Don Lemon Goes Full Communist

Posted originally on on AUG 2, 2021 AT 9:59 AM

Don Lemon Goes Full Stalin

A few months ago I had an email conversation with a friend who said we should not call the Democrats ‘socialists.’ No, the Socialist Democrat Party didn’t cut it. We needed something stronger. He suggested we call them neo-Marxists. I agreed, but now I think we should simply label them outright communists.

Communist tyrants want complete power and control over all of us. That’s why the Communist Democrat Party would like to see the Republican Party go away. It’s also why we see the politicization of the justice and security systems. Remember, John Brennan was a former FBI director and communist. The FBI has become the new KGB. They do the Communist Democrat’s bidding. Pelosi has set up a Gulag for Trump supporters whom she hates. They’ve been denied bail. Many are now spending time in solitary confinement in 7×10 foot cells without visitors or lawyers. Many have been beaten. Their cases are in limbo.

The communist tyrant Pelosi enjoys licking her expensive ice cream while enjoying her cold revenge.

Now we’re starting to hear the communists call for forced vaccination. They won’t allow us to have ultimate last-sayabout what goes into our bodies. New York Communist Mayor De Blasio unctuously claimed he has been patient long enough. He now insists nobody can go to restaurants or sporting events in his city without the jab. He wants the poisonous injection as a prerequisite to employment.

CNN’s Don Lemon said the unvaccinated should not be able to buy food at grocery stores. He’s paid millions of dollars to say what the ruling powers are thinking. They already want to control our food and now they want to deny us access to it if we don’t submit to their demands. When the Kulaks and farmers in Ukraine refused to give up their land for the communists’ force collectivization, Stalin starved them out. Millions were murdered. Don Lemon, like a good communist, no doubt thinks this is A-OK. The ends justify the means. In Lemon’s warped brain it’s fine to demonize ‘anti-vaxers’ and Trump supporters. They deserve to die.

The Democrat Communist Party’s goal is the introduction of a Chinese communist system in America complete with a social credit system to punish behavior they don’t like. You know, freedom. Included will be a universal ID system that will occur via the vaccine passport.

The French are resisting this mightily. You won’t see their massive protests on CNN, but America needs to join in. We need to take to the streets and loudly protest where we are being led—a country taken over by ruthless communist tyrants who consider us their citizen cattle to be tagged, jabbed, and then bagged.

— Ben Garrison

Macron’s Medical Tyranny

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The New Nazis In Town

The French are no strangers to Tyranny…they lived through it when the Nazis occupied France during WW2

French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to ram through a ‘vaccine passport,’ which would have become necessary for the people of France to enter places such as cafés, shopping centers, and bistros. If the owner of a commercial establishment did not confirm the status of each and every customer, huge fines could be levied.

This tyrannical mandate enraged the French people and they conducted a massive protest. As a result, Macron had to back off and delay the passport. Such a plan will not go away, however. Macron is controlled by the central bankers and the global ruling elitist class. He does as he’s told.

Still, this is a good lesson for Americans. If the Biden Regime attempts to force vaccine passports on us, we need to hit the streets and protest. The Constitution does not say all of our liberties can be tossed out the window in the face of a concocted ‘medical emergency.’

We must push back against big government’s relentless encroachment on our liberty and privacy. The Constitution does not end when a pandemic begins.

— Ben Garrison

Is a Revolution Coming?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Jul 25, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

We have an amazing number of readers in France, and I want to thank everyone for all the emails documenting what is going on. Anyone who takes videos of protests in the future I have no problem sharing them for the world to see.

The details of what moves people to revolution are important. During the summer of 1789, Paris was in a crisis. The people had been suffering from food shortages and the high taxes used to pay King Louis XVI’s vast debts because of his fiscal mismanagement the treasury was empty at the end of 1788.  The French found themselves in the middle of unprecedented political turmoil which erupted with the opening of the Estates General, France’s Parliament, for the first time in more than one hundred years. Many Parisians were also angered by the dismissal of the popular minister Jacques Necker on July 11th. Like Pelosi surrounding the capitol with troops, from the beginning of June 1789, Louis XVI had also positioned troops around Paris also claiming risk of extremists.

The militarization of Paris provoked a march to the Hôtel des Invalides, where the people also looted approximately 3,000 firearms and five canons. Instead of clothes and trinkets, they looted weapons. However, the weapons required gunpowder, which was stored in the Bastille. They then headed to the Bastille prison and tried to negotiate with its governor. That being unsuccessful, they burst into an outer courtyard and a battle erupted. By the time it was over, the people of Paris had freed the prisoners held in the Bastille because they were simply there, and they had taken the governor hostage along with three of his officers. But the hostages were soon be killed and then beheaded. Their heads were paraded through the streets on pikes. Since the storming of the Bastille was to simply get gunpowder, the people were effectively unarmed and nearly one hundred died but only eight prison guards were killed.

All of this happened on July 14, 1789 (1789.53) which has been known in France as “Bastille Day” ever since. Once Louis XVI heard that the Bastille had fallen, he asked the duke de La Rochefoucauld: “So, is there a rebellion?” To which the duke retorted: “No, Sire, a revolution!”

Storming the Bastille became t6he beginning of the French Revolution when it was not intended as such. Yet, it has become an iconic moment in history. This was the spark that ignited the revolution forcing the King to begin concessions. That was the sign of weakness which then inspired the people’s movement to overthrow him which led to beheading both him and his wife in the hope of burying monarchy forever following the inspiration of the American Revolution nearly precisely 13 years before.

In 1880, the French made the Storming of the Bastille their national holiday. Unfortunately, France entered a century of revolutions (1789-1871) and numerous new republics after Napoleon.

Nevertheless, the two main issues that led to the revolution were (1) high taxes, and (2) food shortages which inspired the claim that Marie Antonette said: “Let them eat cake” which was the crust in the pan after baking bread.

Our models on France target 2021.73 which will be September 23/24. In 1895 on this day, that is when the French labor union CGT (Confederation Generale du Travail) was formed. In 1920 on this same day, that is when Alexander Millerand was elected president of France. Then on this day in 1941, General de Gaulle forms government in exile in London.

There is a real risk that we will have a real version of The Hunger Games.

Australia Police Defending Tyranny Still

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Protests against COVID Restrictions Engulfing Europe

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Freedom Protests in Milian, Italy Today

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You Thought You Were Free? (Revised)

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Civil Unrest in Australia

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Jul 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty; I do not know why you do not have the Noble Prize except for the fact that they are the establishment and what you have done with Socrates is beyond what anyone else has ever been able to forecast. Your model that said we would face civil unrest and then international war is coming to life.  Here is Australia as in Europe, people are starting to wake up.

My God. Thank you for everything.


REPLY: Nobody can forecasts these types of events years in advance from a personal gut feeling of claim “I think” which is typical. These forecasts are merely the failure of our entire approach to manipulating the world economy. I did add about 70 pages to what is now the 5th edition on sale in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You cannot see the future without understanding the past. I know there are people selling this for $300 on EBay. But they are $110 on Amazon and $125 on Barnes and Noble. We do not do the pricing. The publisher and stores do that.

Rubber & the Shipping Crisis

Armstrong Economics Blog/Agriculture Re-Posted Jul 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

People may not realize that 90% of all physical trade is moved by container ships. Because of COVID-19, the disruption in the supply chain has created a shortage in containers never seen before. Because companies could not ship their good during the lockdowns, the attempt to catch up has led to a massive shortage of containers. The Suez Canal block only exasperated the crisis.

Some believe a major crisis unfolding in rubber, which some now believe has been deliberately created to reduce global warming by preventing tires from arriving for cars. Rubber is used far beyond just tires. Nevertheless, rubber producers face climate change restrictions, activists who would love to see them shut down completely, a destructive fungus, and then the continued politicization of COVID-19. In Japanese yen terms, the high in rubber took place on an annual closing basis back in 2010 with the intraday high in 2011. We saw a 10-year decline with the historic low forming last year, which ended up creating an outside reversal to the upside. From a long-term perspective, rubber looks to be poised for a broader rally into the years ahead. Short-term, there has been overhead resistance

Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Jul 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT:  Distrust of public health officials may be a major factor in people refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Nearly a third of Americans believe officials are lying about vaccine safety, a number that rises to almost two-thirds among those who say they don’t intend to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 32% of American Adults believe public health officials are lying about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Forty-eight percent (48%) don’t think so, while 20% are not sure.


REPLY: This is what is emerging. When politics crossed the line and tried to use COVID to create climate lockdowns and bring in the Great Reset, they lost all credibility. I do not care if people start dropping dead on the street. I will not get one of these vaccines. They can shoot me, and I would say thank you. Fully Vaccinated people are still dying. Six fully vaccinated just died of COVID in the most vaccinated country.

I cherish my liberty and without it, I prefer death. I have been to communist states. I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. I have seen the nightmare that awaits when the left gets control. No thank you! These people cheering the left have no idea that to target the rich that they hate so much, they themselves will surrender all their freedom as well. Absolute delusional fools. You cannot tax only billionaires without everyone proving they are not a billionaire. The burden of proof is always on you. They don’t bother to tell you that.

A number of people have written in suggesting we ban together and buy an island. That may be a good hedge against the insanity of these people. They have no idea what the Revolution was all about or what inspired the words of Patrick Henry – give me liberty or give me death. There are some things that are worth fighting for. What Babylon Bee put out is funny, but sadly becoming reality.