Largest iPhone Factory Hires 100K Employees after Lockdown Scare

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted Nov 21, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Apple iPhone 14 production slowdown from the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China continues. A high percentage of workers fled the world’s largest iPhone factory as soon as the lockdown went into effect. Reports state that the site, only weeks ago, that Foxconn looked like an abandoned center piled high with workers’ belongings as the government simply tossed all dissenters’ possessions out of windows to be discarded. That is how quickly people had to flee. Foxconn had to recruit 100,000 new employees after the incident.

The Chinese recall horror stories from past lockdowns, only a few months ago, where food and aid were not available, and the government could not properly ration essentials.

China’s business confidence survey from October showed that 55% of companies lost confidence in doing business in China in the short term. The Zero COVID policy is scaring business from China. Yet, China’s refusal to forego COVID restrictions points to a bigger problem. The banks are in the midst of a liquidity crisis, printing money is not an option, and lockdowns are an effective way to control the population’s movement.

President Xi Scolds Trudeau for G20 Media Leak

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 18, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The fear on Trudeau’s face is priceless. Everyone knows Justin Trudeau loves the spotlight. He is merely a celebrity like Zelensky. Justin is not a true statesman but a political puppet who does what he is told, as a good World Economic Forum Young Leader should. Within hours of what should have been a private meeting, the mainstream media released everything to the public. China’s Xi confronted Trudeau for disclosing altered information and making a complete fool of himself.

Everything discussed yesterday “has been leaked to the paper(s), that’s not appropriate” and “that’s not the way the conversation was conducted,” Xi told Trudeau through a translator. Justin, like a reprimanded schoolboy, said they “could work constructively together, but there will be things they disagree on.” Xi replied, “Let’s create the conditions first,” meaning do not open your mouth to the media when we are negotiating global affairs. There is nothing to disagree on when the conditions have not been outlined.

Before people cry “but, but, free speech—we can say what we can here,” let us not forget that Trudeau said China was his ideal government. Another step in the wrong direction for China and Western relations.

Chairman Xi Jinping Deploys Rarely Seen Linguistic Weapon at G20 That Shrinks Justin from Canada

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 16, 2022 | Sundance

If you have not watched this video, you really should.  Justin from Canada leaked the content of a private bilateral conversation with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping to the media.  Chairman Xi was not happy with the breach of diplomatic protocol.

What makes this video remarkable is the purposeful decision by Chairman Xi to confront Justin from Canada in front of a western audience.  Xi never speaks directly in public and is always aware of cameras. The Chinese Chairman almost always goes through spokespeople to relay his public communication, reserving his voice for controlled and disciplined conversation with national leaders.   However, not this time.

Chairman Xi dresses down Justin from Canada publicly, in view of cameras and microphones. Watch, and stay with it to the end when Justin from Canada awkwardly looks for somewhere to hide.  It’s quite funny.  WATCH:


Biden Angers China Yet Again

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted Sep 21, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

As Americans, we are accustomed to our dementia-ridden commander-in-chief misspeaking and provoking war with major world powers. He nearly declared war on Russia, but the White House backtracked. The White House is now redacting almost everything that came out of Joe Biden’s mouth during his “60 Minutes” interview.

China is not going to let a comment by “Uncle Joe” pass without warning. Joe Biden said that US forces, men and women, would defend Taiwan if China invaded. This is worse than Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan as it completely disregards prior US-China relations and the One China policy. It does not matter if the US agrees with the One China policy, but it must respect it and maintain diplomatic relations with China, its top trading partner, while it restores its declining economy. This policy has been in place since 1979, and Joe Biden is the first to violate the agreement.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning reacted as expected to Biden’s threat. “The US remarks … severely violate the important commitment the U.S. made not to support Taiwan independence, and send a seriously erroneous signal to Taiwanese separatist independence forces,” Mao said. Mao said that China seeks a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan. “At the same time, we will never tolerate any activities aimed at splitting the country, and reserve the choice to take all necessary measures.”

Joe Biden also gave Americans false hope by declaring that the pandemic was over. I think most of us realized it was over when the death rate was a nil 0.02%, and the vaccines did nothing to prevent infection or transmission. The White House came out to clarify that it has not changed its stance on COVID – emergency powers remain in place.