Elon Musk Entry into Social Media Has Triggered Techtonic Plates to Start Shifting

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 6, 2022 | Sundance 

Ever since Elon Musk announced his intention to purchase a social media platform, take it private as a company and emerge as a new free speech communication force, things in the tech world have been all, well, a twitter (pun intended).

It’s not just the potentially game-changing social conversation shift that is driving the news; where –GASP– actual independent expression of opinion might be permitted in the digital space; there’s also a major worry amid the preexisting platform control offices of media about simultaneously arriving financial impacts.

Business Insider has reported that Facebook parent company Meta has initiated a hiring freeze through the remainder of this year.  Additionally, following the news that woke Netflix is being rejected by subscribers, suddenly payroll obligations are a concern over there.

This comes on the heels of Amazon, and the omnipresent AWS cloud services, looking a little shaky as a business model, amid reports they have “overstaffed” their operation, according to the Washington Post.  And as we would expect, the ever tech-heavy stock market is being driven into the basement by a series of tremors in the land of all thing’s Bezos.

Techtonic tremors are surfacing everywhere while people watch for the potential of an actual, dare we say, competitive eruption?   Oh my.

The rag-tag rebel alliance is reporting to be nearing completed assembly of the ultra-MAGA Truth Social platform hopefully by the end of this month with a dedicated web application allowing all devices to connect to a larger scaled version of the Trump-inspired network.  It appears Truth Social is using the combined technology partnership with Rumble cloud operations and a partnership for dedicated server banks.

Into this maelstrom of technological competition, enters the world’s most technologically cutting-edge entrepreneur, who also happens to be the world’s richest man, who also happens to be building out his own satellite internet platform called StarLink.

The scale of consequence for Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, is akin to the metaphorical John Galt purchasing the ma’ Bell telecommunications system of the 70’s.  Yup, things be a changin’…. the Eye of Sauron, aka Google, is being challenged.

Even the Fourth Branch of Government recently appears to have taken a few body blows.   The risk of corrupt and cancerous everything being connected to corrupt and cancerous everything else becomes problematic when one unstable card in the house collapses.  If the U.S. intel community lose control of the Twitter narrative engineering platform, things get sketchy for all the dependents.

Meanwhile, the serious and stable tech engineers who never got down with the wokeism, yet kept their heads low to avoid isolation and social detection, are now starting to smile as fellow Asperger’s ally Elon Musk shows them how to have fun again, again.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the human resource flight path toward Twitter for bright engineering minds that value innovation over social isolation.  A whole lot of people are currently stuck amid a tribe of co-workers perpetually angry about something stupid.

FORTUNE – […] It’s still unclear how a Musk-run Twitter might impact the company’s ability to retain current staff and recruit new employees. The company presented the takeover as a potential threat to its staffing abilities in an SEC filing Monday

But at least casual interest in open positions at the company has skyrocketed since the Tesla billionaire showed serious interest in taking over the company. 

In a statement to Fortune, Zhao clarified that interest is defined by the average daily clicks on Twitter job postings on the platform, compared to the average daily job clicks in a March 2022 baseline prior to the news breaking of Musk’s plans for the company.

Though clicks do not necessarily correlate to actual job applications submitted, and likely reflect current media attention, the increase shows that people appear to be interested not just in the media story, but in work available at the company.  

“Say what you will about Elon, he does have a large fanbase of ppl excited to work for him,” Zhao tweeted. “He’s much more likely to capitalize on that attraction as CEO than owner.”

On Friday, Musk shared some of his own thoughts about hiring at Twitter, sharing Fortune’s reporting.

“If Twitter acquisition completes, company will be super focused on hardcore software engineering, design, infosec & server hardware,” he tweeted on Friday morning. (more)

Giddy up.

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