supply of food allotted that day by the benevolent socialist government run by the Communist Party.

Most of us were quite thin, malnourished, lacking vitamins and proper nutrition, but we were all in the same boat and we could do nothing about it as we had no arms to mount a rebellion to overthrow the Communist Party.

The communists and their sycophants ate well, lived well

The communists and their sycophants ate well, lived well, and enjoyed all the luxuries they accumulated by stealing everything of value that the proletariat at large had owned prior to the Bolshevik revolution. Their bank accounts were full, they took nice vacations and often, and we watched with resentment from afar.

We did not have the opportunity to better ourselves, or to develop the inner talents we were born with. We were too busy following the Communist Party rules and absurd regulations, to make sure we did not violate any of them or else we were imprisoned or re-educated in Siberia.

Creativity and allowed speech had to follow strict Party guidelines or else be censored for violating communist community standards, not unlike the social media moguls’ dictates today. But instead of being in Facebook jail for 30 days, you would find yourself in real prisons and the jailers threw away the key until they saw fit to let you go. Nobody followed the law, the law was what various Communist Party apparatchiks decided on a whim.

Individuality was verboten and nobody developed new ideas, projects, research, and other technical gadgetry. Worthless group-think with strict guidelines that augmented the collective was allowed.

I saw through the windows of nice restaurants an abundance of food that was sorely missing in our government run empty stores. These restaurants were off-limits for us as only the communist movers and shakers could afford such luxury. Mom was making 800 lei per month which, divided by the artificially pegged exchange rate of 12 lei to the dollar in 1980, it was about $67 a month from which we had to buy food, pay for water, electricity, rent, bus fares, and medicine. Dad was making slightly more, about 1,200 lei per month, a whopping sum of $100.

A fresh college graduate with an Economics degree earned the huge sum of 1880 lei per month, about $157 per month which allowed such a graduate to live a much better life if they could find food and lived together with their parents in a small 600 square feet concrete block apartment, standard government issue subsidized housing for all.

The proletariat knew they were missing a lot—they saw how rich Texans lived on the television series “Dallas” and their make-believe oil tycoon family. For some reason, the decadent capitalist show passed the censors. Perhaps they allowed the series on TV in order to show how evil capitalists were and that is why we lived so poorly, they were stealing it from us. At least that was the daily propaganda we heard on the two black and white television channels.

Communist Party stole our private properties, homes, and land

We were riveted weekly to another episode so that we could live vicariously and imagine what it would be like if we had their food, clothing, and the comforts of a real home instead of the drab match boxes we were stacked on 5-9 stories high after the wise Communist Party stole our private properties, homes, and land.

Before the show ended, I moved to the U.S. in 1978 and, as the next season of Dallas played on American television, my family back home was flooding me with questions about the show such as “who killed J.R. Ewing,” but most of all, did Americans live so well and did they have so much food?

I never thought personally that food would become an issue 42 years later in America due to a tyrannical government lockdown of the population under the guise of protecting them from a flu virus. The lockdown caught many people unaware who were buying food in smaller quantities and less frequently because many Americans ate in restaurants several times a week.

As an escapee from communism, the lockdown affected me much worse than it did many Americans around me. They were happy to hide behind masks, stay home, watch TV, get paid weekly for doing nothing, let government tell them what to do, where to go, how, and when. They were happy to comply. But to me, removing the choice of staying home or going out felt like the former communist life.

I went to restaurants just like my American brethren and now, the government closed them down and locked us in our homes with only permission to go to the grocery store and pharmacies. Suddenly, once the state government removed any opportunity to go to a restaurant, it felt much worse than when, under communism, we could not afford to go. I felt the tyranny on a much deeper level.

The entire communist country where I grew up was one big lockdown prison, with borders guarded with machine guns, heavily armed soldiers, and razor sharp barbed wire. But in the U.S., where radicals want to erase borders, we were bombarded by PSA propaganda, i.e., “we are in this together,” “alone together,” “you are not alone,” etc., all meant to increase and maintain population compliance. The country became one big masquerade ball with masks made of all sorts of materials including, as my friend Alexis joked, “Dr. Fauci’s underwear.”

I thought that this was a much more insidious form of tyranny. When it became evident that it was just a flu, the state and local government bureaucrats did not relent their socialist control of the populace and people continued to remain cowardly subdued, afraid of dying of the Covid-19 flu virus, while losing constitutional freedoms each day without as much as a whimper.

The moral of both experiences compared is that you can’t miss what you don’t have in the first place, but it sure feels much worse when you do have something and that something is taken away permanently.

2010 Arab Spring Common Connections to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement…

It’s an interesting comparison to note.  The ideological interests behind the 2010 “Arab Spring” uprising are the exact same ideological interests behind the 2020 “Black Lives Matter” protests/uprising.  Not merely similar people, but the exact same people.

The exact same group of U.S. people who were promoting the mid-east Arab Spring in 2010 are the same people now promoting the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.   The same politicians; the same media voices; the same newspapers; the same social media activists. Almost every participant, and their support for the uprising ’10 -vs- ’20 is identical.

In the background of the Arab Spring, the root control organization was The Muslim Brotherhood.  Considering all of the connective similarities; and considering the U.S. advocates for the brotherhood are the same voices advocating for BLM; does it not stand to reason the BLM movement is an extension of the same overarching ideology.

It is not an esoteric intellectual exercise to compare the two movements because we’re not only talking about a similar level of protest, we’re seeing an identical set of actions in both groups.  Not only are the advocates the same voices; but their purposeful action, the behavior to remove and destroy common cultural connection/heritage is the same.

The Brotherhood is essentially the umbrella organization for a multitude of Islamic factions.  In essence, the Muslim Brotherhood represents political Islam. Similarly if you look at the structure of Black Lives Matter they too represent an umbrella-type structure for a network of individual political grievance groups.  Both groups represent a cultural revolution by the results of their activity.

In 2010 the Brotherhood had al-Qaeda and militant factions within ISIS.  In 2020 BLM has New Black Panthers and militant factions within Antifa.

In 2010 the Brotherhood tore down statues and symbols they identified as culturally oppressive to their political views.  In 2020 BLM tears down statues and symbols they identify as oppressive to their political views.

In 2010 the Brotherhood burned books, destroyed history and removed their cultural opposition by force.  In 2020 BLM promotes burning books, destroying history and cancelling their cultural opposition by force.

In 2010 the Brotherhood used social media to organize their political activity and Big Tech facilitated even by setting up local networks for protest.  In 2020 BLM uses social media to organize their political media and Big Tech facilitates by deploying all local networks to assist.

In 2010 the Brotherhood attacked the police and framed their Islamist movement as oppressed by law enforcement.  In 2020 BLM attacks the police and frames their movement as oppressed by law enforcement.

In 2010 the Brotherhood destroyed the notions of secularism and viciously attacked any form of Christianity.  In 2020 BLM advocates against secularism and viciously attacks Christianity, while conspicuously never criticizing any element of Islam.

In 2010 the Brotherhood was very strategic as they hoodwinked moderate Islamic supporters into voting them into power.  Once in power they removed all of the institutional systems, government offices, judges, constitutional balances, local elections, and anything that would impede their ultimate stranglehold on power.  Sharia Law replaced common legislative law.   As a result, the ordinary population was brutalized, property was taken by force; businesses were taken by force and the Islamic regime now controlled every element of their lives.

In 2020 the approach of the BLM movement appears very strategic as they hoodwink a multitude of supporters by defining their victim class and role.  Much like the 2010 Brotherhood approach grievances are made personal.   Bonds between families and friends are severed by force and demands to adhere to the movement’s ideology.

It will be interesting to see if BLM supporters recognize the deception in 2020; because the Brotherhood supporters in 2010 did not recognize it until it was too late.

There are many similarities.

(Pictured) one other thing they have in common

President Trump just addressed the Nation

We cannot allow the righteous cries of peaceful protesters to be drowned out by an angry mob, what should have been a solemn moment of national reflection was upended by some of the worst elements of society.

By The  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 1, 2020

President Trump just addressed the Nation

Here is what President Trump just told the Nation:

My Administration is fully committed that for George and his family, justice will be served. He will not have died in vain. But we cannot allow the righteous cries of peaceful protesters to be drowned out by an angry mob. Innocent people of have been savagely beaten, like the young man in Dallas, Texas, who was left dying on the street. Or the woman in upstate New York, viciously attacked by dangerous thugs. Small business owners have seen their dreams utterly destroyed. New York’s Finest have been hit in the face with bricks. Brave nurses, who have battled the virus, are afraid to leave their homes. A police precinct station has been overrun. Here in the nation’s capital, the Lincoln Memorial and the World War Two Memorial have been vandalized. One of our most historic churches was set ablaze. A federal officer in California, an African-American enforcement hero, was shot and killed.

These are not acts of peaceful protest. These are acts of domestic terror.

Violence against any American will never be tolerated. Tonight, President Trump announced executive actions to stop the rioting and restore safety to our cities.

First, he recommended every Governor deploy the National Guard and establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled. If a city or state refuses to take action, then the U.S. Military will be deployed.

Every rioter and instigator will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

The President also announced decisive action to protect Washington, D.C., and our cherished national monuments. “As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults, and the wanton destruction of property.”

Every rioter and instigator will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Organizers of violence and terror will face lengthy and severe criminal penalties.

“I take these actions today with firm resolve, and with a true and passionate love for our country. By far our greatest days lie ahead.”

Watch President Trump’s full address.

The White House @WhiteHouse

LIVE: President @realDonaldTrump delivers remarks

Anger Games Night 5 – Sunday Night Riots – Open Discussion Thread…

The riots, arson, looting and related violence has spread from Minneapolis Minnesota to many urban areas around the nation. From ground reports it appears Antifa groups (aka White ISIS) have organized for chaos in Minneapolis and beyond.

Sunday night the mayhem has spread to more Democrat strongholds in Santa Monica (CA), Philadelphia (PA), Nashville (TN), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Washington DC, Houston (TX), New York City (NY), Los Angeles (CA), and other deep blue metropolitan areas. There are organized riots, anti-police violence and chaos organized by Antifa and elements within the Black Lives Matter groups.

Many people are calling for federal intervention; however, that type of confrontation is the intended goal of the social anarchy crowd. The leftist chaos is purposeful bait; let them exhaust themselves first and highlight inept democrat Mayors and Governors.

Politically speaking, the merging of Antifa (revolution communists) & Black Lives Matter (sub-text political Islam), has a purposeful agenda unknown to the standard brick thrower. Suburban white liberals, essentially modern affiliates of the former Bill Ayers Weather Underground, are the organizing entities. Most of the people on the street are oblivious.

Local authorities in/around the urban danger zones have the primary responsibility to maintain domestic tranquility. Federal intervention to replace local political ineptitude, and lack of desire to confront a crisis of their own creation, is short-sighted.

If local officials and/or state governors are not going to take action; factually they do not want to take action because they are fearful of backlash from their own tribe; then federal assistance doesn’t work. It is better for President Trump to watch from a distance and keep reminding the U.S. electorate how he supports, but will not replace, local officials.

The 2020 Anger Games were predictable.

“Gotta do it Joe”…

Gadi Schwartz


This is what’s left of The Sake House in Santa Monica.

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Scary scene in Santa Monica: Man is attacked after reportedly coming to the aid of a woman who was shoved off her bicycle @CryptoWick 

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.@PhillyPolice look on as rioters attempt to flip a squad car and a nearby Foot Locker is looted

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Gadi Schwartz


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This is the scene in Philadelphia

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Lara Logan


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Based on history, the Mayor of Nashville will likely make an announcement tomorrow about appropriate social distancing while looting… 

Stassy Olmos


Protestors damaged several businesses along #Nashville #Broadway. Windows are shattered and stores, bars are trashed. This is @bootbarn and @Mville_Nash. @WKRN

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Senate Intel Chairman Marco Rubio: “terror groups on BOTH far left and right are instigating, committing acts of violence and looting”…

It is difficult to believe that Senator Marco Rubio could possibly be chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee with statements like this.  Difficult, that is, until you recognize the chair of the SSCI is a political appointment intended to shape public perception regardless of reality.   Thus Rubio was the ideal candidate to fill the shoes of Richard Burr.

Nothing substantively within this statement is accurate.  The violence, looting, robberies, physical attacks, murders, beatings and arson all stem from conduct of activists groups on the far-left within Antifa and radical elements of Black Lives Matter.  However, Rubio cannot admit the truth because it is adverse to his political interests.

Senator Rubio, denies the obvious, obfuscates known and demonstrable facts and reality, and pushes a false and fictitious narrative that aligns with national media.  Rubio joins with national democrats to blame China, Russia, Venezuela and some mysterious group of domestic white nationalists that no-one has seen.  WATCH:


Perhaps Senator Rubio would like to explain which intelligence briefing he has seen that identifies “far right” activists within his expressed narrative. Pure nonsense.

The most dangerous force in any battle is not the enemy you face, but rather the ally beside you who refuses to admit the enemy exists. The denying ally has the ability reduce your force strength before the battle begins.  That is exactly Rubio’s motive in 2020.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

― Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron