GOP Cutting Off POTUS to Spite Their Face

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In a disgusting display of virtue signaling, many Republicans have said they will vote to impeach President Trump.

A legion of these backstabbers have now joined forces with Nancy Pelosi, who wants the president removed immediately, even though his term expires in a handful of days. It’s bad enough that Pelosi’s latest power play is a slap in the face to the millions of us who voted for Trump, but to see a legion of Republicans helping her in her effort is downright despicable.

The first rat to jump ship was Mitch McConnell. Ol’ turtle head was never on the side of Trump—not really. He has strong ties to China and wants to return to globalism and send our jobs back to that communist country. He wants to continue running an expensive empire in terms of money and lives to benefit the military industrial complex. He wants to serve the interests of large global corporations while lining his pockets. In other words, he wants business as usual and his business, like Biden’s, is corruption.

The Republican Party is quickly reverting back to what they were—a New World Order neocon party in lockstep with the Democrats, a neoliberal, socialist and globalist party.

Both are on the same page. Both have contempt for most Americans, whom they consider to be their subjects. Trump was a billionaire, but he brought back jobs and a sense of national pride to millions of average Americans. We all had great hopes that he would drain the Swamp and restore our Republic, but he wasn’t part of the globalists’ ‘Big Club.’ Therefore he was run through a political ringer of lies for four years as the Democrats tried to impeach him at every turn. A few Republicans helped him half-heartedly, but it became clear that they were only marking time.

Now the Republican hearts have turned ice cold on the president. Most of them have become ‘never Trumpers.’ Or perhaps more accurately, ‘never again Trumpers.’ Both parties want to see to it that he doesn’t run again and they may get their way. There will be consequences, however. Many of us will not be voting for their candidates again. I voted for Senator Daines here in Montana and he became one of the backstabbers. Shame on you, Daines.

It is apparent that saving the Republic will be up to “we the people”, not the politicians.

—Ben Garrison

Schumer Begins the Domestic Terrorist Act – No Fly List

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Jan 13, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Schumer is calling anyone who was in the Capitol Building are “insurrectionists” despite the fact the police let them inside and most were taking selfies. Most do not appear to be threats other than they voted for Trump. To ban these people from ever getting on an airplane smells of what is to come. This is following precisely AOC’s call to create lists of people who supported Trump for retaliation. They are pushing the limits which will only split the country even more. This is not a government that represents everyone – only select philosophies. This is grossly exaggerating this event calling everyone an “insurrectionist” without Due Process of Law. That in itself is unconstitutional. Schumer and Pelosi are simply acting politically trying to remove a president who will be gone in 7 days. This is absurd.

Now Bill Gates Comes out – Climate Change is Worse than COVID

Armstrong economic Blog/Forecasts Re-Posted Jan 13, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Now that Trump is defeated, we will see them move to the next excuse to crush the economy — climate change. Bill Gates, in his GatesNotes, wrote: “What’s remarkable is not how much emissions will go down because of the pandemic, but how little,” Gates wrote. “The relatively small decline in emissions this year makes one thing clear: We cannot get to zero emissions simply—or even mostly—by flying and driving less.” That’s not to say that reducing consumption of fuel that emits carbon gas emissions is not a worthy goal, just that it is not enough, Gates said.

In other words, the goal here is to crush the economy, and any BUILD BACK BETTER will take decades at best, and not months.

Will Biden Lockdown the Country in February?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Jan 13, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

We have to face reality. Joe Biden may not really be in charge as was the case with Bush Jr. His advisers are already laying out how to pay for a “brief” lockdown of 6 weeks. This agenda of locking the world down came from the climate activists spearheaded by Bill Gates through the World Economic Forum. It appears that they will introduce policies in February. Don’t forget, they used COVID to beat Trump claiming it was all his fault and all deaths were because of him. Given that rhetoric, it is hard to see how they would maintain the same policy of openness.

2021 – The Choppiness Ahead

Armstrong Economics Blog/Forecasts Re-Posted Jan 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION #1: OK. Now what? The Democrats seem to be just vindictive and do not represent all the people. Any thoughts on the future?


QUESTION #2:  Hello Martin.
You and Socrates are the only sane people/AI in a totally insane world for the time being. Thanks for that.
From a Swedish perspective, it is completely absurd what we see unfolding in Washington DC among these corrupt politicians. If Trump leaves without some security guarantees, they will probably chase him and his entire family all the way to hell with various accusations, lawsuits, and maybe even arrests. Maybe he can make an art of the deal with Pence and let him step in 24 hours before noon 20th and pardon Trump and his family against all possible accusations or maybe even make an art of the deal with Biden, for the good of the country, etc.

What do you think and what does Socrates say?


ANSWER: Trump’s biggest flaw is he does not know when to stop. Think a rally would show he had support was not necessary because he had the support and a number of Republicans were going to contest the vote despite the fact it would not win. All the conspiracy theories that Pence would just unilaterally declare Trump the winner were absurd. That was a fringe opinion at best. I stated that once the Supreme Court rejected the Texas suit it was over. The absurd statements that they were telling him how to bring the suit were obviously made up by people that do not understand the law. I do think he should step down, cut a deal with Pence, get a pardon for him and his family. The press will never allow him to come back.

However, the Democrats are exhibiting the same flaw at the very start of their term as Trump. The political winds have shifted masterfully and I would not doubt that someone orchestrated the breach of the Capitol knowing it would discredit all Trump supporters and open a clear path for the Democrats to act like dictators. Rarely does it get more favorable for a party than the Democrats now enjoy! Besides winning control of the White House and both the House and Senate, Joe Biden will get the Cabinet and judges he wants and the path is open to tax changes as well as rules in the Senate to silence the Republicans completely. Media is their lapdog and can be counted on to cheer whatever Biden says and every move he makes. They interfered in the election far more than they accused the Russians. Likewise, BigTech is expecting their payoff in the form of entering banking.

I have warned that “Trumpism” pre-existed Trump – it is the anti-establishment movement that can be traced back to Andrew Jackson. The Republican Party is in shambles because they blame everything on Trump and in the process will disavow the very reforms people have sought. The computer shows an absolutely disastrous two years ahead. The Democrats are blinded by their dictatorial power when in fact they never won a mandate. Nevertheless,  they will push forward to change the face of America and in the process, this is not going to be so easy and they are celebrating right now.

House Democrats failed Monday in their first bid to punish President Trump after his supporters were allowed into the Capitol they wish to characterize as an insurrection when it seemed more like a Woodstock fest with people taking selfies rather than actually overthrowing the government unarmed. Nevertheless, Pelosi is being very vindictive not to just demoralize Trump, but by attempting to make him the first president ever to be impeached twice, she is really trying to discredit. the anti-establishment sentiments in the nation.

Our computer is showing a very choppy year ahead. On top of that, the economy will continue to decline into 2022. What we will see is what I have warned about. Republics are the WORST form of government for they pretend they are democratic, but they are ruthless tyrannical regimes. I continue to warn that you should not be allowed to change the system structurally without a 2/3rd vote. Even to amend the Constitution requires 38 states out of 50 of 76%. Congress should not be allowed to change the rules to end filibusters to usher in an authoritative dictatorship with 50.4% of the vote. This will still lead to violence and the Supreme Court should have ruled on the evidence yes or no. Refusing to take the case leaves both sides convinced about the other. That is not a government that will represent everyone.

VP Mike Pence Rejects Speaker Pelosi Request for 25th Amendment Against President Trump

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 12, 2021 by Sundance

Vice President Mike Pence has rejected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s demand that cabinet members of the Trump administration invoke the 25th Amendment:

Speaker Pelosi will now move forward with article of impeachment in the house tomorrow.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Will Stop Financial Support for Congress Members Who Support President Trump

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 12, 2021 by Sundance

It should come as no surprise the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (CoC) would join hands with leftist democrats & begin withholding financial support for congressional representatives who supported President Trump.   You might remember in August of 2020 when the CoC admitted to supporting far-left democrats in the 2020 election cycle.

WASHINGTON DC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the powerful pro-business [multinational] lobbying group, said Tuesday it will halt political contributions to certain lawmakers following the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

“There are some members that by their actions will have forfeited the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Period, full stop,” Neil Bradley, chief policy officer at the Chamber, said in a press conference.

[…] “It’s also a mistake not to recognize the elected officials who really stood up in very trying and difficult circumstances and we’re going to continue to operate a program that supports them and helps them in our efforts to lead our country,” he said. (read more)


Shut up! they Shouted

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Big Tech Tyrants

While luxuriating in Tahiti, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a shameful but bold decision: He removed thousands of conservative voices from his platform, including GrrrGraphics. Our mass violation? We were all pro-Trump. Dorsey lied and said we were promoting violence while he allowed ‘hang Pence’ messages to stay.

Not to be outdone, Jeff Bezos also ‘cleansed’ the Twitter alternative, Parler, from his company’s cloud servers. Trump supporters are now being smeared as ’terrorists’ by the far left mega billionaires.


Throughout 2020, Facebook was busy censoring conservative voices on their platform. Mark Zuckerberg is good friends with China’s President Xi. Zuckerberg speaks Chinese. He asked Xi to name his child. Zuckerberg clearly interfered with the election by refusing to allow any comments or links to Hunter’s notorious laptop. Facebook went the Hillary route of lying and said (with zero proof) that it was ‘Russian disinformation.’

Try using Google for any searches of conservative opinions and you’ll see page after page of leftist opinions stating why conservatives are wrong. Goggle does evil and it’s now nothing more than a socialist propaganda arm—not a search engine.

Many on the left claim it’s perfectly fine for these CEOs to burn conservative opinions. After all, they are private companies and can do whatever they want. Not exactly. They are publicly-held companies. Today Twitter’s stock got slammed and rightfully so. Let’s hope the mega billionaires are all taken down a peg or two, but more importantly, we all need to point out the hypocrisy of the left for blatantly violating our First Amendment.

The lefty mega billionaires know their plans for us are unpopular. Their ideas don’t stand up in the marketplace of ideas, so they want to limit and control that marketplace. They know this is not aligned with our Constitution, but they don’t care. They admire the Chicom system more. Hence their naked display of reckless power.

They must be awfully afraid if they’re resorting to silencing millions of Americans.

—Ben Garrison

The False Flag – Capitol Siege?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Jan 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

It is clear that the police opened the doors and stood by as they allowed protestors into the Capitol. They have now charged some police for allowing people in. That is not grounds to impeach Trump. But Pelosi is doing this to try to tar and feather him to prevent him from ever running again. She is also trying to demoralize anyone who voted for him – a very standard psychological warfare tactic to crush the Republican Party into dust.

This is the same routine they pulled off for 9/11. I have laid it out that while the terrorists hijacked the planes, the government knew that was coming and allowed it to take place to gain tremendous power. The first crew of terrorists were in MCC and even drew the Twin Towers on the wall with planes going into them. It was the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) employee Mr. Kumb who provided the recreation materials they used. The BOP came down to 10 south and filmed everything. They knew what was coming down and used it to expand their power allowing it to happen.

I already receive hate mail blaming everything on Trump supporters, so lock-up 50% of the country. The hatred is pouring out, so I do not see how there will be reconciliation going forward when our computer has Panic Cycles in politics in 2022. That’s why we have Socrates — it will take a computer to shift through all this nonsense.

Project Northwoods was the same scheme, which is on the pro-government site Wikipedia. Kill Americans and blame Cuba to justify an invasion. This “siege” of the Capitol did not appear to be breaking down doors. It will be used to push through the Domestic Terrorist Act and, once again, increase the power of the state, which was written ahead of this event.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Shifts “We Must Reopen The Economy”

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 11, 2021 by Sundance

With the JoeBama administration looming, suddenly New York totalitarian Governor Andrew Cuomo has a reversal in position:

If you read that and said… “wha, wait.. huh?”, you would not be alone.   After initiating lock-down measures that collapsed the New York economy because there was no other option…. suddenly the risks of economic collapse are worse than the COVID-19 threat, which is the same message President Trump has been sharing for months. What gives?

[…] New York has used just half of its roughly one million vaccine doses so far, and Cuomo said New York won’t have enough doses for roughly four million eligible New Yorkers until mid-April, based on the state’s federal allotment of 300,000 vaccines per week.

[…] “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass,” Cuomo said.  (read more)

The timing of this seems to be connected to the shift in administration; which would imply, publicly, that COVID shutdowns are indeed -as most have said- very politically motivated.

It will be interesting to see how California Governor Gavin Newsom responds to the shift in position from Cuomo.

The economic damage has been catastrophic, but all of the totalitarian governors have used the COVID threat to justify their action.  This shift today is in direct contrast to several months of narrative drum-beating.  Is this the inflection point where we discover that COVID was weaponized for maximum political value?