Jen Psaki asked if White House Feels any Responsibility for Border Death of National Guardsman Bishop Evans, Responds Well, He Wasn’t Working for us

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 25, 2022

The Biden administration has created a crisis at the U.S-Mexico border by enticing migrants, removing the remain in Mexico policy, and doing nothing to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens.

When asked if the White House feels any responsibility for the death of National Guardsman Bishop Evans, who drowned while attempting to rescue two drug smugglers, a callous, cold and dismissive Jen Psaki says:

...”I would note that the National Guard worked for the states, and so he is an employee of the Tex- — Texas National Guard, and his efforts and his operation were directed by there, not by the federal government, in this — in this effort, in this apparatus.”


The level of callousness in this response is sickening.  Bishop Evans would never have been in that situation if it wasn’t for the specific ideological policies creating unlawfully open borders by the Biden administration.

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