The New Russian Conspiracy – Moving the North Pole to Freeze Europe

Believe it or not, the latest conspiracy brewing is that the Russians not only defeated Hillary, they have figured out how to shift the planet and weather and have manipulated the planet so that the North Pole is headed to London to freeze Europe so they will have to buy more gas, and they are creating a warmer climate in Siberia to exploit the natural resources there.

Well it is true that Europe is turning colder and government have invested so much into this Global Warming they cannot now admit that all this propaganda is just that – propaganda. And yes, Siberia is experiencing record warming. They are wearing bikinis in Siberia!

Obviously, the Russians have devised a way to shift the pole, reverse its direction in 2000, send it to Europe, and then made sure Hillary lost and Trump won the White House who knows what the Russians have so so that is why he is against the Global Warming propaganda since he too wants to sell gas to Europe as it freezes. They also wanted to see girls in bikinis in Siberia. That was also part of the conspiracy. Not sure where it ranked be it number one or number ten on the list of motives.

Great Conspiracy theory – those clever Russians. As long as Florida stays warm I’m OK with it a

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