Philadelphia Police Looking for 7 Teens Who Beat 73-Year-Old to Death with Traffic Cone

Posted originally on the conservative tree house July 9, 2022 | Sundance

It has been many years since CTH made the decision to stop documenting the predatory attacks from within the Safari confines of Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Oakland, New York City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Austin and several major metropolitan areas. {Go Deep} It became almost impossible to report on the Safari because even a decade ago the politically correct internet police were scrubbing content faster than Nina Jankowicz would sing about disinformation.

However, in the decade that’s passed; and as expected throughout the rise of the Dream Defenders and BLM; things have gotten much worse.  The most recent example of danger within a regional safari zone comes from Philadelphia. A group of seven “teens” beat a 73-year-old man to death with a traffic cone.

A traffic cone.

PHILADELPHIA – Security video released Friday by Philadelphia police shows a group of teens fatally beating a man in his early 70s with a traffic cone.

In a statement, the Philadelphia Police Department said authorities were searching for seven teens seen in the video, which was recorded on the morning on June 24.  The victim, who was not identified in the statement and who police blurred in the video, fell to the ground after being struck with “objects,” the department said. He died the next day.

In the video, the department said a reward of $20,000 was being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.  The department said the group appeared to be in their early to mid-teens.

The man was identified by NBC Philadelphia as 73-year-old James Lambert Jr., who went by “Simmie,” according to his family. The video showed the man crossing a street north of downtown Philadelphia before one of the teens can be seen hurling a cone at him. It isn’t clear if the teens knew the man or what occurred before the apparent assault. (MORE)

The attack took place at 2:00am, and as expected the immediate response from the local safari defenders is to ask why the victim violated a key safari rule and went outside after dark.

Within the confines of the Safari Zones the rules clearly state you should not be there; it is specifically emphasized that if a traveler must transit near a Safari Zone, there should be no travel into, through or within the zone after sunset.  The predators are most active at night.

Most of the time the safari incidents show up on page 5 or 6 of the newspaper.  Ten years ago, the common lingo was to identify the ‘incidents’ as kids playing the “Knock Out Game”, or shooting people for “Thrill Kills”, or if people accidentally talked to them, well, the safari residents were allowed to jump in/out of the car and attack without consequence.

The empowerment rules within the safari, commonly known as racial equity efforts, have spread in the last decade.

Inside the Safari, the predator’s rape little girls during their adolescence, smash bricks in the faces of others as teens, enjoy lighting people on fire while they are alive, and sometimes they will order a pizza or Chinese food so they can shoot the delivery driver for a viral YouTube video.

Other random examples have highlighted the “cap-a-joggers-ass” for jogging in/near the safari or smashing faces with bricks for more giggles. The safari residents develop alternate monikers like No-Limit-Nigga, and if you exit your vehicle during your drive through their region, well, you are requesting a beating.

If you describe the adult version of the teen predators honestly you are labeled a racist. However, if you put your head down and ignore the warning signs you risk becoming a victim. A tenuous choice.

To distract attention away from the Safari Zones the congressional black caucus claims to legitimize occupants with representation. If you defend yourself against them, you are hunting in the safari, regardless of the reason for your presence.  Safari regulators Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump call the residents “constituents” while Malik Shabazz calls them “footsoldiers”, Eric Holder calls them “his people”, and President Obama says they are just like his kids: “if I had a son.”

So, you are taught threatened to tread carefully when honestly identifying anyone who lives in the Safari zones.  All of the commonalities must be ignored and the scope of any police investigation near the Philadelphia Safari Zone must include the possibility that Amish residents of Pennsylvania are suspects; that way the media pretending -needed to advance the financial objectives of the Safari regulators- can continue.

In each of the cases in/around the Safari Zones the victim was usually targeted because they were vulnerable or disposable; customarily because the victim violated one of more of the rules of the safari.  In this example Mr. Lambert was outside his home at 2:00am.


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