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Princeton’s William Happer rebuts myth of carbon pollution

Dr. William Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University, summarizes his arguments about the myth of carbon pollution. It’s that myth that underlies global warming alarmists’ key arguments. Happer offered these comments during a Sept. 8, 2014, speech for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society


World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University) Part 1

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We’re in a carbon drought. That is according to Professor William Happer of Princeton University. The renowned physicist says when it comes to carbon dioxide, there’s more good than bad. He goes on to say most of carbon dioxide’s effect has already happened. He points to the logarithmic dependence of temperature on carbon dioxide levels. Happer says the unique properties of carbon dioxide mean that current levels would need to double for another one-degree increase in temperature and they’d have to double again for another one degree rise. — Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue presents Conversations That Matter. Join veteran Broadcaster Stuart McNish each week for an important and engaging Conversation about the issues shaping our future.

Food Prices Due to the Little Ice Age


QUESTION: What do you think about Professor Valentina Zharkhova, of Northumbria University’s department of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering, warning that the Sun is about to enter a Grand Solar Minimum  that could last for 33 years?


ANSWER: Food prices rose due to the first Black Death whereby 50% of the population died which created a shortage of labor. This is what ended serfdom and began capitalism with the payment of wages. Then the weather began to turn sharply colder as the sun went into a solar minimum for a protracted period of time. This was known as the Maunder Minimum, which lasted between 1645 and 1717. This was a period where the number of sunspots was generally fewer than 50 per year compared to our modern period of warming with 40,000-50,000 sunspots over a 25-year period.

The Maunder Minimum was a very prolonged period of minimum solar activity that lasted for about 72 years. Our model is projecting an initial low coming into play around 2022. The extended trend appears to be lasting into as late as 2061, but that should not be without years that show spike highs in sunspot activity. This does not appear to be a downtrend that is persistent into 2061. There will clearly be lower highs during this period, but the trend should flip back to global warming post-2061.

Chaotic Weather

QUESTION: Marty; the weather is becoming as chaotic as the markets. We have one day heat in Antarctica and then snow in Saudi Arabia and Baghdad. Is this part of the cycle going into solar minimum?


ANSWER: Absolutely. It becomes chaotic at such periods. Some places turn very cold and others hot. This is all part of the normal cycle. It unfolded that way even during the 1930s. Of course, the climate change people claim this is proof of rising CO2 levels, but they never provide evidence to support their claims that this has not taken place before. I would just for once like to see the evidence other than constantly claiming everything is proof without ever showing a historical account.

We face serious problems for diseases will rise with cold weather as will food prices

Dr Easterbrook was Never Allowed to Testify at the UN


Wheat & Climate Change

COMMENT: Hello Mr. Armstrong,

Thank you very much for all you do for us little people. I am a Basic member just trying to move my 401K in and out of the markets to try to make a little extra for retirement. Unfortunately I can only make a move once a month.
Here is today’s temperature in the oil fields of the North Slope of Alaska. We have been in cold weather shutdown for about 2 weeks. I have been here 20 years and have not seen a cold snap like this.

Best Regards,

REPLY: Even the data that the entire CO2 crowd argues that in 1850s CO2 was only 240ppm was derived from ice cor samples – not actual testing. They are so gullible it is beyond belief. The CO2 measurements from ice core samples is by no means accurate for it represents more of an average. It does not show the spikes that take place with war when it surged above 400 during World War II. Moreover, they are using a period which was a 5000 year low into the ice age.

What we face is more of the impact of this upon agriculture and food going forward not to mention disease. The flu season takes place during the WINTER not summer. Global cooling is far more dangerous on so many levels.

When we look at markets, Wheat elected TWO Yearly Bullish Reversals at the end of 2019. The major resistance begin at the 800 level and our minimum target would be 860 by the top of this Economic Confidence Model come 2024. The markets are reflecting global cooling is on its way – not global warming.

Climate Change & the Inability of Rational Thought

COMMENT: Marty; I find it really interesting how people try to pretend you are wrong and claim it is warm where they are or because of some fluke one day high in the Antarctic. It seems to me these people are the lowest on the totem pole and are not very bright.  They are incapable of seeing the whole and are just Greta worshipers. Why are people, such idiots? Is there any hope for them? Or should we just write them off as not smart enough to even hold a conversation? There are also so many records broken for the past three years during each winter? They just never look beyond the headlines.


ANSWER: I learned a long time ago from a friend who was a medical doctor that there were two primary methods by which people think. There is a linear thinker who can only see in a straight line. They are often the A student because they just memorize and are incapable of creativity. As the saying goes, they end up working for the C students who have the creativity and are dynamic thinkers who connect the dots and see everything around them. The B student typically takes a safe job with the government.

This winter is getting colder each year. I flew to Cancun to try to get warm and it was just in the 70s and was too cold to swim. This season has been smashing records for snowfall. I find it curious how these people send nasty emails to me yet are incapable of looking at the forecasts they cling to about global warming refusing to be objective. How about not bad considering the UN’s climate science body (IPCC) said in 2001 that snow would become rare! They had forecast in 2007 that Himalayan glaciers would melt away by 2035. They have come out and finally admitted that the forecast was unfounded. How about the forecasts: “Goodbye winter. Never again snow?” Der Spiegel, 1 April 2000. In 2007 they were forecasting all ice would be gone by 2012. A list goes on and on about every forecast these people have made has been wrong. They assume whatever trend is in motion will carry on forever. They never consider there is such a thing as a natural cycle.

You cannot reason with such people. They are incapable of rational independent thought. Above all, they offer no proof, just speculation based on linear assumptions. They have succeeded in destroying the European economy. Just watch the next 4 years

Do Rising or Falling Sea Levels Prove Anything?

QUESTION: The argument that man has caused global warming and that sea levels will rise is evidenced by many places that were on the sea are now inland such as Pevensey Castle in Essex. Would you address that argument? Is there any credence to this?

Thank you


REPLY: They believe that Pevensey Castle was built about 1800 years ago on the coast of the English Channel, south of London, in South Essex. The castle was originally constructed by the Romans on the shoreline back in 230 AD. The Saxons came along and built on top of that during 938 AD extending into about 1066 AD. The ocean retreated from that region as it has risen in other regions. The ancient city of Alexandria is mostly underwater in Egypt and is part of the Seven Wonders of the World under the sea.

It is very nice to argue that the sea level has risen and then, of course, they blame humans. The New Jersey Pinelands is proof that most of the state was underwater. Pine trees grow there because there is no fertile soil for farming, except cranberries in water bogs.

All of this is very nice. It proves nothing because there are earthquakes that also impact the land and in some cases it causes it to rise, and in other cases, it sinks below the waves. There is even Bimini Road underwater off the coast of Bermuda that people argue probably leads to a lost civilization below the waves — maybe even Atlantis. There are examples you can show on both sides. I do not believe this is proof one way or the other, simply that the environment changes and it has obviously NEVER remained the same.


Congress Requests Google to End Free Speech

Congress Letter to Google

Katherine Anne Castor who is the Democrat from the 14th district in Florida who is an attorney who apparently became a politician because she has difficulty with understanding the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has amazingly sent a letter to the head of Google asking him to violate the First Amendment and asked him to effectively remove any YouTube that disagrees with her desired narrative on Climate Change.

This is how oppression begins. The government seeks to suppress the right to disagree with their agenda. What is next? She asks to eliminate the Republican Party and just more to a full dictatorship? She is a disgrace to any political party and being a lawyer no less she has no excuse to pretend she has no idea the implications of her letter.

“YouTube has been driving millions of viewers to climate misinformation videos every day, a shocking revelation that runs contrary to Google’s important missions of fighting misinformation and promoting climate action,” wrote Kathy Castor, chair of the committee.′ “Last September, you proudly declared that ‘sustainability has become one of Google’s core values from our earliest days,’ and announced ‘the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history.’”