America’s biggest threat – China

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A Record Number of Americans Say They Are Worse Off Financially Since Joe Biden Took Office

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According to the latest ABC/WaPo polling [Full pdf Here], 41% of Americans say they are worse off financially under Joe Biden.  That is the highest negative response to the question in the 37-year history of ABC polling.

Yet we are supposed to believe voters suffering under the worst financial outlooks in 40-years rewarded Joe Biden just two months ago with support for his Democrat Party and candidates?   Something is just not adding up.


[Full Poll Data Here]

China’s Balloon is all Posturing

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted Feb 4, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The Chinese Balloon is a surveillance balloon. It is meant more for intimidation. It is unlikely that it really poses a national security threat. There is also one flying over Latin America. Joe Biden’s response was immediately to shoot it down. He was warned that it is too big and would possibly create a debris field that would harm civilians for no reason. The Chinese did the same when Trump came to power. He knew it was just intimidation and gave no order to try to shoot it down.

It flew over Montana which is the #1 target to eliminate our major intercontinental missiles that would point to China. So from that perspective, it had targeted sensitive areas but everyone in the world knows where those missiles are at.

Biden has shot it down once it made it to the Atlantic. Any information would have been transmitted back already. So this too was a measure of Bravado for the PR value. As one client wrote in:

Message: Martin, I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. Today was a clear sky day, the balloon and 5 military jets flying around were clearly visible. Many neighbors were calling each other to inform them of what was happening outside, we and many neighbors were out in the street watching this. Then all of a sudden there was a boom and the balloon disappeared, so much for the balloon. It was interesting. End of story.


This is just intimidation. It seems to have worked for Secretary of State Antony Blinken abruptly canceled a high-stakes Beijing trip aimed at supposedly easing U.S.-China tensions after the US has done everything it can to make matters worse. Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was stupid. By the US making such a grand stand against China over Taiwan, they have absolutely now guaranteed that China will take Taiwan. Pelosi went just before the Chinese election which only guaranteed Xi’s reelection.

I do not know if there is something in the water in California that seems to make the politicians there lose all understanding of war and intimidation. Now the Republican McCarthy is showing that he too is just acting irrationally and poking China to ensure it MUST now take Taiwan. He announced a Taiwan trip simply because Pelosi did it, and it will do nothing but ensure a war that the USA would lose. Because China warned McCarthy, then he has to certainly go,

McCarthy has now come out and said that China cannot tell him where to go. So he now must go to Taiwan as a matter of gamesmanship, but that works both ways. Pelosi’s trip and now McCarthy’s trip are both doing the same to China. The US pretending it will defend Taiwan when we cannot is absurd and it then forces China to invade for the very same reason McCarthy is saying they cannot tell him where to go. McCarthy is part of the uni-party where Democrats and Republicans will act ONLY in the self-interest of the government.

China has come out and declared that its people should be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027. The Air Force general told everyone to be prepared for war with China by 2025. Even just looking at the ECM from the start of Taiwan, this is the second wave of 51.6 years and the third wave peaked on January 13th, 2023 (2023.036). That was the week when China staged a massive drill against Taiwan which was three days after a US Navy destroyer transited the Taiwan Strait in a “freedom of navigation” operation which prompted the reaction from China.

All of this poking China only forces war. Just as McCarthy now views he must go since China told him not to, China will respond by invading or they will appear weak. This is like kids pretending to be tough in a schoolyard. The emotions are the same and it becomes a matter of pride.

Video Footage of Military Shooting Down Chinese Surveillance Balloon

Posted originally on the CTH on February 5, 2023 | Sundance

Interesting video capture appears to show the moment the U.S. military hit the Chinese surveillance balloon with some type of detonation.

3:15 P.M. EST – THE PRESIDENT:  On Wednesday, when I was briefed on the balloon, I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down, on Wednesday, as soon as possible.  They decided — without doing damage to anyone on — on the ground.  They decided that the best time to do that was as it got over water, outside — within our — within the 12-mile limit.

They successfully took it down.  And I want to compliment our aviators who did it.  And we’ll have more to report on this a little later. 

Thank you.

Q    Mr. President, what does this say about China?  What’s your message to China?

Q    You were saying the recommendation from your — was from your national security —

THE PRESIDENT:  I told them to shoot it down.

Q    On Wednesday?

THE PRESIDENT:  On Wednesday.

Q    But the recommendation from them —

THE PRESIDENT:  They said to me, “Let’s wait till the safest place to do it.”

3:16 P.M. EST

Biden Confirms U.S. Military Have Taken Down Chinese Surveillance Balloon – Details Forthcoming

Posted originally on the CTH on February 4, 2023 | Sundance 

Apparently, the Chinese surveillance airship has been taken out of commission inside the 12-mile range of U.S. territorial waters on the South Carolina Atlantic coast.

Delivering remarks to the press pool, Joe Biden confirmed the Chinese dirigible was taken down.   According to his statement, Biden ordered the airship to be shot down last Wednesday (lol sure), but the military advised him to wait until it crossed the U.S. and could be taken down over water.

Several U.S. jet fighters were seen circling the coastline, and the FAA had shut down the airspace above the Atlantic near Myrtle Beach prior to the operation to remove or destroy the surveillance airship.

General McMaster “BE READY FOR WAR WITH CHINA”, Covidians Start To Admit Unvaxxed Were The Winners

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China seems to be controlling the world right now as everything that is going on benefits them!

China Floats High Altitude “Spy Balloon” Over U.S. Airspace

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This is a little goofy, and likely another expression of the Beijing dragon doing the propaganda dance.  According to multiple media sources a high altitude “spy balloon” is drifting over U.S. airspace and the Pentagon has discussed options for shooting it down yet they didn’t.

It’s goofy because the balloon is floating well above commercial airline routes and, well, what could China capture via balloon that they are not already capturing via satellite surveillance.  It’s just odd.  {Direct Rumble Link}

I can understand not shooting it down – after all, that approach would likely then involve bits of the thing falling to the ground, which then would pose both a hazard and a need to collect all the debris.  It seems more like a Beijing propaganda effort than an actual risk to any U.S. military interests.

Tucker Carlson questions why the Pentagon decided not to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon.


Washington DC – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Thursday night called for a briefing of the “Gang of Eight” — the group of lawmakers charged with reviewing the nation’s most sensitive intelligence information — following reports of a Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana.

“China’s brazen disregard for U.S. sovereignty is a destabilizing action that must be addressed, and President Biden cannot be silent,” McCarthy tweeted. “I am requesting a Gang of Eight briefing.” (read more)

Have no fear, the Pentagon is investigating with their best men, whoops – I mean people, or people-kind, or non-binary persons who are within what we previously called the U.S. military, or defense dept.  Whatever all that is now….

Kissinger Sells Out on Ukraine?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Geopolitical Re-Posted Jan 20, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Martin, what do you have to say about Kissinger now?
I am sure many want to know.


ANSWER: Well I had hoped that Henry could have made it to the WEC this year. I think it would have been a very interesting discussion between the two of us. I am well aware of Henry’s background even with Schwab. He delivered a speech at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, and he flipped in his position saying: “Before this war, I was opposed to membership of Ukraine in NATO because I feared that it would start exactly the process that we have seen now. The idea of a neutral Ukraine under these conditions is no longer meaningful.”

I have long admired Kissinger’s geopolitical analysis. He was instrumental in moving Richard Nixon to open with China which was really a policy to divide and separate Russia from China. While he said that dialogue must be kept open between Russia and other countries even as the war rages on in Ukraine, for if you do not talk, there cannot be any possible resolution.

I fully disagree with Kissinger saying that Ukraine should recapture territory that has been annexed by Russia while simultaneously holding negotiations to end the war. Some of Ukraine’s neighbors really support Russia and would not be so upset if Ukraine was completely destroyed for many view that as karma for their alliance with Nazi Germany. The Western press does not wish to report on how in that region, Ukraine is not trusted nor respected. Some have even expressed the view that Kyiv should be nuked for that is the only way to restore world peace – exterminate the Nazis and their ethnic cleansing once and for all.

While Kissinger said that a diplomatic process could help Russia “re-evaluate its historic position, which was an amalgam of an attraction to the culture of Europe and a fear of domination by Europe.” He did not elaborate on that “fear of domination by Europe” statement, but the fact is that Russia has NEVER sought to invade Europe, but Europe has tried to conquer Russia many times with the two most prominent being Napoleon and Hitler. After the statements that the whole Minsk Agreement was just to fool Putin to buy time for this latest attempt to conquer Russia with NATO planning for the long-haul to invade Moscow after Ukraine is finished depleting Russia’s conventional ability to defend itself.

Kissinger also made the statement that “[e]ach side needs to consider for itself how the threat to human survival of the destructiveness of weapons, coupled with making them almost conscious in their application, can be dealt with.” This is a proxy war and Zelensky has no respect for his own people. This is all about a land grab and the Donbas has been historically occupied by Russians as has Crimea. Simply because Khruschev drew the border for Ukraine purely for administrative purposes does not suddenly give Ukraine the right to claim those regions when Ukraine was NEVER a country before the USSR.

Kissinger had advocated for a ceasefire that would see Ukraine accept some of the annexed territories as Russian land for those people are Russian and they should not be compelled to surrender their language and their religion. I cannot explain Henry’s flipping this position for it seems to be only one of two possible explanations (1) old age being 99, or (2) he was told to support Ukraine for this is the objective to destroy Russia by the deep state. The same deep state that took down JFK, Nixon, and Trump for all being anti-war.

I support the people in the Donbas against the tyranny of Zelensky and Kyiv for I have not flipped my position which is consistent worldwide for all people. In 2014, I advocated splitting Ukraine according to the ethnic language of the people. Governments have no absolute right to power. Kissinger has forgotten his history. Any government exists only with the support and consent of the people. Zelensky ran and won promising peace and the end of corruption. He has done neither.

Our computer pinpointed Ukraine would be the place where World War III would begin. On December 3rd, 2013 we published: Ukraine Maybe The Most Important Country To Watch! Our computer is unbiased and it looks at the geopolitical consequences of war and where they begin and end.

As Thomas Paine (1737-1809) explained, government becomes drunk with power and presumes that they are the sovereign when that power resides only with the people. The U.S. Supreme Court stated in LEGAL TENDER CASES, 110 U.S. 421 (1884) (also referred to as Julliard v Greenman),

“There is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the government of the United States. It is a government of delegated powers, supreme within its prescribed sphere, but powerless outside of it. In this country, sovereignty resides in the people, and congress can exercise no power which they have not, by their constitution, entrusted to it; all else is withheld.”

The Supreme Court held that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and binds every forum whether it derives its authority from a state or from the United States Cook v Moffat, 46 US 295 (1847). “It may be regarded as settled that the Constitution of the United States is the only source of power authorizing action by any branch of the Federal government.” Dorr v US, 195 US 138, 140 (1904).

This is why I do not support Zelensky or his ruthless proxy war with Russia on behalf of the USA and NATO. The fake Minsk Agreement confirmed that from day one, the West has been planning to wage war with Russia – the third wave to conquer and destroy Russia directed by the Deep State. They are using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder and could care less how many die to achieve their end goal – the total destruction of Russia.

What is also MISUNDERSTOOD is Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence which expressed the same idea as Thomas Paine. By stating that “all men are created equal” had nothing to do with slavery as some tried to re-interpret. He stated that these are “unalienable rights” that are NOT granted by any government. Governments are created to secure those rights, not to suppress them as so many have done and Zelensky is doing right now to the people of the Donbas which the Minsk Agreement was to be their Declaration of Independence that the west has bluntly pissed all over it. When a government becomes destructive to those rights, as the West and Zelensky have done, then “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it” in the words of Jefferson.

I am sorry, up to now I have always respected you, Henry. I would not have invited you to our WEC had you flipped your position perhaps you were not sick and were told by the deep state not to attend our WEC. There is no purpose to NATO other than to confront Russia. Let’s get that straight. NATO is no different than ancient Athens demanding tribute from everyone to protect them against another invasion by the Persians which also never came. Russia under Khrushchev was very different. It was pushing Marxism and believed that communists would rule the world. Yeltsin choose Putin because he was NOT a Communist, nor was he an oligarch. Those days are long gone and the Russian people themselves would not support a return to communism. They are free to even go to church and pursue a career they decide on rather than the state.

The West has refused to accept Russia as a member of the world economy. It has been the West that has tried to keep the cold war going. NATO, of course, refused to ever accept Russia was no longer communist and kept the paranoia going that they wanted to conquer and dominate Europe which was a goal that died with communism. Neither Russia nor China wants to occupy the United States or Europe. The days of empire-building also died long ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has no incentive to believe anything coming from Ukraine, NATO, or the United States after what they saw with the deliberate fake Minsk Agreement to only buy time for war. The Donbas should be allowed to vote and let that vote be monitored. They are Russians ethnically and they have an inherent unalienable human right to establish their own government, to worship their own religion freely, and to speak their own language. Zelensky is a fake actor playing a role dictated by NATO and the USA. He is putting his own people on the geopolitical altar for sacrifice to seize a region that has always been Russian denying them any Democracy option when he claims he is defending Democracy. When the last Ukrainian standing falls, Zelensky will be given a free ride to the Bahamas to live the rest of his life on a warm tropical beach with the billions he has stolen.

No government has a right to Deny Any Region to Separate

That Applies in the United States for our day will also come

Sorry Henry – You Lost My Respect I hope it was Old Age

Gov. Kristi Noem warns of ‘alarming’ impact of vaccine mandates on military readiness

Ainsley Earhardt Published originally on Rumble on December 2, 2022

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem explains Republican governors’ efforts to push Congress to drop the COVID vaccine mandate for members of the military. Noem also discusses her recent ban on TikTok for state agencies.

China & the Future

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong Economics 101

Posted Dec 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hello Marty !!
It looks like the ” China as a parking lot for cash has already begun. FXI going to the moon of late in spite of Xi & Co. cutting off their own economic foot to hide behind their troubles and blame it on the darn protestors to the folly, by golly. One thing I’ve learned over the years from you is that when one (You) declares things are gonna get nuts (from a guy who has seen way more then his share), don’t blink when human events exceed the retardation level of insanity (NOW!)

Thank You for your take on reality and truth, it is setting many free, and these are those who will pick up the pieces once the warring factions beat each other silly and dead.
Very Best Martin, much respect!


REPLY: I know a lot of people do not like our forecast that post-2032 China will emerge as the Financial Capitol of the World replacing the United States. Some argue against me citing the protests and the form of government. Let me state as clearly as I possibly can. DO NOT assume that the current government in China will survive any more than the United States or Europe.

The last major political collapse was the birth of the United States, the French Revolution, and the surrender of the supreme power of the monarch in Britain and elsewhere. It was the fall of the monarchy and the world turned to a Republic.

I would like to see the world turn to reach democracy where We the People actually decide to go to war rather than these corrupt politicians who take bribes.

The fall of the United States is underway. The nation has become polarized and next will come separatist movements just as in the American Civil War which took place 86 years into the cycle (10 * 8.6) from 1775/6.

Video Player



All of this talk of a One World Government will end war is absurd. The former President of France stood before the EU Parliament and stated that was the same idea that led to the creation of the EU. One European government would prevent European war. Now they are trying to accomplish this using the United Nations.

Obviously, these people lack any understanding of history. Yes, Rome was one government and it lasted overall for 1,000 years. However, it had many civil wars and it even split into three empires during the 3rd Century.

Perhaps you will recall after the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC, Mark Antony and Octavian (Augustus) were together and waged civil war against Brutus and others. Then they too split and waged yet another civil war with Mark Antony and Cleopatra v Octavian and his general Agrippa.

Augustus became the first emperor in 27BC and then the Julio Claudian Dynasty lasted until the death of Nero in 68AD. Then another civil war unfolded. The empire then survived until the assassination of Commodus in 192AD launching yet another civil war that lasted 4.4 years until the rise of Septimius Severus. The death of his son Caracalla in 217AD sparked another battle for the throne for 2 years.

Obviously, one government doe NOT guarantees peace. The utopian nonsense these people are talking about is all a thirst for raw power and even the end of a Republican form of government where we the people will have no right to vote at all. Schwab and his WEF make it sound this is all for your benefit rather than those like Schwab who just want to control everything and everyone.

So when I say China will become the next Financial Capital of the World, make no assumptions. What we think is the solid world of politics as it is today will be no more on a global scale.