Raw Video Shows Horrific Tornado Devastation in Kentucky, At Least 70 Killed, Six States Impacted, National Guard Rescue Operations Continue

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 11, 2021 | Sundance | 271 Comments

The town of Mayfield, Kentucky has been absolutely devastated by at least one of several tornadoes that tore through six states overnight.  The video footage of the area shows widespread devastation, and the Kentucky governor is now reporting at least 70 people have been killed.

All Treepers in the region please check in and let us know how y’all are doing.  Our prayers are with everyone who was in the path of this massive storm system.  There are resources coming from all over the Southeast and Midwest into the region.  The images are jaw-dropping.

(Reuters) – A devastating swarm of tornadoes ripped through six U.S. states, killing more than 70 people in Kentucky and leaving a trail of destroyed homes and businesses along a path that stretched more than 200 miles, officials said on Saturday.

Dozens were feared dead at a candle factory in western Kentucky where about 110 people were working when a powerful tornado ripped through the facility late on Friday, causing the roof to cave in.  VIDEO:

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said 40 of the 110 workers had been rescued from the factory so far. “The level of devastation is unlike anything that I have ever seen,” Beshear said of the damage caused by the collection of twisters, with the primary tornado traveling more than 227 miles (365 km) across his state.

[…] The genesis of the tornado outbreak was a series of overnight thunderstorms, including a super cell storm that formed in northeast Arkansas. That storm moved from Arkansas and Missouri and into Tennessee and Kentucky.

“Unfortunately it produced a couple of deadly tornadoes along the way. One of them may have been a long-track tornado,” Storm Prediction Center meteorologist Roger Edward said. “The killer tornado was part of that.” (read more)

Almighty God, You are our healer. Our trust is in Your grace and power. We are blessed in Your name.

With You all rescue, recovery and healing are possible. We ask Your comfort upon those who have suffered such great tragedy.

We pray for Your comfort to relieve the anxiety of all who have been impacted. Let Your strength keep all the rescue workers going and find any who are lost.

Provide Your Holy Spirit to restore those who have suffered so much. Amen.

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