UC Berkeley Law Professor Accuses Senator Josh Hawley of Transphobic Violence During Senate Hearing

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 12, 2022 | Sundance

Comrades, the professional moonbats went to Washington DC today to advance the Democrat position on baby killing.  However, UC Berkely Law School Professor, Khiara M. Bridges, claimed to be a victim of transphobic non-binary violence while being questioned about women and abortion.

After hearing Professor Bridges speak about “people with the capacity for pregnancy” in her testimony, Senator Josh Hawley attempted to understand exactly who Ms. Bridges was talking about because the Senate Judiciary hearing was assembled to discuss the legal consequences of the recent Supreme Court Dobbs decision on abortion.

Professor Bridges took exception to the line of inquiry suggesting that only women could get pregnant, and immediately accused Senator Hawley of conducting transphobic violence against her for asking questions without accepting her position that men can get pregnant.  WATCH:


This is the modern political ideology of Democrats.   And leftists are puzzled, shocked and stunned about why so few people can relate to them anymore.

Violence that supports leftist ideology is called speech. Any speech that confronts leftist ideology is labeled violence.

The Democrat party really need to double-down on this approach.  It will be good for them, I promise.

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