Senator Rand Paul vs HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, Now We Discover Why Obama’s Shadow Government Needed Becerra

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 1, 2021 | Sundance | 189 Comments

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul confronted wildly political Health and Human Service Secretary Xavier Becerra during a Senate Health Committee hearing on Thursday.

Senator Paul took exception to the hubris, arrogance and verbal attacks on the American electorate by HHS Secretary Becerra, and provided him an opportunity to apologize for his characterizations.  The fact that those behind Joe Biden installed Becerra as HHS secretary was a key indicator they always intended to weaponize the fear of COVID-19.

Becerra is a far-left communist traveler in the mold of those who shaped Barack Obama.  As an outcome of his ideology, Becerra’s job is to weaponize the weight of the healthcare system to attain political objectives.  It is good to see a high visibility senator confront that reality.  WATCH:

LifeSiteNews has more details on the presentation specifically as it pertains to the risks within the Pfizer vaccine.  {SEE HERE} “So, when they weren’t injected, their infection rate was 1.3%, and when they got injected, it was 4.34%. It went up by over 300%,” Kingston stated.  “They had less infection when they had no protection. So, that’s a problem.”

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