Dissident Football Coach Fined $100k for Wrong Thoughts

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 11, 2022 | Sundance 

Comrades, a dissident member of the National Football League named Jack Del Rio has been caught publicly expressing wrong thoughts.

The NFL Ministry of Social Justice and NFL Homeland Tolerance and Social Cohesion Agency launched an investigation and assigned a social demerit punishment equal to $100,000 that will be removed from his financial accounts as a warning to others.

(Reuters) – The Washington Commanders said on Friday they fined defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio $100,000 after he minimized last year’s assault on the U.S. Capitol a “dust-up” compared to the 2020 racial justice protests that followed George Floyd’s death. (link)

Comrade Del Rio was made to apologize for his non-compliant thinking and brazen display of verbal violence toward society.  His reeducation began almost immediately.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera said in a statement that he met Del Rio earlier on Friday, “words have consequences and his words hurt a lot of people in our community,” Mr Rivera reiterated.

Good citizens are reminded to keep a lookout for subversive or rebellious activities that could harm the sensibilities of correct thinking citizens.

If you spot any suspicious whispering or unauthorized smiling that might indicate the presence of conversation against the interests of our new society, you are reminded to contact regional FBI authorities immediately.  You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for enhanced social credit deposits in your gasoline equity account.

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