Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds a Critical Press Conference from Cape Coral

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 3, 2022 | Sundance 

Shortly before sunset this evening, as the search and rescue missions continue throughout the western impact zone, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference in Cape Coral to provide the latest updates and new information for the people in Southwest Florida (SWFL).   Toplines:

♦ Cape Coral, Pine Island and Sanibel only have 3% power restoration.  Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) is overwhelmed and refusing to pay the mutual aid costs for assistance. LCEC is making people suffer.  The Florida Governor has seen enough. The state is stepping in.

♦ Effective tomorrow, up to 3,500 personnel from Duke Energy are being redeployed into Cape Coral and Lee County, the State of Florida will pick up the bill for the mutual aid payments LCEC is unwilling to support.  As a result, the power restoration timeline for Cape Coral is now moved from October 23rd to October 8th.

♦ Effective tomorrow, 50 generators from the Florida Dept of Emergency Management are being moved into Cape Coral to service water and sewer issues created by LCEC unwillingness to restore power.  Lift stations will be powered by state generators until Duke Energy personnel take control and do the work LCEC is unwilling to do.

♦ Effective tomorrow, The Florida Dept of Transportation and the Florida Army Corp of Engineers will begin rebuilding an interim bridge for Pine Island Road access.  A temporary bridge is expected to be completed by the end of the week, allowing Pine Island residents to cross into the mainland.  Lee County can then figure out a permanent solution.

♦ Effective immediately, the Florida Dept of Transportation will begin a parallel operation with Lee County Transportation to outline a temporary bridge and transit system to reconnect access to Sanibel Island from Punta Rassa (South Fort Myers).  Governor Ron DeSantis said there’s no reason to wait a year for a permanent fix to begin.  The state will pick up the tab for a temporary bridge system, as Lee County begins the process of figuring out what to do.

♦ The Florida National Guard will begin airlifting utility crews into Sanibel and Captiva Islands to begin restoration assessments.


All good decisions by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Ancillary NOTE:  Remember what I said yesterday… “On a practical note, I see the millionaire/billionaire boating class are being told they must remove their status yachts from a couple of major locations.”….  24 hours after that notification to the white wine spritzer crowd, the Florida State DOT now says they will build a fast temporary bridge and local municipal port operations (barges) will not be needed.  These issues and rapid responses are related.

The White Wine Spritzer Crowd are the major DeSantis donor crowd. Tell the SWFL millionaires/billionaires they need to move their yachts and suddenly a temporary bridge is being built by the State of Florida. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t bitchin’, but I also ain’t stupid. Everything is always related to the economics of the thing.

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