California Governor Gavin Newsom Announces His Unilateral Attempt to Force COVID Vaccination of All Schoolchildren K-12

October 1, 2021 | Sundance | 352 Comments

I’m not exactly sure how this would work on a mandate from the governor without legislative approval.  Prior required vaccinations are outlined by legislation.  Newsom did not announce a legislative intent, but rather a unilateral decree.   The teacher’s union controls the leftist political direction in California, so it would appear Newsom is bowing to the demands of the union.

CALIFORNIA – Under the mandate, the COVID-19 vaccine will be added to the list of other compulsory vaccinations required for schooling such as vaccinations against measles, mumps and rubella. Newsom said that parents can claim religious and medical exemptions.

The new mandate will be phased in through two phases: One for children grades seven through 12, and another for kindergarten through sixth grade. The requirement takes effect once the Food and Drug Administration grants full approval for specific age groups, the governor’s office said. The office estimates that children grades seven through 12 will have to be vaccinated by July 2022, while the kindergarten through sixth grade timeline is more nebulous as the FDA has yet to issue even an emergency use authorization for the vaccine for children ages 5 to 11.

There is no testing alternative to the mandate, and students who are not vaccinated can remain enrolled in independent study but cannot participate in in-person instruction, the governor’s office said. (read more)

The latest effort by the authoritarian-minded state governor should not come as a surprise. These are overwhelmingly blue state (Democrat) governors. There really is no way this can end well.  We are cleaving as a country around this issue, and parents will be forced to relocate.

As we noted back in the spring of 2020, the fracturing is going to come down to blue states getting bluer, and red stated getting more red.   We are a divided nation now, and there’s less and less possibility of any unity when liberty and freedom are not recognized by one side.

The rules restricting liberty, in response to the crisis, have been pronounced without any representative voice supporting them. All of the rules are arbitrary, and many of these rules will be challenged in court.

However, until those court challenges take place, the only option for a redress of grievance comes in the form of public protest. Currently, there is no way for an citizen to appeal to a representative voice against the decrees from a state governor other than a public protest. This is a critical point; because non-representative government was the origination of the first great American rebellion against dictates from King George III.

Rebellion against unilateral and authoritarian power is America. Rebellion or push back against non-representative government is the thread that connects the varying patchworks of our constitutional republic. Protest is so critical to our nation that it is protected within the very first amendment to our constitution.

Again, this is all very predictable.  During this civil war, residents within the Blue occupied territories will be held captive to the political whims of their regional generals.

The freedom and liberty zone will encompass the Red region. The center of the country, mid west, southern region (surrounding the Gulf of Mexico) and south eastern Atlantic region. These areas will be open to commerce, economic and social freedom.

However, the urban dense populations (Blue pockets within Red zones) will push back against the efforts of the Red generals in an attempt to retain alignment with their Blue team generals. Depending on the strength of the urban forces,  there may be roadblocks, sabotage, skirmishes and political violence against the freedom & liberty Red team.

Red captives within the Blue zones will have to be smart and strategic. Big Blue tech will be assisting the totalitarian Blue generals. Direct confrontation against the Blue forces should be avoided if possible, and could likely be a better strategy to organize locally and fight stealthily as insurgents.

Any Red team member of the freedom alliance, trapped within a Blue region, is warned to evaluate their connection to their electronic devices. Your cell phones could be used as portable transponders exposing your movement and your political views.  More migration is to be expected, but do not look for the blue populations within the red state freedom zones to want to leave.

The worker and population void created by a liberty-minded exit from Blue regions will be replaced with incoming migrants without ideological attachment to geography.  If you stand back and look at the specific policies being enacted, specifically the rules/laws not being enforced, you can see this national fracturing is being planned and organized.

I hate to be so cold and callous about it, but everyone needs to accept things as they are – and plan accordingly.  If you care about your family, it does not serve them to ignore what is visible and pretend some alternative outcome is possible, it isn’t.   Act, or be acted upon; that is the proactive outlook.

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