Americans Respond to Biden Saying U.S. Economy is Great

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 11, 2022 | Sundance 

An independent journalist named Savanah Hernandez took to the streets in Dallas, Texas, to ask ordinary people what they think about Joe Biden’s economy and his continued claims that everything is ok.  She shares her findings in a short video segment. {Direct Rumble Link}

“Biden keeps touting America’s “strongest, fastest, economic recovery” & that “Americans feel more financially comfortable”. So, I went out on the streets of Dallas to ask real Americans if this was true”…  WATCH:


In the background of these interviews, it is worth emphasizing that no other political candidate -from either side of the aisle- has the ability to reach such a broad segment of the U.S. population as Donald J Trump.  The Trump coalition is the largest and most diverse assembly of the American electorate that cuts through all categorized special interest groups.  It has been this way from the outset.

The broad support for the economic nationalist, America-First, commonsense agenda and platform created by Donald Trump, is the exact reason why DC democrats and republicans need to try and take him out of the arena.  Trump represents the majority sentiment, and the basic framework of his policy positions appeal to every spectrum of the American working class.

With Donald Trump in the picture the democrats are left with a very small, fragmented political support system consisting primarily of uppity white liberals, left-wing racists and toxic democrat-Marxists.

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