Butte County Updates: Death Toll Climbs to 83 – Missing Persons 563…

Latest updates on the situation in Paradise, CA, from Butte County Sheriff and Cal Fire. Few in media are adequately quantifying the scale and scope of this horrific and ongoing event.  County officials are still trying to count the number of homes lost.  That number jumped by almost a thousand homes yesterday alone (now 13,631).  Each of these houses is added to the list to be checked for human remains.

  • Yesterday two more bodies were located bringing the death toll to 83.
  • There are still 563 people confirmed missing (mostly elderly).
  • Six bodies were identified yesterday and next-of-kin notified: •Teresa Ammans (82); •Richard Brown (74); •Marie Wehe (78); •Kimber Wehr (53); •Joseph Rabetoy (39); and •Ms. Joan Tracy (80).   Please pray for comfort over these families.
  • Of the 83 fatalities, 58 people have been identified.
  • There are currently 563 people missing.
  • As search teams get further into the community the number of homes destroyed jumped yesterday by almost 1,000.
  • The current estimate is 13,631 single family residential homes are completely lost. [472 homes are damaged]
  • Additionally 275 multi-family residences destroyed and 514 commercial buildings.

Butte County Sheriff

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