Civil Unrest in Australia

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Jul 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty; I do not know why you do not have the Noble Prize except for the fact that they are the establishment and what you have done with Socrates is beyond what anyone else has ever been able to forecast. Your model that said we would face civil unrest and then international war is coming to life.  Here is Australia as in Europe, people are starting to wake up.

My God. Thank you for everything.


REPLY: Nobody can forecasts these types of events years in advance from a personal gut feeling of claim “I think” which is typical. These forecasts are merely the failure of our entire approach to manipulating the world economy. I did add about 70 pages to what is now the 5th edition on sale in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You cannot see the future without understanding the past. I know there are people selling this for $300 on EBay. But they are $110 on Amazon and $125 on Barnes and Noble. We do not do the pricing. The publisher and stores do that.

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